Lieutenant Commander Gemma Alexander

Name Gemma Diana Alexander

Position Squadron Commander

Second Position Alpha Flight Leader

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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24 Feb 2021 @ 1:37am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Call Sign Archer
Owner (if NPC) Christina Doane

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight N/A
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic build, medium length red hair that she keeps in a pony tail while on duty but otherwise has it down. Is muscled but not overly so. Fair skin that causes two levels when out in the sun too long 'lobster face' or
'freckle-apolloza'. Has one tattoo of a bow about to shoot an arrow on her upper right arm. And a small dragon...someplace...;) and a rattle snake and a helmet of a black knight. Each unit and her callsign.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Less bombastic than some pilots but that doesn't stop her from having fun she just does it quietly sometimes. At most dangerous when quiet, sometimes people forget she's in the room if she she chooses since others draw the spotlight more easily. Able to hold her own at a party or anything else though should she chose, just depends on if she wants to make the effort. Insanely dirty mind has had to work at not giggling at what flies through her brain. Blowing things up makes her entirely too giddy and any excuse to get in the cockpit in a good one. A huge history buff she's rather fond of her Earth British heritage so that coupled with her love of classic longbow archery made her call sign 'Archer'.

Has learned enough engineering to do routine repair on her craft as she feels its a point of pride to take care of your own, comes from the old adage of seeing to your horse before yourself, and isn't that fond at trusting others with it. Tends to try to observe when others do have to work on her craft, always trying to learn more about it. Besides if you go out of spec like too fast on the engines it helps to know how to remove the safeties. Not that she'd ever do that nope.

Loyal and friendly, is usually part of any squadron welcoming committee and new pilots will often come to her with questions since she won't mock them...much.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Able to think strategically
+More as they develop

-Is always up for a good fight as long as there's a reason for it
-Sometimes doesn't always succeed in using her 'I shouldn't say this' filter
-More as they develop.
Hobbies & Interests Archery, poetry, sports, drawing, plays the violin. Sailing. Gardening.
Languages Spoken Klingon, Romulan enough to get by. Old and Middle English, Latin.

Personal History Raised all over, her mother being a career Federation Officer and her father in the diplomatic corps. Family life was difficult because her parents couldn't always be together but they knew it was worth it. Many times Gemma would wake up to her parents making googly eyes at each other on coms, making effort to paint pictures of their day and to communicate. Due to an injury from falling rocks while on a family vacation, her father was able to step back in his duties and spent more time at home. Gemma learned to value family and friends as well as to make effort for the little things.

She didn't quite run wild, it was hard when your mom always in some chain of command or another, but she did her best. The first thing she did anywhere was explore, she made friends easily so could usually be found running with a pack of kids. As she grew up she was fascinated by anything fast or exciting. Hover bikes were a favorite where she could ride them but wind sailing and other such things were great when she could get them.

When she decided to join Starfleet she knew she didn't want the usual track, it was just a bit restricting for her but she did want to serve so she joined those of like mind. She chose the fighter pilots, where she could fly free and blow up the bad guys it was a good day. She studied hard, treating it like everything else. She didn't do half measures. So she learned all she could over time even taking engineering extension courses etc so she could repair her own craft as a matter of pride.

Service Record USS Guardian
Fighter Unit: Red Dragons.
USS Citadel
Fighter Unit: Rattlers

Immediate Family

Significant Other none so sad :)
Children None

Extended Family

Father Hamish (Federation Diplomatic Service)
Mother Honor (Starship Captain)
Brother(s) Brian (Younger)
Sister(s) Margret (Younger)
Other Family Assorted other family.

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 11, Room 11|01