The Golden Stars lurked in the shadows. The Consortium destroyed from within. The Dolmoqour used the best parts of yourself to betray your kin.

For the last two years, the crew of the Century-Class USS Black Hawk have been forced through the tumbler where rocks become precious gems. This ship and crew now are among the best and the brightest in the Gamma Quadrant. Some have started families, others have found love, and others find solace in the bottom of a bottle.

The USS Black Hawk is now returning to the unknown, no longer on missions to dig and investigate deep, dark secrets, but to boldly go where no one has gone before. Little do any of them know that what they will soon encounter will be their greatest test of all!

Are you among the brave, bold, and curious in the Federation? Do you want to be a part of a decorated sim that has received multiple accolades from the simming community at large, including being recognized as a 2018 Squiddie recipient? Then the Black Hawk is for you!

» Showdown

Posted on 15 Jan 2021 @ 3:03am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Commander Tivan


There was no reply. Tivan had been escorted to the Security office, to Sickbay, and made her rounds back to her quarters without incident. Nothing to say, nothing to report, and the rest of the crew had enough on their plate than to obsess with her. At least for…

» The Girly Squeal

Posted on 11 Jan 2021 @ 5:33pm by Lieutenant JG Angelica Fairchild & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale

Camila was in her office going over PADDwork for the millionth time and looked at all the new names on the Security roster. So many had requested transfers during the repair of the Black Hawk-A and then there were the new ones that were replacing those...and the ones that had…

» The Forecast Calls For Storms...

Posted on 10 Jan 2021 @ 11:04pm by Lieutenant JG Angelica Fairchild & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Ensign Shay Mitchell & Ensign Sarah Proctor & Story Teller


"All right, so here's the plan." Angel wasn't sure if her quickly assembled team trusted her yet or if the plan would work, but it was all she had. It would have to do for now, whether anyone else liked it or not. "We don't know who or what…

» New Friends

Posted on 09 Jan 2021 @ 5:20pm by Ensign K’riss & Ensign Kelly Khan

Ensign Kelly Khan, a petite human brunette with a mischievous look in her hazel eyes sat in the recreation center on the ship, a chocolate cake shake in her hands. She scanned the room looking to see who else was present that hadn't gone over to the station while she…

» Chemical Compounds

Posted on 09 Jan 2021 @ 3:03pm by Lieutenant Zayna Ryler

There was finally some time, time to work on experiments and such she'd been putting off. After what her brother had told her, she needed something to focus on.

That was where this came in. Experiments, even small ones, helped calm her mind most of the time. Not that she…

» January Update

Posted on 20 Jan 2021 @ 4:47pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Sim Announcement

Hello everyone!

Welcome to 2021! (I say this only because this is my first actual news update since November last year.) There are a couple things I need to share with everyone.

1. Awards
This is something I've been terrible at dealing with in the last couple of years. Walsh and I are currently working on updating these site-wide, especially our length-of-service and mission completion awards. But there are a couple things we need from you.

First, we need your nominations! From now until January 31st, please submit your fellow players for any of the crew awards that we have available. To do this, go to Control Panel > User Subpanel > Award Nominations.

Second, if you have an idea for a new award, reach out to Walsh or myself and we'll take a look at it.

2. Posting Requirements
Per our rules, all players are required to publish a post every two weeks, and respond to any tags within 72 hours. In 2020, this was relaxed quite a bit, but we are now moving back into more solid requirements. Beginning today, these requirements are back in force.

If you cannot meet these requirements, please contact myself or Walsh immediately so that we can evaluate possible options, including alternate arrangements.

These requirements exist not because we're trying to maintain certain numbers. Many of us are here because we want to play and write excellent stories. We often get discouraged because someone takes too long to tag, and those actions can drag the stories down and sometimes even force us to take unnatural left turns in developing those stories. The command team has more than a dozen stories we'd like to go through, but that list is only going to grow the more we stall.

If you're having trouble writing, please consider visiting our wiki to review the 50 Mission Post ideas, or even consider creating an NPC in another department.

3. Let's Have Fun
I know I had to go for the hard stuff there, but let's definitely remember that this is a game. When we all work together, fun and creativity are allowed to flourish. Let's enjoy each other, our collaboration, and tell some amazing stories!


greenfelt / HG

» Anniversary & Current Status

Posted on 29 Nov 2020 @ 4:34pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Mission Update

On December 7, 2020, the Black Hawk will turn the wonderful age of 7! This achievement is fantastic only for the dedication and commitment you all have shared for this fine game.

2020 has been a challenging year for us all, and the Black Hawk is no exception. We may be a far cry from our usual writing output, but I'm happy to say that our quality has not suffered. I do want to take a couple minutes and provide an update.

First, concerning our current mission, Ghosts, the final 2 JPs are in progress, and both are focusing on the troublesome HASA. This matter will be resolved in December so we can close this mission before the new year.

Second, we will undergo a short period of repair at Gamma Command, which is orbiting New Bajor in the Gamma Quadrant. I will be getting information for this online on the wiki very very soon. As such, I am opening Mission 20.5 "Interlude" right now on the site. Between now and January 1st, feel free to write for your character(s) enjoying the landscape provided by Gamma Command and/or New Bajor. We won't be here long, maybe a couple weeks in-character, but it'll be enough for your character to stretch legs and de-stress.

Third, we will be launching our next mission, Extinction, promptly on January 1, 2021. This way, we can kick off the new year fresh and ready to go.

Thank you all again for your stalwart dedication. It's because of you that the Black Hawk has endured through the best and worst of times!

-Captain Geisler

» More Fixers For The Furnace!

Posted on 29 Oct 2020 @ 9:08pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome our newest Engineering Officer, Ensign K'riss!

» Migration Complete

Posted on 12 Sep 2020 @ 12:57pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Website Update

We have moved! You can now find us at https://blackhawk.anurasims.com.

Please update your bookmarks. I have set up redirects to help you move to the new site as well. Enjoy!

» Migration Update

Posted on 11 Sep 2020 @ 3:29pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Website Update

Hello everyone,

As a reminder, we are in the middle of a migration. The wiki (database) has already been moved. Our main site will be moved this weekend, likely on a Saturday morning. I will provide notice on Discord when I do, and the site will be locked in the interim.

The site will be backed up today. Please do not upload anything further to the site. You are free to continue tagging until the site is locked as the database is independent of the site. I'll keep you all posted on Discord once the journey begins.

Wish me luck!