Lieutenant Zayna Ryler

Name Zayna Ayala Ryler

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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30 Jan 2024 @ 1:52pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human with tiny bit of Vulcan, but it never shows.
Age 39
Birthdate April 13, 2350
Birthplace Earth, Texas

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Brown with deep red streaks
Eye Color Gray/Green
Physical Description -Looks younger than she is.
-Physically active

Personality & Traits

General Overview -Will allow others to call her Zay if she’s comfortable around them. Doesn’t question if command staff calls her that.
-Has had to deal with multiple noise complaints about she and whoever she is with. Has learned to tone it down.
-Enjoys the temporal mechanics side of science.

-Likes: People watching, temporal mechanics, keeping feelings to herself.

-Dislikes: Those who try to dig into things, arguments, being lied to.
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck program creation. Helping others with whatever needs doing.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, multiple others.

Personal History Zayna Ryler was born in Texas to two very uptight Starfleet officers, who also had a son who, at the time, was 6 years older. Zayna never got a whole lot of attention, as she was not actually an expected child to begin with. Her brother was always fawned over, given the best and newest, while Zay was given the hand-me-downs. It wasn’t until she was school aged that someone was willing to take her under their wing, her father’s best man at his wedding and a family friend, Anton Mauro. He saw something in Zayna that no one else did: potential.

Mauro became more of a father figure to Zayna than her real father ever was. Her brother, Erik, was far ahead of her, a grade ahead of where he should be. Their parents were preparing him for Starfleet, but didn’t care about anything that Zayna did. Though they seemed to take pleasure in yelling at her if her grades weren’t perfect. Mauro had her back each step of the way, and she knew him her whole life as Uncle Anton.

Making her way through school, Zayna was able to get accepted into Starfleet Academy a few years after her brother graduated. Her brother was already a well known engineer, and had already passed the rank of Ensign. She went in wanting to be a science officer.

The time she spent at Starfleet Academy was fairly quiet, but did include a few flings here and there. She focused on her studies the best she could without being labeled as Erik Ryler’s little sister. Her family friend had found another posting, and quickly disappeared. She was left on her own, and on occasion, found herself being told to keep it quiet when she and her Academy roommate got a little loud.

She graduated in the top third of her class, but with war looming, she stayed on Earth until she was thrown into the Dominion War on the USS Musashi.

Note: Dominion War Files on Zayna Ryler are Classified.

When the war ended, Zayna found herself looking for another ship to join, and was assigned to the USS Scovill. It was a general science position, and was much of the same work she’d done during the war. Unfortunately, she found this a bit boring, and instead found quite a few off duty things to entertain herself, but kept most of it confined to quarters.

Realizing she wanted to do more study, she decided to go back to Earth and join in some temporal research. The work she did there granted her a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

A new science officer position opened up on the USS G’Mat, and there Zayna was able to continue working with the science team on the temporal research, but out in the field. She started to join in on bridge shifts and realized she actually enjoyed the bridge work, which she never thought she would ever do. Once she realized this, she decided to try her hand at requesting an assistant chief position three years later.

She was able to find one on the USS Prokofiev. Zayna enjoyed the time, learning the ins and outs of the department where before she’d only been able to do whatever she was told. Her department chief gave her as much experience as possible, allowing her to run meetings and help with the team assignments. This gave her even more desire to be able to take over a department. Her department chief recommended her for a promotion, which was granted by the Prokofiev’s captain.

Between ships, she and her long time fiancé Oren Alvar, whom she’d kept quiet about around everyone else, had time to talk. He encouraged her to apply for a position worth her rank. She followed the advice of her former department chief, who’d told her she’d be an amazing department chief, and her fiancé, and applied for any open chief positions. One came in shortly after, the USS Kumari, and she accepted.

Unfortunately, Oren decided that he wanted her to stay there, even after all of the encouragement to apply. The argument got violent, and Zayna quickly packed her things and left once he’d fallen asleep. She only had a few days to report in, and she wasn’t going to deal with someone who was going to be abusive to her. She hoped, since he knew where she was headed, that he didn’t try to follow.

But things seemed to follow her, and she did not feel comfortable involved in a ship that would be in the area that her ex-fiance was seen last. She requested another transfer shortly after, not minding if she did not get a chief position or not. She soon was picked up by the USS Black Hawk.
Service Record 2368: Joins Starfleet Academy, Science
2372: Graduates Starfleet Academy, Science.
2373-2375: Dominion War, Science, Majority of Record Classified. Assigned to USS Musashi.
2376-2378: Assigned USS Scovill, science officer.
2379-2382: Assigned to Starfleet Science, temporal research. Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
2383-2385: Assigned to USS G’Mat, science officer.
2386-2388: Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned to USS Prokofiev, assistant chief science officer.
2389: Assigned to USS Kumari, chief science officer.
2389: Requested transfer, transfer approved, assistant chief science officer: USS Black Hawk

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Commander Brian Ryler, Starfleet Security, retired.
Mother Commander Daniela Ryler (Rustam), Starfleet Command, retired.
Brother(s) Lieutenant Commander Erik Ryler, brother, Starfleet Engineer.

Relationship Detail

Relationships Former Fiance’: Oren Alvar - Now Wanted by Starfleet

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 5, Room 05|07
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Beta Two
Personal Authorization Beta Gamma 4