Lieutenant JG Ian Beckett

Name Ian Thomas Beckett

Position Systems Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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15 Nov 2022 @ 9:01pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Owner (if NPC) Walsh

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 8”
Weight 157 lbs.
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ian keeps his dark brown hair more unkempt than most officers and allows it to fall free most of the time. He has a habit of running his hand through it. The young man’s cheek bones and squared jaw line, as well as his athletic build, add to his masculine appearance. He has a lean, muscular physique; not scrawny, but not muscle-bound like a bodybuilder. His occasional five-o-clock shadow coupled with his dark hair and eyebrows gives him a ‘bad’ look. Or so he’s been told.

Ian hits the gym regularly; push ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats, burpees, body planks, and death jumps are common exercises for him. As a result, he does not have a bulky body like other body builders. He takes care that his lean muscles grow fast and in proportion to his somatotype.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Once you get passed that initial introduction and first meeting, Ian is very easy to get along with. He doesn’t open up to just anyone when they first meet and tends to keep things professional and cordial...even off duty. But once you get to know Ian, he’s a lot of fun, comfortable to be around, and easy to get along with.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Understanding
+ Desire to step in when needed.

+/- Compassionate
+/- Cooperative and trusting (Tends to do too much because he finds it hard to say no)

- Can be manipulative (savvy, skillful)
- Risk-taker
Ambitions Eventually work his way up to Assistant Operations Chief.
Hobbies & Interests Ian’s favorite food is seafood. He has a particular liking of fish, most any kind. He also enjoys horseback riding, cycling, archery, and phaser rifle shooting. Really, he’d try almost anything outdoors.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Betazoid, Vulcan

Personal History Ian was born in the city of Rixx on Betazed to Liam and Sophia Beckett. Liam was two years into his teaching position at the University of Betazed. Ian was the middle born of his brother and sister but broke the stereotype of middle children. Even though he was still somewhat neglected by his parents, Ian was not the embittered wallflower. And in a way, he actually benefited from it in the long run. He became more independent, started thinking outside the box, felt less pressure to conform, and showed more empathy. He became a social person and a great team player.

After high school, Ian applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. After four years of hard work in the Operations classes, he graduated and was assigned to the USS Chimera. The newly minted Ensign had to get a few hops to arrive at the Chimera’s location, but it was worth it. The next four years, he worked his way from Transporter Operator to an Operations Officer. He had just been newly promoted to Lieutenant JG when their ship had finally encountered their enemy. Then he found what really happened. Now, he had been brought over to the Black Hawk and was serving there as Chief Transporter Operator. Ian didn’t expect to make too many friends there considering the situation.

Since his re-assignment, Ian has had a chance to spend some time with different people. One of them is in Flight, one Kelly Khan. The two became acquaintances and then fast friends in the Rec Room of the Akira class Black Hawk when things were being rationed. By the end of the evening, they had clinked glasses to healing the trust one person at a time and building friendships.

After that, Ian had settled on the decision to attempt friendship with the crew. It was hard at first, and the second and third time he'd tried. It wasn't until after the disaster of the Akira class ship and subsequent crew rotation that he'd become friends with several of the other young officers. The new assignees to the new Black Hawk, that is. They didn't know about his previous assignment right away. And by the time they had gotten to know the young man, they didn't seem to care. He would hang out with this new group of guys on a regular basis and enjoy all that this new ship had to offer.

"This is the school in which we learn...time is the fire in which we burn." Life and time had certainly been teaching and burning a lot lately. There had been lots of changes happen; people coming and going and yet another ship. And his job. Ian had been laterally transferred from Operations to Engineering when a new face had taken his old job of Chief Transporter Operator. The young man, who'd been through all kinds of hell since the Consortium, wasn't sure if it was a promotion, a place to just stash him, or what. But here he was in a new department on a new ship of the same name. Time to make the best of it.
Service Record 2380-2384: Starfleet Academy, Operations
2384: Cadet Cruise, USS Spector (Akira class), Transporter Operator
2384-2388: USS Chimera, Operations Officer (newly promoted to Lt. JG)
2388: USS Black Hawk, Chief Transporter Operator.
2390: USS Black Hawk-B, Systems Engineer

Immediate Family

Significant Other None
Children None

Extended Family

Father Liam
Mother Sophia
Brother(s) Colin
Sister(s) Isabella
Other Family Various cousins

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 9, Room 09|16