Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx

Name Arjin Djinx

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (joined)
Age 38
Birthdate 04 november
Birthplace Mak'ala (Trill)

Physical Appearance

Height 1m76
Weight 71
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Skin Color pale
Physical Description Athletic, well defined muscles, short hair, nice spots

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arjin is a proud man and not that good in personal relationships
Strengths & Weaknesses loyal, not good at interpersonal relations
Ambitions performing at high standard and growing trough the ranks
Hobbies & Interests archaeology, sensors, sports (rugby), computer use, cooking, space sensors
Languages Spoken Standard Federation, Trill, Romulan

Personal History Arjin is a proud man, hence rapidly misunderstood and not so good at relations. He is also rather a pacifist than a fighter. Has a low pain threshold. He loves beautiful things and collects antiques if possible. He has currently no steady relationship, but has the memory of the past relationships of his Djinx symbiont. Although he prefers women, he also has the recollection of a relationship with another man; given the symbiont's first host (Reeza Djinx) was a married female. He speaks the Standard federation language, Trill and Romulan fluidly. His symbiont Djinx has had 2 former hosts: Reeza Djinx. She was a Trill scientist who lived all her life on Trill. She excelled at probe construction, computer use and propulsion science. She was married and had 3 children. The second host was Timor Djinx. He was somewhat of a rogue. He gets stuck on the planet cait (15 lyncis) when the Federation - Tholan war starts and the Tholan Assembly occupies this planet. He learns life the military way. Or should I say Guerrilla wise. His skills are demolitions, investigate, repair and survival. After the war he can't fit back in into society and becomes a rogue. Upon his death in 2376, he manages to get back to Trill to give the symbiont a chance to survive. There Arjin becomes his third host. Arjin is fascinated by space and his scientific studies go in this direction (sensors, stellar cartography, stellar phenomenon, and physics. But he holds knowledge of the symbiont's former hosts. It is because of the knowledge of Timor that he becomes a convinced pacifist.

Born on the Trill home world at the capital Mal'ala in a residential area, he has a sheltered life. He sees little of his father because of his absence due to his Diplomatic work. He lives with his mother and ant and uncle till he is 7 years old. This is where he gets his scientific interest from. Then his mother leaves Trill to join his father who is assigned to Deneb V. Arjin stays behind with his ant and uncle. At the age of 12 he joins his parents at Deneb V. After A year though, His father is reassigned to Romulus and the whole family moves to the capital Romulus. He attends the interplanetary High school there until he becomes 18 year. It if in this period that he made some lifetime friendships with a few Romulan classmates. Then he joins Starfleet academy and his career begins.
Service Record 01 September 2375: Enters Starfleet academy and follows a science education.

May 2376: Interrupts his studies and flies back to Trill to prepare himself and tries to get selected for joining with a symbiont.

June 2376: Enters the caves beneath Mak'ala and gets joined with the Djinx Symbiont. Arjin Saarik now becomes Arjin Djinx.

September 2376: Arjin re-enters Starfleet academy.

June 2379: Arjin graduates from the academy and gets the Valedictorian ribbon as first of his class. He promotes to ensign.

July 2379: Visits his parents at Romulus before he gets assigned at Star Base Atlantis under the command of Admiral Jellyman.

July 2379: Enters a joint mission aboard of the defiant class vessel USS Black Hawk, together with the USS Infinity and the USS Tempest. They defeat a Nazi space fleet in another time-continuum.

January 2380: They return to Star Base Atlantis and Arjin gets promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by the hands of Admiral Jellyman.

February 2380: Arjin enters the Command school while serving aboard the Star Base Atlantis.

August 2380: Arjin graduates from Command School and gets his command school ribbon.

November 2380: Leaves Star Base Atlantis for a position of Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Bonestell under command of Admiral van der Leest.

March 2380: Gets promoted to Lieutenant by Admiral Van Der Leest.

May 2380: Transfers to the USS Ottawa as Chief Science Officer

March 2381: Transfers to the Flagship USS Columbia as his Chief Science serves under Commodore Bradley J Harrison

November 2386 Transfers to the USS Scorpio as Chief Science Officer. First under Captain Thundera, then under captain Mar.

2387: Gets promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2388 : Transfers to the USS Black Hawk as Chief SCience Officer.

Immediate Family

Significant Other none
Children none

Extended Family

Father Yedrin Saarik
Mother Azala Beonce
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family aunt & uncle

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 9, Room 09|02
Data Access Level 7
Security Clearance Beta One
Duty Shift Alpha