Lieutenant Danyl Adan

Name Danyl Bara Adan

Position Guest Character

Rank Lieutenant


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23 Jun 2019 @ 2:24am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 27
Birthdate November 5, 2361
Birthplace Trill

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 170 pounds
Hair Color coffee brown
Eye Color deep blue
Skin Color white
Physical Description Danyl is average height with a handsome face and the familiar spots of a Trill. He is muscular and well-toned.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Danyl is the latest host for the Adan symbiant. He is friendly and slightly garalous if not reminded to be quiet. He is devoted to Starfleet and is loyal to his superior officers. He is intelligent and known for his sense of humor. He is also a major flirt.
Strengths & Weaknesses His sense of humor has known to have gotten him out of several jams. He is also an excellent cook and does not always rely on technology for sustenance. His garalous nature can get him into trouble sometimes. Danyl has been known to sleep in a few times, causing him to be late for things although the symbiant is trying to correct this. The several lifetimes of experience of the Adan symbiant is also an advantage.
Ambitions Danyl is anxious to move up in the ranks and be promoted. Chief of Ops is one goal and possibly becoming a XO and even possibly a CO is not out of the question. As far as personal goals go, he would like to have a mystery holonovel published.
Hobbies & Interests One of Danyl's interests, now that he is a joined Trill, is murder mysteries of the classic era. Agatha Christie and Martha Grimes are among his favorites along with Dorothy L. Sayers. He also enjoys working out in the gym. Cooking foods from a variety of worlds, except Klingon, is a hobby.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Bajoran, Trill, Spanish, French.

Personal History Danyl Adan was born Danyl Bara. He enjoyed an interesting childhood, traveling across the galaxy with his parents both of whom were in Starfleet. Ry Bara served aboard the USS Archer as an engineer and Tell Bara was a school teacher. Both encouraged their children to explore the world around them and to not pass up opportunities that crossed their paths. Danyl enjoyed other cultures and, at an early age, knew he would be both a Trill Initiate as well as a Starfleet Officer.

Ensign Danyl Bara served aboard the USS Kirk when he was first accepted as a Trill Initiate. It was hard work, but he did well and was recommended for joining two years later. By then, he was a Lieutenant Junior Grade and serving aboard the USS Washington as an Operations Officer. A few months later, the opportunity to be joined with the Adan symbiant arrived and he accepted it.

Past lives of the Adan symbiant include Jarveth, Sahala, Jorell, Jenora and Kal.
Service Record Starfleet as Cadet, 2379 to 2384.
USS Kirk as Ensign in Ops, 2384 to 2387.
USS Washington, 2387 to 2388.

Immediate Family

Significant Other None
Children none

Extended Family

Father Ry Bara
Mother Tell Bara
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Pamara Bara

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 9, Room 09|08
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Beta One