Lieutenant Commander Landon Milo

Name Landon Tevren Milo MD

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Betazoid 1/2 Risian
Age 35
Birthplace Risa

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6''
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Landon T. Milo stands at a slightly short height which adds to his young physical appearance. He has a youthful glow about him that is due to his Risian side of his heritage; with his biological mother being Risian, Landon has vibrant eyes of a turquoise-blue and rather fair chestnut brown hair. In fact, he looks more like his mother than he does his Betazoid father. Landon has a rather slender, semi-athletic build but his physical appearance is by no means intimidating. He has strong legs due to his passion for running which carried into his academy years as member of the Track and Field team but his upper body strength is average and could use some work.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Landon has endured a lot of tragedy in his life and has always been a conflicted individual with his heritage. His biological father was a full Betazoid psychiatrist, Landon's mother a full blooded Risian who worked as a dancer. His parents never married, and his conception wasn't planned. His biological parents attempted to make a relationship work but after Landon's birth and a year in a lack luster relationship, his parents split and without any resistance from his mother, Landon was taken back to Betazed and raised by his father and eventually his Vulcan stepmother.

Landon can either be quiet, self-confined and very much an introvert, or he can be very personable, open and an extrovert depending on his relationship with the other individual(s). In his childhood and early teen years, Landon was a wild child who struggled with managing his empathic and telepathic abilities. However with the guidance of his Betazoid father and Vulcan Step mother, Landon was able to find stability and control.

He has come to terms with many aspects of his life, his various cultural heritage, his upbringing in Vulcan ways and the death of his parents. However, the untimely death of his infant sister continues to haunt him. She died of a rare disease that remains without a cure, Landon continues his personal pursuit of a cure for this disease and will not stop until he dies or he or someone else discovers the cure.

Landon does hold a great deal of hostility towards species of the Dominion for killing his father as well as a grudge against the Borg for their attack on Risa, and later on Vulcan which killed his Vulcan stepmother.
Strengths & Weaknesses Landon's greatest strengths come from his mind, his intense determination to overcome any obstacle in his way and find the solution, or create an alternative solution to mysterious puzzles. He approaches matters with a scientific and logical mind, one that has been disciplined in Vulcan methods. However, Landon also relies on his Betazoid and Risian empathic and telepathic abilities, the emotionality of himself. Landon has been able to forge together these sometimes opposing approaches in a masterful manner that has gotten him out of some very dire situations.

Landon's weaknesses include severe difficulties with accepting failure or defeat. He is also not a fighter and has adopted a mostly pacifistic philosophy though even if he weren't such a pacifist, his hand to hand combat skills and phaser proficiency were barely enough to get him through Starfleet Academy. He relies on his mental strengths to overcome his physical weaknesses. Landon does not see himself as ever switching to the command track as he views the needs of the one or few as important as those of the many and furthermore, surrender is an option for him if it saves lives. He also has a bad habit of invading privacy, being somewhat passive-aggressive and can be mildly offensive at times.
Ambitions The years have not been too kind to Landon and he has lost a great many of his friends to the dangers of deep space exploration and war. His own misadventures had lead him recently to serving aboard the USS Beifong in 2388 where he was thrust from CMO to Acting Captain in an emergency situation that placed the Federation in serious danger from a Consortium plot.

A powerful attack from a Lethean left Landon comatose for several weeks. He regained consciousness with memory loss from brain damage and the inability to use his empathic and telepathic abilities. He was physically disabled for several months and required physical therapy in order to regain control of his motor skills and the ability to walk. Though his mind and body have healed a great deal since the attack that nearly took his life, he remains a mere shadow of the man he once was. His spirit was ripped away from him and his outlook on life has become bleaker than those close to him remember him ever being.
Hobbies & Interests Landon is musically talented and has become an expert on the Terran violin as well as the Vulcan lute. Landon has recently begun learning to play the Terran piano as well. He enjoys reading actual novels though he does use the holodeck to run some rather interesting programs. Though medicine was always his primary focus, anthropology was secondary interest that he continues to study in his free time.

Personal History Landon was born in the year 2355 to Preston Milo and his spouse, Jael Tia in the sandy shores of Suraya Bay of Risa. However, this would not be where Landon would be raised as his parents soon split after his birth and his father took the child back to Betazed. Landon grew up in the capital city of Rixx where life was rather average for the most part. Landon's father met a Vulcan woman named T'Sel and the couple eventually deemed it logical to marry. In doing so, T'Sel became the stepmother to Landon and in 2370 became pregnant with female child. Landon was thrilled to have a little sister but unfortunately, the child, Liliana was born with a rare disease and died in infancy in the year 2372. Landon's father was heart broken and became a very depressed man. T'Sel however was well disciplined and was able to cope with her child's death.

The Dominion was in full bloom when Landon was in full bloom when Landon was approaching his teenage years. He was an emotional wreck, defiant and had difficulties during puberty when his telepathic and empathic abilities became quite evident in their intensity, Landon relied on his Betazoid father and Vulcan stepmother to teach him how to find peace with all the voices and feelings of those around him. Shortly before the Dominion invaded Betazoid, T'Sel took Landon to Vulcan with her leaving Preston Milo behind on Betazed which was invaded during the war. Landon and T'Sel remained on Vulcan while Preston joined the resistance movement on Betazed. Landon applied to Starfleet Academy in 2372 and was later accepted. His father, Preston gave his life in 2375 trying to help his planet during the Dominion invasion.

In 2375, a few months after the Dominion were finally driven off Betazed, Landon's stepmother decided that there was nothing left for them on Betazed and made Vulcan their permanent home. On break from the Academy, Landon visited Vulcan. Landon displayed a great deal of anger that T'Sel did her best to teach Landon to let go off and eventually Landon did but not fully and Landon only wanted to accept some of the Vulcan ways, others he downright objected to. Landon was inspired to make a difference, to help others and to make something of himself and he did so by attending Starfleet Academy.

It still came as a surprise to Landon that he was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Landon excelled in the sciences, especially in biology, chemistry, and anthropology. He was on the fast track to success. He had to endure, he had to overcome obstacles and be the best man that his father could have ever wanted as a son. It was hard for Landon to manage with the stress and competition but he relied heavily on what T'Sel had taught him in order to push through and pushing through was exactly what Landon did, piling up his work load and taking classes during breaks , Landon completed four years worth of course work in three, allowing him to graduate class of 2375

Ensign Landon Milo voiced his determination to continue his education and with the help of Captain Solok, Landon was granted an assignment to serve as a Nurse on Earth serving at Starfleet Medical while attending classes at Starfleet Medical Academy. Landon held his posting as a Nurse until his graduation from Starfleet medical Academy in 2378 though his grades began to falter after a bout with depression, Landon was able to keep himself academically afloat.

Now, a Medical Doctor holding the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, Landon's background in medical and non-medical sciences placed him in a posting at the Phlox Institute serving under Doctor Katherine Pulaski. Doctor Milo and Doctor Pulaski did not always get along, Landon often found himself clashing with the elder medical officer though he grew to admire her determination and dedication to science and medicine. Doctor Milo worked at the Phlox Institute from 2378 to 2384. With the help of Doctor Pulaski and other medical doctors at the institute, Landon was able to help develop a method of treatment to treat the disease that took his sister's life.

In 2384, Landon was reassigned to his first Starship posting aboard the USS Collegiate (NCC-77007) as a medical officer. The Chief Medical Officer of the Collegiate took a liking to Doctor Milo and took him under their wing. It was one away mission in particular that caught the attention of both the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Masheed Asal and Captain Carrie Parkshaw.

The Collegiate was a ship like many others from the exterior, just a run of the mill Nebula class starship. However, the crew was different. Captain Parkshaw was quite liberal, her door was always open for a crew member in need of advice or consoling. What made Parkshaw rather unique was her previous experiences before transferring herself to command as a Lieutenant Commander. She had been a successful Ship's Counselor for quite some time before putting in a transfer for command and taking and passing the Bridge Commanders test.

In mid 2384, the first year of her Command of the USS Collegiate, Captain Parkshaw and an away team were assisting a group of minors on Andoria, in the ice caves when there was an equipment malfunction that caused a mining charge to detonate prematurely. The cavern collapsed and a handful of Andorian miners, Captain Parkshaw, her first Officer, Commander Mario Gonsalez, and Doctor Asal were trapped. An ion storm had begun to move in on that sector of space. The ship could easily handle the storm. However, the members of the crew trapped in the collapsed cavern were at risk for hypothermia, and the severe possibility of suffocation if they ran out of air before the storm passed.

The small Nebula class science vessel was slightly in a panic. Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander, Klek took command as his duties as Second Officer came to surface. Even with extensive modifications to the sensors, the transporters were not able to lock onto any life signs below the surface of the planet, Andorian or otherwise. Time was running out and the ion storms were only getting worse. It was not looking good for the away team, or for the USS Collegiate.

Because the storms were intensifying, the starship was taking a beating. It became quite clear that the window of opportunity for the USS Collegiate to rescue their fellow crew members, and the Andorian miners was closing, fast. No communication could be established with the miners or away team. Klek was tottering with the tragic possibility that he may have to break orbit to save the ship, but by doing so, the others on the planet would surely die.

In 2384, Dr. Landon Milo was serving on the USS Collegiate as pediatrician, working odd shifts of the morning and late evenings. It was his first posting aboard a starship, but he was about to make a name for himself. He had come aboard the Collegiate, a few weeks prior, accompanied by one of Starfleet Medical's trained canines. Landon was to be the dog's handler aboard the Collegiate, though many aboard the ship, including Captain Parkshaw were hesitant to partake in Starfleet Medical's recent experiment.

Starfleet service dogs. It was Starfleet Medical, taking a page out of a very old play book. However, while at Starfleet Medical Academy, a very strange and unconventional medical student wrote a thesis paper about the potential use specially trained canines for various uses within the practice of medicine. That young medical student was 4th year Cadet, Landon T. Milo. His thesis paper had caught the interest of some scientists and medical physicians both serving in Starfleet and as Federation citizens. The paper was published then went on to garner attention of both the Vulcan Science Academy and Trill Science Ministry.

Sensors may have been unable to function properly and could not allow for a clear sensor lock. This, however, did not prevent Landon for coming up with an idea. It was dangerous but Lieutenant Commander Klek deemed it an acceptable risk. Doctor Landon Milo accompanied by his canine service dog boarded a shuttle craft piloted by the ship's Chief Flight Controller. With help from Engineering, the shuttle's shields were modified and better equipped to survive the ion storms.

The shuttle landed on the surface of Andoria where Landon strapped a pattern enhancer on the canine. The dog, whom Landon named Julian was trained in search and rescue operations, specifically for this sort of situation where sensors and transporters were ineffective.

After clearing some of the rock, ice and debris away from the entrance, Julian went in and took off. Within the hour, the Collegiate was able to get a transporter lock on the miners and away team. Two of the miners, and Commander Gonsalez had died in the cave in. The rest of the miners and Collegiate crew, however, survived. Both Landon and Julian earned the respect of the crew and went on to serve on the ship with a distinguishable career.

By mid 2385 Doctor Milo found himself being named the ship's new Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Doctor Milo was content with serving under the CMO and remaining aboard the Collegiate. Doctor Milo had also grown quite found of Captain Carrie Parkshaw's style of command but as 2386 came and gone and 2387 was rolling in, the Chief medical Officer urged Doctor Milo to request transfer to the USS Venture (NCC-77131) that was in need of a Chief Medical Officer. Landon did not to expect to get assigned to the Venture, let alone get the position of Chief Medical officer but the galaxy was full of surprises and Landon found himself packing his belongings and soon to be embarking on a new adventure.

Soon, Landon and Julian were to be embarking on a new and exciting adventure in Gavarian Corridor, serving aboard the USS Venture under the command of Captain Nathan Hunter for a few months until the Captain was reassigned to Deep Space 10, resulting in Landon then serving under Commander Krull Larkon, a Cardassian male from Landon's academy days. This brought a lot of drama into Landon's life that he had not anticipated. The two had a unique past that involved unrequited feelings, but Dr. Milo and Captain Larkon were able to set history aside and move forward as Chief Medical Officer and Commanding Officer respectively.

Landon's career and personal life were both taking off aboard the USS Venture as he continued to serve as Chief Medical Officer, proving himself to be quite useful and effective. He found himself assigned to a few away teams as the accompanying medical officer, providing medical expertise when and where needed in certain situations. It was during his months aboard the USS Venture that he became involved with the ship's Chief Engineer (later promoted to First Officer), and the two really became good friends . However, their friendship spurred something more overtime. Professionally, the two carried themselves about the starship in a proper manner when on duty. Staff meetings went on as normal, and it was not overtly obvious that the two were involved romantically.

Though some strain was put on the relationship when the Chief Engineer was given additional duties and responsibilities as First Officer. As the First Officer, this inclined Lieutenant Commander Steel to lead away teams, thus placing Steel in constant danger. This was something that Landon came to worry about. However, with some couple's counseling, the two were able to keep their relationship continuing. The two later became engaged for a very brief period of time, but Lieutenant Commander Steel transferred to another starship, leaving the engagement ring behind. This left Landon quite heartbroken and question what had caused his fiancé to leave him, calling off the engagement.

Dr. Landon Milo continued to serve aboard the Venture for a short while longer. However, when the Venture endured massive damage, the entire crew of the starship were all reassigned. Dr. Landon Milo found himself being reassigned to the USS Black Hawk attached to the fourth fleet's 9th Task Force. Aboard the Black Hawk, Dr. Milo found his working relationship with Commander Geisler to be an interesting one. As Chief Medical Officer, Landon kept his new Commanding Officer on his feet, and the two men were often engaging in intellectual conversations about medicine and command. Aboard the Black Hawk, Landon made a few friends and slowly but surely got himself back into the dating field when the time was right. He had a few dates with a helmsmen and later found a spark of chemistry with the First Officer. However, a special assignment came up the First Officer was reassigned, leaving Landon feeling incomplete.

Feeling like he needed to get away from the starship life for a while, but not ready to postpone helping people, Dr. Landon Milo contacted Starfleet Medical and requested to be assigned to a special assignment. He was soon called away to a medical crisis in the Gamma Quadrant when a situation on the planet Teplan arose, a new strain of the Teplan Blight, calling for the best and brightest scientist and physicians. For roughly a month, Landon served on Teplan before the medical crises came to an end, and he could be assigned elsewhere. One of the starships that came to Teplan with medical supplies and aide was the USS Katana under the command of Captain Kristopher N. Kerouac.

The Katana was assigned to Task Force 9, and was on a chartering expedition in parts of the Quadrant that had been uncharted by the Federation. They were also without a Chief Medical Officer at the time, and while a guest aboard the starship, the Captain offered Landon the position on an interim basis until Landon received new orders. Doctor Milo served as Interim Chief Medical Officer for the starship for a couple of months. The Katana had eventually been reassigned to Task Force 38 and was heading to the Opinias Colony Base in the Gamma Quadrant to drop off Doctor Milo who had been appointed Chief Medical Officer for Ophinias.

Ophinias was quite an adventure. Landon had dozens of personnel underneath him and received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. The Base Commander had been impressed with the Doctor's performance and named him Second Officer of the base. Everything was going well and Landon was certainly happy being able to rely on his frontier medicine. However, when he received word that the USS Katana which had also been ferrying, his old friend, Commodore Krull Larkon, had gone missing in action after leaving Ophinias, he was crushed.

For weeks he clung to the Federation News Service hoping that there would be a report that the Katana was found. There was nothing. The Katana was never found. She was officially listed missing in action over the course of several weeks after extensive an extensive search for even a shred of debris. Nothing was ever located, and the loss of the USS Katana remains a mystery and a painful reminder to Landon that anything can happen out in the Gamma Quadrant. As much as it pained him to do so, Doctor Milo found himself too emotionally crippled. He put in for a Leave of Absence and left Ophinias behind.

Years of service and experience had lead Landon to the post of Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Beifong, a Defiant class starship assigned to the 9th Task Force operating in the Gamma Quadrant. A mission prior to the XO coming aboard lead to a medical crisis that forced Landon to place the Commanding Officer into stasis in critical condition. He assumed command of the starship with the intention of being relieved when the Executive Officer arrive; However, the XO was compromised. Landon found himself being wrapped up in a Consortium ploy to seize power. The USS Beifong became a hunted starship and the wormhole home was closed off. Not knowing who to trust or where to turn to, Landon continued to serve as Commanding Officer.

He was able to contact admiralty within the 9th Task Force on the Gamma Quadrant side of the wormhole that he did trust. He was field promoted to Commander in rank and granted provisional command of the USS Beifong and ordered into 'comm silence' and went into the shadows of the quadrant to avoid Consortium starship the best he could, but he was attacked nearly killed. His crew was able to retake the starship and fight their way to freedom and back to the Alpha Quadrant.

After extensive therapy and medical treatments, Landon was ready to return to service. His rank was restored to Lieutenant Commander and he sought to return to a place he held fondly. The USS Black Hawk was no more, but her successor was still under the command of Captain Harvey Geisler. Landon came aboard as Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Service Record 2372-2373: Starfleet Academy, Cadet 1st Year, Medical Science Cadet
2373-2374: Starfleet Academy, Cadet 2nd Year, Medical Science Cadet
2374-2375: Starfleet Academy, Cadet 3rd Year, Medical Science Cadet
2375: Starfleet Academy, Cadet 4th Year, Medical Science Cadet
2375-2378: Starfleet Medical, Ensign, Pediatrics Nurse
2375-2378: Starfleet Medical Academy, Medical Student
2378-2384: Phlox Research Institute, Lieutenant (jg), Medical Officer, Researcher
2384-2385: USS Collegiate, Lieutenant (jg), Pediatrics Doctor
2385-2387: USS Collegiate, Lieutenant (jg)/Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2387: USS Resolute, Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer
2387: USS Venture, Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer
2387: USS Black Hawk, Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical Officer
2388: Special Assignment to the planet Teplan in the Gamma Quadrant
2388: USS Katana, Lieutenant Commander, Interim Chief Medical Officer
2388-2388: Ophinias Colony Base, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer
2388: USS Beifong, Lieutenant Commander, Acting Commanding Officer
• Became Commanding Officer following Captain T'su being placed in stasis
2388-2389: USS Beifong, Commander (provisional), Commanding Officer (field promotion)
2389 - PRESENT: USS Black Hawk-A, Lieutenant Commander, Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Immediate Family

Significant Other None Currently (formerly engaged, briefly)
Children None

Extended Family

Father Preston Milo (Biological, presumed dead 2375)
Mother Jael Tia (Biological, presumed dead 2381 Brother(s)
Sister(s) Liliana Milo (died 2372)
Other Family T'Sel (Stepmother, KIA 2381)

Lieutenant Commander Laurel Oakley

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 2, Room 0211
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Beta One