Staff Warrant Officer William Griffin

Name William Griffin

Position Maintenance Crew Chief

Rank Staff Warrant Officer


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Birthdate 2352
Birthplace SS Shining Star

Physical Appearance

Height 6'11'' (2.1 Meters)
Weight 356lbs (161 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Cobalt Blue
Skin Color Caucasian human
Physical Description In a word, large. Bill Griffin cuts an imposing figure, he is tall for a human, with wide shoulders and a muscled physique which he works hard to maintain. He keeps his blond hair in a buzz cut and sports a closely trimmed goatee. His eyes are small but striking and he sports a wide, flat nose which has clearly been broken several times.

Bill's resting face is generally gruff, to match his gravely bass voice and abrupt tone. His somewhat large head and smallish facial features resting atop his very large body often give people the impression that he is lacking in intelligence, though this is far from true.

Personality & Traits

General Overview William (Bill) Griffin projects an image of a gruff, direct and aggressive man who will not suffer fools. He values plain speaking, honesty and hard work. To those who serve under him, he has a reputation as hard-driving, demanding but fair.

Those who know him well, however, know that his bark is far worse than his bite, and he is known to his friends as a warmhearted, open-minded man with an appreciation of practical jokes, good beer, and cigars.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: William has a practical, efficient way of working. He is a natural problem solver and has a keen eye for detail. He has an instinct for mechanics and engineering.

Weaknesses: His abrupt demeanor and imposing appearance can often make others feel uncomfortable. He tends to take on too much work himself and doesn't delegate easily. He smokes cigars. He resents obeying orders for which he doesn't understand the practical value.
Ambitions Bill has a secret ambition to be a fighter pilot, but his size precludes him the opportunity, as he is too big to fit into a cockpit while wearing a flight suit and the required equipment.
Bill would like to own and skipper his own small ship, one day. He has occasional notions of retiring from Starfleet and entering into the private salvage business.
Hobbies & Interests Bill is a keen Parrises squares player. He is a former regional wrestling champion and keeps up the practice. He enjoys building, repairing and riding 20th and 21st-century motorcycles.
Languages Spoken Terran English, fluent Klingon, basic Naussican.

Personal History William Griffin was born on his father's ship, the independent salvage, and freighter maintenance vessel the SS Shining Star. From as far back as he can remember, he has been in and around machines. Until the age of ten, he worked with his father aboard his ship while being home-schooled by his mother. From an early age, it was clear he was not of ‘normal’ proportions, standing over a foot taller than the tallest of his peers.

At age 10, very much against his wishes, he was sent back to Earth for formal education. It was a difficult period of his life. Unable to fit in with the ground-bounders on Earth, constantly challenged because of his size and misconceptions about his intelligence, he spent much of his early years on Earth in one kind of trouble or another.

It wasn't until the age of 14, when a teacher introduced him to wrestling, that Bill found an outlet for his frustrations and a way to fit in with people similar to himself. He quickly distinguished himself in the junior leagues as a force to be reckoned with.

Although he enjoyed wrestling, and the community that came with it gave him some stability and security, he missed his old life fiercely. He had already decided that he wanted to be an engineer, and so enlisted in the Starfleet vocational engineering training school on his 15th birthday.

Here, his existing knowledge of systems and mechanics stood him in good stead. Although his unconventional methods and disregard of safety procedures upset his teachers, they recognized his raw talent and intelligence and pushed him to continue despite his failings.

In his second year, his old problems resurfaced. His practical mindset and gruff demeanor put him at odds with the academic culture of the school and although he was recognized as an excellent engineer, other areas of his studies were less than stellar. For the second time, he was saved by wrestling and became the Starfleet enlisted champion in his junior year.

His sporting credits, along with high grades in almost every practical subject, allowed him to continue his studies. With a renewed outlet, he was better able to focus on the academic side of his studies and his grades improved.

Bill graduated from the vocational school with a major in maintenance engineering and minors in weapons maintenance, systems maintenance, and small vessel engineering. His grades were above average, but not amazing.

He has spent most of his career in Starfleet as a specialist Engineer, moving from one specialization to the other as he learned and expanded his knowledge and experience.

Throughout his 20s, he continued to represent Starfleet and the Federation in wrestling and spent time studying the Klingon martial art of mok'bara, as well as various others forms of hand-to-hand combat. He competed in interstellar championships in 2375, 2378 and finally in 2381, coming second, first and fourth respectively, retiring after being injured and coming to the realization that he was getting too old to compete professionally.

In 2385 aboard the USS Talon, Bill became a crew chief for the first time, moving out of the specialist role into one of overview and all-around maintenance.

In 2386, due to fortunate timing and his fluency in Klingon, William was chosen for a six-month exchange program with the Klingon defense forces. He served aboard the IKS Suvchu’ as a general engineer. His imposing size, physical prowess, and gruff demeanor made him the ideal candidate and he grew to respect, and be respected by, his Klingon crew.

After his exchange experience, Bill briefly returned to Earth in 2387 for specialist training, prior to being assigned the position of Chief of fighter maintenance aboard the USS Black Hawk.

Unfortunately, after only a short stint aboard the Black Hawk, Bill was reassigned yet again due to the destruction of the Romulan star, Hobus. Two years later, having done his duty within the Klingon empire, he is returning to the Black Hawk.
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Vocational School of Engineering 2374, age 21.
2374, assigned Mars defense forces, fighter damage control specialist. CR
2374, one month sabbatical for other Starfleet duties. CA
2375, transferred USS Scorpion, fighter systems specialist. CN
2377, one month sabbatical for other Starfleet duties. PO3
2378, reassigned USS Scorpion, fighter propulsion specialist.
2380, transferred USS Gwangju, fighter structural specialist. PO2
2381, one month sabbatical for other Starfleet duties.
2381, one-month medical leave.
2381, reassigned USS Gwangju, fighter tactical specialist.
2382, reassigned USS Gwangju, fighter environmental specialist. PO1
2384, transferred USS Talon, maintenance crew chief.
2385, special transfer - personnel exchange with KDF. CPO
2387, transferred Starfleet Vocational School of Engineering for further training.
2388, transferred USS Blackhawk, Chief of fighter maintenance. CPO
2388, transferred for other duties [CLASSIFIED]
2389, transferred USS Blackhawk, Chief of fighter maintenance. WO1

Immediate Family

Significant Other None
Children None

Extended Family

Father Captain James Griffin Jr.
Mother Lisa Griffin (nee. Friedrichs)
Brother(s) Commander James Griffin Jr. Age 40. Lead development engineer in Starfleet R&D.
Peter Griffin, Age 22. A famous Parrises Squares player for the New London Lunars.
Crewman Alan Griffin, Age 19. Starfleet, tactical crewman, USS Paranor.
Sister(s) Jenna Williamson (nee. Griffin), housewife and mother.
Other Family Brian Williamson, brother in law. Federation interstellar lawyer.
James Williamson, nephew, age 10.
Kara Williamson, niece, age 10.

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 9, Room 8
Data Access Level 7
Security Clearance Beta One
Duty Shift Alpha