Lieutenant JG Charles McCullen

Name Charles James McCullen

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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10 Jun 2021 @ 1:07pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22
Call Sign Reaper
Owner (if NPC) Griffin
Birthdate April 21st, 2367
Birthplace USS New London

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4" (162.5 cm)
Weight 55kg (122 lbs)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description Charlie is a slim, short young man who has the physical appearance of a teenager and the baby face to match. He has delicate features and the slim, long fingers of a piano player. Given long hair and some cosmetics, he could be mistaken for a young woman.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charlie is a friendly but deeply shy young man who suffers from nerves quite badly and has a tendency to be nervously verbose and misspeak when under pressure. He tends to avoid social situations and large crowds, preferring the quiet sanctity of his quarters. As an officer, he is quiet but effective in his role, although in leadership situations he struggles to take charge and effectively convey his thoughts and ideas.

Charlie is a romantic, often spending many hours recording letters to his long-term, long-distance boyfriend. While the young man is painfully shy, he can eventually gain confidence around people that he has come to know and trust and will speak openly and freely with them, without much of the verbal hitches and diarrhea that plagues many of his conversations with strangers. In addition, he is very loyal and if he considers a person to be his friend, they will be a friend for life.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Energetic: Charlie is full of life, vibrant and has deep reserves of energy.
+ Duteous: As a young Starfleet Officer and a Starfleet brat, Charlie is very conscious of his duties and tries to be the best that he can be every day.
- Nerves: While Charlie has a friendly smile for just about anyone, he suffers from nerves quite badly and has a tendency to be nervously verbose and misspeak when under pressure.
- Shy: Charlie does not do well in crowds, or when put in the social spotlight.
Ambitions To live up to what he perceives to be his mother and father's expectations and become a Starfleet Officer of note. Ideally the captain of a starship or the commander of a station,
To one day get married and start a family.
To become more confident and outgoing.
Hobbies & Interests Model Making (Mostly antique small craft)
Racing (shuttles and small craft)
Painting and sculpting
Singing (to himself, alone.)
Languages Spoken Federation Standard
Basic Bajoran

Personal History Charles James McCullen was born into Starfleet. His parents serve, his grandparents served, his great-great-grandparents were among the first to serve.

Born aboard the USS New London during an exploratory mission, the youngest of two brothers and three sisters, he was raised on the New London until her destruction at the hands of the Dominion in 2375. Then eight years old, Charlie has vivid memories of the battle and the desperate fight to escape capture. He remembers vividly the disablement, boarding and subsequent destruction of the New London. During the firefight to escape the ship he was given a phaser by the Chief Engineer and told to 'Kill any Cardie bastard that comes around that corner.' That has left an indelible mark on the young man.

Aboard his new home, the USS Martin, he received counseling to combat the nightmares and PTSD. For the most part, the counselling was successful and he quickly rebounded. By the age of twelve, he was annoying his captain (who was also his mother,) by taking turns, supervised of course, at the helm during bravo shirt. By the age of fifteen, he was a cadet-ensign serving part-time on alpha shift.

Ensign McCullen graduated from Starfleet academy after only two years, having completed much of the coursework and testing aboard ship. At the academy, he was known as a reliable, hard-working student who mostly kept to himself. His instructors saw potential, but his shyness and tendency to prattle were drawbacks that, they felt, would exclude him from a command position.

At age 18, he was assigned to the USS Xavier, a Miranda class cruiser upon which he served for three long years. While he made a mark as an excellent helmsman and a surprisingly good officer, early in his assignment he was labeled, rightly or wrongly, as an entitled Starfleet brat who was too big for his britches and consequently made few friends.

In 2387, Ensign McCullen was assigned to the USS Grumman where he served for two years with distinction in much happier circumstances, earning the trust of his fellow officer and they, in turn, earning his friendship. Whatever doubts the young man had begun to develop over his decision to enter Starfleet were erased by his experience aboard the Grumman.

In 2389, McCullen was promoted to Junior Lieutenant and assigned as the Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Scorpio. However, after only a few months and with the cancellation of the USS Scorpio's mission, the departure of her captain and her surprise assignment to other, clandestine duties, much of the existing crew were transferred to other postings, Lieutenant McCullen included.

He has now been assigned as the Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Black Hawk.
Service Record 2382-2383, Cadet Freshman Grade - Flight Officer, USS Martin
2383-2384, Cadet Senior Grade - Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2384-2385, Cadet Sophomore Grade - Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2385-2387, Ensign - Flight Control Officer, USS Xavier
2387-2389, Ensign - Flight Control Officer, USS Grumman
2389-2389, Lieutenant Jg. - Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Scorpio
2389-Current, Lieutenant Jg. - Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Black Hawk

Immediate Family

Significant Other Leoja Darys, long-distance boyfriend.
Children None

Extended Family

Father Captain James McCullen
Mother Admiral Elizabeth McCullen
Brother(s) Colonel Kevin McCullen
Commander James McCullen II
Sister(s) Commander Dr. Jenna McCullen, PhD FRS FRSA
Lieutenant Commander Lisa McCullen
1st Lt. Brie McCullen
Other Family None

Relationship Detail

Relationships His father: Charlie has a difficult relationship with his father, who he believes is disappointed by his shyness, his anxious way of talking and his physical weakness. He originally joined Starfleet to prove a point to his father but has since found, through counseling, other more healthy reasons to serve.

Leoja Darys, his long-distance boyfriend: What started as an infatuated teenage vacation puppy romance has, in the past six years, developed into something much deeper. A lasting love that has been tested by distance, time and the rocky road of puberty and come out stronger and healthier. Charlie is committed to one day bringing Darys with him into space, or somehow finding a posting on Opaka Outpost, the Starfleet orbital station of New Bajor. Until that time comes, he waits.

Duty Information