Kelinor Voseh

Name Kelinor Voseh

Position Guest Character


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Nova Kron
Age 540
Owner (if NPC) Walsh
Birthplace Nova Kron

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 2”
Weight 176 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kelinor is a brown-eyed member of a race of people called by the name of their home, Nova Kron. He keeps a short beard all the time and has an exercise regimen that he follows regularly. Between that and the few small weights that he keeps, Kelinor is well toned. He says it’s all part of keeping on your toes. Because you never know what you might need to do as a smuggler.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The long-lived El-Aurians pride themselves on the fact that they are known as the "listeners'' of the galaxy. But we would all do well to keep this one thing in mind. There is a minority among them that has been termed nefarious by everyone else. These listeners are called the galaxy’s con-artists and smugglers. But those rogue elements don’t hold a candle to some of the mysterious Nova Kron. Very little is known about them other than being mistaken for El Aurians from time to time, and vice-versa. Some, like Kelinor, use their lifespans and accumulated knowledge to their own personal gain as smugglers. He says it’s good for business. Especially when you’ve dealt with someone for decades and you still look as good as you did when their grandparents were in diapers.

Kelinor is rough around the edges, to put it mildly. He remains cool under pressure, which is a perfect trait for someone in his line of business. He has a sense of humor; or is a bit of a smart-aleck, depending on how you look at it. He usually doesn’t care to ingratiate himself to anyone that can’t do something for him in return. Though that doesn’t mean that he’s impersonal and standoffish right off the bat. Kelinor can also be a bit on the vain side.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths – He is very adept at flying “under the sensors,” so to speak. He thinks outside the box most of the time. Weaknesses – Certain women, the ‘impossible’ job, sciences, his own vanity.
Ambitions His ambition and goal is the next job and the next payment.
Hobbies & Interests Maybe. Maybe not. If you want to find out, you’ll have to catch him first, intrigue him second, and finally give him a reason to tell you.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Ferengi, Orion, Orion Trader's Tongue, Cardassian

Personal History Nova Kron can be extensive travelers. Some have traveled to other planets just to visit while others have lived several human lifetimes there. Kelinor was born on his home planet of Nova Kron and lived his first two hundred years on the planet. Then family then decided to uproot around Earth year 2050 and explore the galaxy, living among it's inhabitants where possible. For seventy-six years, they bounced between systems and eventually made their way to Earth in 2126 via the Vulcans.

The Voseh family lived on Earth for one hundred-twenty-seven years before they headed to another planet to live, along with their children who hadn't opted to stay. Kelinor was one of those who left in 2253. After a lifetime on their destination planet, the family decided to make their way back to Earth. It had been an interesting planet while they were there last and they had grown fond of living among humans.

Then in the grand scheme of things.... While en route to Earth, a catastrophic event forced the Voseh family to set their small ship down on an outlying Federation colony. Some of the inhabitants were retired Starfleet and offered to see what they could do about the ship. Even after it was fixed, the family remained as part of the colony. As a result of the Starfleet personnel that became close to the Voseh family, Kelinor joined Starfleet.

Overall, his experience at Starfleet Academy was mediocre. His worst subject was science and his best was starship tactics. He had slightly less than the average amount of friends and slightly more than the average number of enemies. That was mostly due to his smart-aleck attitude and his ability to not ingratiate himself to others unless they had something to offer. All four years, Kelinor laughed as he witnessed instructors and senior cadets attempt to shave off his rough edges and polish him into a spit-and-shine Starfleet officer. Their work, however, was in vain. His personality and attitude had been set in stone a few hundred years ago. And no one was going to try and fit him into a mold. He was noted as being rebellious with a severe stubborn streak.

The Nova Kron’s first assignment was aboard the USS Galileo as a Brig Officer. Ensign Voseh wasn’t too thrilled about being on a Nova class ship. The last thing he wanted to be was stuck on a science ship doing science things with a bunch of squinty science people. Science obviously wasn’t his best or most favorite subject at the Academy…all four years worth of the Academy. But, he had to make the best of it then, so he might as well do the same now. He was stationed there for several years after being promoted to Lieutenant J.G.

When he was transferred to the USS Osiris, Kelinor was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the Assistant Chief Security Officer. As the Assistant Security Chief, Voseh got loaded down with PADDwork on a daily basis. Most had to do with security rounds and checks. But there was the occasional incident that required an investigation and someone to go over statements, evidence, and other things associated with the investigation. He remained on the Osiris until he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and head of ship’s security and tactical. Years later, an incident put the rebellious and stubborn man up for a court martial. He was found wanting and subsequently dismissed from Starfleet. Kelinor became disillusioned with the people that first helped him and his family.

Finally free of the politics, bureaucracy, and red-tape that plagued Starfleet, Kelinor set his sights on a more lucrative occupation. But he first had to make the right contacts and find a ship with a large enough cargo area and outfit it with the necessary equipment for smuggling. His court martial from the Fleet would help in that regard. Plus, he knew enough about Starfleet’s patrol paths, ship tactics, weapons, and so on to stay out of their way and have a real good income. At least until they changed and updated things. It took Kelinor about eleven years to work his way up to a good ship.
Service Record Smugglers don’t kiss and tell.

Immediate Family

Significant Other Not in my line of work. But liaisons, now that’s a different story.
Children Are you kidding?

Extended Family

Father Kelshek
Mother Narrim
Brother(s) Possibly many, but he never hung around long enough to find out.
Sister(s) Morrigan - known. Again, possibly many more.

Relationship Detail

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