Harvey McCloud

Name Harvey McCloud

Position Civilian Affairs Director


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40
Birthdate June 11, 2350
Birthplace Nashville, TN

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 1in.
Weight 164 lbs.

Personality & Traits

Ambitions Harvey is happy with whatever he is doing, he doesn’t seem to mind much about what is coming next, but if he was asked about an ambition, it would normally revolve around doing whatever he does to the high standard that he sets for himself, and making sure that those around him appreciate what he does, and that they know that they have his trust and loyalty, and that he has their back.
Hobbies & Interests Harvey loves enjoying his music, not playing an instrument, but more just sitting down and listening to all different types of music. He also keeps himself fit and appreciates the time that he gets to spend keeping himself active. Harvey also appreciates the more appreciative things such as a good poker game.
Languages Spoken Federation English, French, German, Spanish

Personal History Harvey was born to parents Bruce and Diane McCloud in Nashville, TN. Born on June 11, 2350, he was born into a family that was known well in the community, his father was a former governor of the state and his mother was well known in many social circles around the city. Harvey also had an older sister, who was 2 years older than him, and was always someone he looked up to for guidance and advice when it was warranted. He was an early lover of country music, enjoying the classic hits from centuries ago. He was a rambunctious young child growing up, always finding himself in trouble with his parents at home, but when it came to his schooling, he was almost perfect. As one teacher put it, he took to schoolwork “like a duck to water”. He loved schooling and learning, and this became the way to get him to behave at home, which from that point, became much more easier to handle for his parents, as well as his grandparents. He took on so many extra-curricular activities while at school, including school politics. He thrived when it became apparent that he was able to take on leadership, and many of his teachers throughout his schooling would push that leadership onto him. At home, he took more responsibilities when his older sister, Chloe, left home, to pursue a medical career in Starfleet. During his middle school, he was intrigued by the leadership that he could see himself in with Starfleet, and began to work on his assessments to join Starfleet, even looking so much at the enlisted career track, just on the off chance that he was unable to go in initially as an officer. While he did perform to a high standard when it came to his assessments, and that fact that he did receive a full offer to attend Starfleet Academy, it was several weeks before he was due to depart, that he opted to forgo the chance and instead, decided to attend university at Vanderbilt, to complete a degree in political science and government, as he felt that he would be better suited in the public sector and finding other ways to build on his leadership.

In his four years at university, Harvey again took to his schooling from day one, and was never found to be taking liberties when it came to his assignments. He still did find time to enjoy a social life, meeting his sweetheart, Abigail, during his freshman year. Abigail was studying law at Vanderbilt, but had several friends who were in many of the same classes that Harvey was in, and they had met casually a few times, but it wasn’t until one day that they met at a local cafe, off campus, that they both decided to sit down and chat more than just a friendly “hello”, and it was love at first sight for Harvey, Abigail, on the other hand, took a little bit longer to warm up, but when she did, that was it for both of them. The two of them were rarely seen apart, and it became common knowledge about the two of them throughout the cohort. Harvey spent a lot of time ensuring that his classmates kept up with their studies, and routinely organised study group sessions when it came time for major assignments or final exams. He took on leadership within the cohort as well, making sure that the facilities that were on offer were to a high standard, but knowing full well that there would be pushback from university leadership, he found out very quickly how far he could push and when to back off. He did, on a few occasions, run foul of the university president, who at one point, did threaten Harvey with expulsion, something to do with the opening times for the university cafe, a place that many of the students Harvey studied with frequented a lot, since it provided a great place to relax, but also to study. Harvey kept in touch with his sister, who at this time, was just beginning her first assignment in Starfleet following her graduation, serving as a nurse on the USS Lexington.

The two of them talked many times during Harvey’s studies, and Harvey learnt very quickly about the ideals that Starfleet had, and he spent more time towards the back end of his studies seeing where civilians played a role in Starfleet Operations, as he felt that it may have been his calling. When he graduated, the first thing that he did was to marry Abigail, and the two made sure that it was done all the right ways. Harvey found it easy to get along with Abigail’s parents, since her father had actually just finished serving in the cabinet of Jaresh-Inyo following the recent elections, the first that Harvey was able to vote in. Having found a common ground with her parents, it was almost like it was meant to be, and Harvey and Abigail were married on October 15, 2372, some five years after they first met. The two decided to take time off after their studies before they pursued their careers, with Abigail already having a job lined up in the Judge-Advocate General’s office at Starfleet Headquarters,

Harvey joined Abigail at Starfleet Headquarters, and while he did take a little bit longer to find his feet once they settled into their new home on the West Coast, he was able to, through his relationship with his father-in-law, find a position doing desk work for several Ambassadors through the Diplomatic Corps. This gave Harvey the dream of a lifetime, as throughout his time in the Diplomatic Corps, he rose very highly in many of the offices that he worked within, he was able to travel alongside many ambassadors and travel to various functions, meetings, diplomatic events and other high-level meetings and eventually was named as Chief of Staff to the Head of the Diplomatic Corps on Kelvedon III, a colony close to Klingon space. This was Harvey’s first taste of being as close to what could be a “front line” then he had planned. With Abigail also being able to be posted to the colony, leading the civilian judicial areas of the colony, the two began the next phase of their lives together.

However, in 2380, tragedy struck Harvey in more ways than one. Early on in the year, he had received notice from his sister that she was taking a leave of absence from Starfleet. As the two of them regularly stayed in contact, when time permitted Chloe, and when they were both able to do so, it was a slight shock to the system when Harvey was told that his father had been in a major accident whilst on holidays with his mother. Being an avid skier, his parents took yearly holidays to different ski resorts around the world. They were skiing at one resort when his father took a wrong turn and without even seeing it, took a large tumble over some rocks that were covered with a thick layer of snow, and during the fall, landed head first onto one of the rocks. Harvey immediately left Kelvedon III and headed back to Earth to be with his father. However, it was to be too late, as Harvey’s father passed away from his injuries a mere 90 minutes before Harvey could reach him at the hospital. His father was only 78 years old. Harvey decided to take more time away from his posting, and six weeks after the tragedy, he resigned his position, deciding that he wanted to take some time to be with his family, but also take on a less demanding role within the civilian services of Starfleet.

Being noted earlier on in his life as a leader, Harvey had to take time to himself to grieve and begin the next stage of his life, without his father. He took the time to be with his mother while his sister made frequent trips back to Earth from her posting on Starbase 244. Six months after the passing of his father, his sister informed Harvey that the base commander, a Captain Joshua Neale was looking for a civilian leader to come onboard the base and work alongside the civilian shop owners, much like a liaison between them, their demands and needs whilst being on the base, and with his command staff, as well as himself. It was something for Harvey to do, something to get him out of the house. His mother made it clear that she was all for it, and that she needed to get on with her life, so Harvey took the position, the first time that he was able to spend time with his sister in a very long time.

Harvey gave the job six months, but after about two months when he was able to spend time negotiating with shop owners for what they wanted and making sure that they had a voice, he felt that it was his calling and he made many positive changes throughout the life of civilians around the starbase, and he opted to stay onboard. He was given the full-time position of Civilian Shopping Promenade Administrator. He spent the next 8 years in the role, even when his sister left the base in 2388, to head off on another assignment, Harvey found peace in what he did, he found that he was able to lead and take on leadership with the shop owners, but also found that his compassion was more to his style, he found that being able to be that link between civilians on the base, and Starfleet, a passion that he had when he was a kid, and a flame that sometimes felt like it was always there, was all that Harvey needed in his life. His wife, Abigail, supported his decision and was able to find the position on the base to work with the legal department onboard, not just for the civilians that lived and stayed onboard, but also for the Starfleet officers and personnel.

After 8 years on the starbase, Harvey opted to find something new to do, and when he was informed that the USS Black Hawk was looking for someone in a very similar, but smaller role to what he was doing on Starbase 244, he decided to send through the details he needed to let the commander of the USS Black Hawk know that he was interested in the role.
Service Record 2369 - 2372
University of Vanderbilt, Degree in Political Science and Government

2372 - 2373
Speechwriter, Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Starfleet Headquarters

2373 - 2374
Deputy Communications Director, Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Starfleet Headquarters

2374 - 2377
Communications Director, Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Starfleet Headquarters

2377 - 2379
Deputy Chief of Staff, Secretary of Medicine and Health Slaggert Office, Federation Cabinet

2379 - 2380
Chief of Staff, Diplomatic Corps, Kelevdon III

2381 - 2390
Civilian Shopping Promenade Administrator

2390 - Present
Civilian Affairs Liaison, USS Black Hawk

Immediate Family

Significant Other Abigail McCloud (nee Faulkner)
Children None

Extended Family

Father Bruce McCloud (born 2302, died 2380)
Mother Diane McCloud (born 2306)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Georgia-Anne Donaldson (nee McCloud)
Other Family Mark Donaldson (brother-in-law)

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 10, Room 10|10