Conrad Hawkingsson

Name Conrad James Hawkingsson

Position Civilian


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28 Jul 2021 @ 11:52pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Birthdate 27th June
Birthplace Sweden, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 176 punds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue/green
Skin Color White
Physical Description Standing 6 feet tall and weigh in at 176 pounds, he is a large man. However, Conrad always walks with a very pronounced hunched back, he will appear to be weak and fragile. Even if underneath his baggy clothes his body is sculpted to perfection from hours working out and a very careful diet. He does all he can not to stand out or draw attention to himself if he can help it. He wears glasses that he doesn't really need, but they serve the dual purpose to give him direct and live updates on calculations he has working on as well as make himself less aproachable or desirable in order to minimize his interaction with others.

The right arm is a prosthesis of his own design, nearly indistinguishable by touch and appearance from a real hand.

Personality & Traits

General Overview An introvert and mentally broken in many ways. Doing all in his power to minimize the need to interact with others after, being nearly killed by someone he trusted has. Causing him to not trust anyone and keep anyone at arm's length if he can help it.
His high intelligence was exploited in the past and this caused him to focus on his research, exercise (a mental relaxation method for him), and reading books.

However, he still respects other people and wishes others would respect him the same way. He has a very hard time seeing women struggling, often getting into trouble to doing something that might make the woman uncomfortable, like leaving notes of advice from observations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:
Physically strong
Highly intelligent
Skilled problem solver
Exceedingly observant
Proficient hand to hand combatant

Slow to trust
Socially uncomfortable and awkward
Over analytical
Ambitions To be left alone and simply finish his research in peace. He still hopes that one day he could find the perfect woman for him, someone who would truly understand him.

A lost ambition of his was to make technology that makes life for everyone better. But after the incident that was shattered because of a lack of trust in others.
Hobbies & Interests Books
Dietary research
Languages Spoken English

Personal History Born in southern Sweden on earth, Conrad grew up in a relatively happy home. His parents were always supportive of his need to experiment with junk he had found around town. Both his parents were however adamant about not letting their son join Starfleet, feeling that it was far too risky for him. So they supplied him with everything he would need to pursue a carrier in the civilian sector instead.

He finished college with excellent grades and set out to improve the lives of the galaxy. pouring his time into everything from thermonuclear dynamics to chemical theory to Computer science.

A decade of research produced many theoretical technologies that were yet to be produced on a large scale. From fusion cannon to a mechanical prosthesis that had an outer layer that looked and felt like real skin.

He had a few assistants over the years and two on the twelfth year of his research, an explosion nearly killed Conrad. It had been deemed an accident by the authorities, but Conrad knew better. The explosion had nearly killed him, ripping his right arm clean off at the shoulder, breaking several ribs, a punctured longe, and third-degree burns on almost his entire right-hand side. Of course, the skin could be fixed, so could the punctured longe, however, his arm was unsalvageable.

Investigation of the incident marked it as an accident and that his girlfriend had perished in the explosion, but to Conrad the data didn't add up. In fact, he believed that she was the cause, if not, then part of the ones who stole his work.

When he returned to his old lab, he had found the database had been purged, even the backups. Clues had told him that all the data had been copied before purged. Together with his PTSD and Pistanthrophobia, it caused him to reject all humanoid interactions, becoming an introvert and submerge himself in his work as well as exercising.

For the past five years, he has worked in secret, developing a true AI he named T.A.M.I. and even some fascinating work with smart weapons. His latest project is the integration of fusion core to supplement the matter-antimatter core of most ships. Dilithium being far more scarce than something as simple as Helium that exist litteraly everywhere in the universe.
Service Record OOC known inventions:
Advanced fusion reactor
AI construct (T.A.M.I.)
Smart gun with smart ammunition (lethal and nonlethal)
Mechanical arm prosthesis (nearly indistinguishable from living tissue)

IC known inventions:

Immediate Family

Significant Other none
Children None

Extended Family

Father Tomas Hawkingsson
Mother Linda Hawkingsson
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) None
Other Family none

Relationship Detail

Relationships None (at the moment)

Duty Information

Quarters Room 10|10
Data Access Level 2
Security Clearance Delta-One