Lieutenant JG Loran Bolivar

Name Loran Bolivar

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Bolian Half Human
Age 30
Birthdate 2360
Birthplace San Francisco

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 170
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Blue
Physical Description Loran Bolivar stands as a formidable presence. His physique exudes an undeniable vitality, indicative of his lifelong devotion to discipline and fitness. His muscles, prominent yet not exaggerated, ripple beneath his cerulean skin, an unmistakable testament to his Bolian lineage. The azure tones of his skin are punctuated by starkly contrasting patches of ebony—under his eyes, beneath his bottom lip, and across the top of his head—a stark visual reminder of his mixed human heritage.

His face is a study of austere beauty, marked by a lack of eyebrows that lends a unique aspect to his countenance. Bolivar's eyes, a shade deeper than the blue of his skin, glow with a quiet intelligence and alertness, befitting his role as a Starfleet Security Officer. They rest beneath the obsidian skin that adorns the area under his eyes, lending a mysterious air to his gaze.

There is an air of quiet distinction in his well-maintained grey beard. It curves along his jawline, connecting with a moustache that doesn't quite veil his top lip. The beard extends slightly longer from his chin, adding a touch of rugged charm to his otherwise polished appearance. The silver in his beard subtly contrasts with his blue skin, signifying the passage of time, but also the wisdom that comes with it.

The top of Bolivar's head is a striking shade of black, serving as a testament to his half-human origin. It provides a visually appealing contrast with his blue skin, adding another dimension to his multifaceted persona. His head, devoid of hair, gleams subtly under the light, emphasizing the lines and contours of his strong, defined features.

The unique fusion of traits in Bolivar's appearance offers an immediate hint of his mixed heritage. It's a fascinating juxtaposition of human and Bolian characteristics, a vivid blue-black canvas that speaks volumes of his exotic genealogy. Yet, his stern demeanor and well-honed physique make it clear that he is much more than the sum of his parts—every inch a Starfleet Security Officer, prepared to uphold peace and order across the galaxies.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Loran Bolivar is a balanced mix of attributes that make him a distinctive and respected officer within Starfleet. At his core, he is a man of deep-seated honor, a trait that has been significantly influenced by his mentor, Commander Tomi Oshiro, and his study of Okinawan martial arts.

Loran has a warm and welcoming demeanor that makes him approachable and easy to get along with. He is calm and composed, rarely seen to lose his temper or let his emotions get the best of him. This is largely thanks to the discipline he has gained through the practice of Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo, which has taught him to maintain emotional control in even the most challenging situations.

He is also fiercely loyal, both to his friends and to Starfleet. He holds the principles of Starfleet close to his heart and is always ready to stand up for what he believes in. He is dedicated to his duties, often going above and beyond his responsibilities to ensure the safety and well-being of his colleagues and shipmates.

Loran possesses a strong sense of duty, always ready to take on any task or challenge that comes his way. He is highly disciplined, punctual, and adheres strictly to the rules and regulations of Starfleet. His commitment to duty and respect for order often make him a source of stability and reliability for his team.

Despite his many positive attributes, Loran does have his flaws. One of them is his difficulty in handling academic or theoretical work. While he excels in practical applications, he struggles when it comes to theoretical concepts and academic pursuits. This has often been a source of frustration for him, though he has learned to compensate for it through hard work and determination.

Another challenge Loran faces is his tendency to be a bit rigid at times. His adherence to rules and regulations can sometimes make him inflexible, particularly in situations that require a more nuanced approach. He sometimes struggles to adjust to changes or unexpected developments, and can become overly focused on doing things "by the book".

Despite these shortcomings, Loran has managed to earn the respect of his colleagues through his unwavering commitment to Starfleet and his dedication to personal growth and development. His journey has not always been smooth, but it is his ability to learn from his mistakes and his determination to always strive for better that have shaped him into the officer he is today.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Disciplined: Thanks to his martial arts training, Loran has developed a high level of self-discipline which translates into his professional life as well.

+ Loyalty: He is fiercely loyal to his friends, his team, and to Starfleet. He will always stand by their side and do whatever it takes to support them.

+ Practical skills: Loran excels at tasks that involve hands-on work or physical exertion. His martial arts training has made him physically fit and agile, and these skills are often useful in his Starfleet duties.

+ Sense of Duty: Loran has a strong sense of duty and a deep respect for Starfleet's principles and regulations. He takes his responsibilities seriously and always strives to do his best.

+ Emotional Control: Loran is known for his calm and composed demeanor. He rarely loses his temper, even in high-stress situations.

- Struggles with academic/theoretical work: While Loran excels at practical tasks, he struggles when it comes to academic or theoretical work. He often needs extra time and effort to grasp abstract concepts.

- Rigidity: Loran's strong sense of duty and adherence to rules can sometimes make him inflexible. He can struggle to adjust to unexpected changes or nuances in a situation and can be overly focused on doing things "by the book."

- Difficulty with change: Loran prefers structure and predictability and can sometimes struggle to adapt to new situations or changes in routine. This can make him resistant to new ideas or methods at times.
Ambitions Loran Bolivar holds high ambitions, a testament to the significant influence of his Okinawan mentor, Commander Tomi Oshiro. A pivotal force in shaping Loran's life, Oshiro not only imparted the physical disciplines of Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo, but also the deeper principles of respect, discipline, and honour that accompany these martial arts. His aspiration to advance within Starfleet and eventually lead his own department is a reflection of this foundation.

He seeks to create a positive and empowering environment, fostering the growth and development of younger officers, much as Oshiro did for him. For Loran, this isn't just about professional advancement. It's a calling, a way to honour the mentor who guided him through his formative years, and to perpetuate the cycle of mentorship within the ranks of Starfleet.

Yet, his aspirations do not stop at departmental leadership. Loran dreams of one day standing as the Captain of his own starship. This vision encapsulates more than the thrill of exploration and the challenge of leadership. To Loran, the role of Captain represents a living embodiment of the principles he holds dear, principles instilled in him through the martial traditions of Goju Ryu and Kobudo, and reinforced by the ethos of Starfleet.

Parallel to his Starfleet ambitions, Loran also harbours a deep desire to achieve a level of mastery in Goju Ryu and Kobudo that matches Commander Oshiro's. He views this mastery not just as an accomplishment in martial arts but as a manifestation of his commitment to the values and discipline those arts represent. This goal intertwines with his Starfleet aspirations, reflecting the extent to which the teachings of Goju Ryu and Kobudo have been woven into his life's path.

Loran's ambitions, therefore, span both the martial and interstellar spheres, demonstrating his dedication to the core principles of respect, honour, discipline, and mentorship. His journey, from a young man under the tutelage of Commander Oshiro to aspiring Starfleet Captain and martial arts master, mirrors his personal growth, resilience, and commitment to living a life guided by these principles.
Hobbies & Interests Loran's interest in martial arts extends beyond the practice of physical forms; it reaches into the depth of the history and philosophy underpinning these ancient arts. With a particular fascination for the origins of Karate and the code of the Samurai - the Bushido - Loran delves into these areas with the same dedication he brings to his physical practice. His exploration isn't merely academic; he uses the advanced holographic technology of the holodeck to immerse himself in historically accurate simulations of ancient Japan. Within these rich, interactive environments, he gains a nuanced understanding of the martial traditions that have shaped his own path and worldview. This fusion of technology and tradition allows him to experience firsthand the cultural context of the values he holds dear, deepening his connection to his martial art practice.

Despite his self-perception as being not academically inclined, Loran takes a keen interest in the fields of his Starfleet degree - Astronautical Tactics and Small-Group Tactics. He continuously keeps himself abreast of the latest developments, reading relevant literature and academic papers. This habit reflects his dedication to his chosen field, showing his understanding of the necessity for continuous learning in the dynamic landscape of Starfleet operations. His dedication to ongoing learning further reinforces the principles of discipline and dedication instilled in him through his martial arts training.

Alongside these pursuits, Loran has a talent for linguistics, which he has honed to become a capable polyglot. In addition to Federation Standard, he has taken up the challenge to learn two of the most difficult languages spoken by prominent species in the galaxy: Klingonese and Romulan, with proficiency in both dialects of the latter. This language acquisition isn't merely a hobby; it demonstrates his commitment to fostering better relations and understanding between different species. His willingness to learn the languages of other cultures stands as a testament to his respect for diversity and his personal dedication to the values of unity and cooperation upheld by Starfleet. His linguistic skills not only serve him well in his professional role, often facilitating smoother communications in sensitive situations, but also enrich his personal understanding and appreciation of the complex tapestry of interstellar cultures.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Klingonese, Romulan, Japanese and Uchinaaguchi (Okinawan Traditional Language)

Personal History Loran was born in 2360 in the bustling metropolis of San Francisco, on Earth. He was born to an extraordinary pair of Starfleet Security Officers – his father, a Bolian named Zelvan, and his mother, a human named Penelope. Their tale was one of interstellar romance; their paths had crossed during their assignments aboard a starship, sparking a bond that transcended the vast differences in their cultural backgrounds.

When Penelope fell pregnant, the couple made a conscious decision to provide a stable environment for their impending bundle of joy. They transferred their duties from the fluctuating life aboard a starship to the more grounded and consistent setting of Starfleet Security on Earth. Their shared commitment to their professions never wavered, but they adapted their roles to ensure a balanced family life. This allowed them to nurture Loran in a home that was not just filled with love but also imbued with a strong sense of duty, security, and commitment to the principles of Starfleet.

Loran's schooling took place in the diverse and dynamic cityscape of San Francisco. Academic pursuits, however, were not his strongest suit. He was not the brightest pupil in his class, but he showed a consistent determination that allowed him to secure average grades. His early years at school were characterized by a streak of mischief that often got him into trouble.

Recognizing the need for guidance in their son's life, his parents turned to an old friend and Starfleet colleague, Commander Tomi Oshiro. The Commander came from a Okinawan lineage steeped in the tradition of Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo, martial arts that incorporated a mental and spiritual component in addition to the physical practices. When Loran was just 10, Oshiro took him under his wing, introducing him to these traditional martial arts.

Under the Commander's stern yet caring mentorship, Loran began a journey that extended beyond the mere physical techniques of Karate and Kobudo. Oshiro instilled in him the essential values of discipline and respect. These lessons permeated all aspects of Loran's life, gradually transforming him from a restless troublemaker into a balanced and focused individual.

The martial arts training grounded Loran, stabilizing his restless energy and channeling it into a pursuit that fostered personal growth and discipline. His grades improved, and his conduct saw a notable change. The boy who had been a bit of a troublemaker in school grew into a young man with a calm demeanor and a deep-seated respect for the principles he had learned through Karate, Kobudo and the Okinawan way of life.

In 2375, when Loran was just 15 years old, he experienced an event that would forever change his perspective on life. During the Dominion War, the Breen launched a surprise attack on Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. His parents, who were serving at the time, were among those injured in the assault. The sight of the chaos and destruction, his parents' injuries, and the violation of what was supposed to be an invincible sanctuary had a profound impact on him.

The attack shocked not only Loran but all of Earth. The planet was often viewed as a paradise, a haven untouched by the horrors of interstellar conflicts. It was seen as a fortress, impervious to attacks, a safe space where the citizens of the United Federation of Planets could live in peace. The Breen's audacious assault shattered this perception of safety, driving home the harsh reality that no place, not even Earth, was truly invincible.

Amidst the fear and uncertainty, Loran found a beacon of purpose in the aftermath of the attack. The sight of Starfleet officers, including his parents, standing tall despite the calamity, ignited a spark in him. He decided then and there that he would follow in his parents' footsteps and join Starfleet. This resolve was born not just out of the desire to protect his home, but also out of an enduring belief in the principles of peace and security that Starfleet stood for.

In his second year at Starfleet Academy, Loran made a remarkable achievement, matching the existing record for the Academy's rigorous assault course. This test of physical strength, agility, and endurance is considered particular challenging and Loran's accomplishment earned him considerable recognition among his peers and instructors.

However, his performance in the classroom was decidedly more modest. While his academic grades hovered around average, Loran distinguished himself in areas that demanded practical application. Any task that required hands-on engagement or physical exertion saw him excelling, a testament to not only his fitness level but also his kinesthetic learning style.

Whether it was a challenging simulation exercise or a physically demanding mission scenario, Loran approached every task with unwavering determination and commitment. His knack for practical problem-solving and his unwavering discipline in the face of physical challenges stood as testaments to his merit as a Starfleet cadet, hinting at the impressive officer he was destined to become.

In 2381, after years of rigorous training and unyielding dedication, Loran's efforts culminated in his graduation from Starfleet Academy. He stepped out from the hallowed halls of the institution with the rank of Ensign, a testament to his growth and discipline.

Loran's academic achievement was marked by a unique combination of specialties. He graduated with a joint Bachelor's honours degree in Astronautical Tactics and Small-Group Tactics. This dual focus underscored his practical, hands-on approach to problem-solving, aligning perfectly with his martial arts training

Upon his graduation, Ensign Loran Bolivar was assigned to the prestigious Earth Spacedock, one of the central hubs of Starfleet operations. Serving as a Dock Security Officer, his primary responsibilities were to ensure the safety and order of the vast and bustling Spacedock.

Despite being one of many officers, Loran took his role seriously. His background in martial arts, combined with his Starfleet training, equipped him with a keen eye for potential security breaches and a disciplined approach to enforcing Starfleet regulations. His day-to-day duties included overseeing the arrival and departure of various starships, maintaining order among the diverse mix of crew members and visitors, and responding to any potential security threats or incidents.

In 2385, after years of diligent service at Earth Spacedock, Loran received a significant reassignment. He was transferred to the USS Dauntless, a Sovereign-class starship known for its diverse missions across the galaxy. His new role was that of a Security/Tactical Officer.

In addition to his regular duties, Loran was also assigned on the Bridge, as Gamma Shift Security and Tactical Officer. This role demanded exceptional skill and readiness, despite Gamma Shift being during the quieter hours of ship operation, a testament to how serious he takes his work.

In 2390, after five years of dedicated service aboard the USS Dauntless, Loran received a notable promotion and transfer. He was reassigned to the USS Black Hawk-A, a formidable starship known for its exploratory missions and diplomatic engagements. In this new role, Loran stepped up as the Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer, a position that not only demanded extensive tactical expertise but also leadership skills.

This new assignment marked a significant progression in his Starfleet career. Serving as the Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Loran was not just a practitioner of his tactical knowledge but also a leader, a mentor to other officers, and a key player in the ship's security operations. His journey, which had started in the diverse cityscape of San Francisco, had led him to the heart of Starfleet's exploratory missions, showcasing his growth and unwavering commitment to the principles of Starfleet.
Service Record
Cadet 1st Year

Starfleet Academy
Cadet 2nd Year

Starfleet Academy
Cadet 3rd Year

Starfleet Academy
Cadet 4th Year

Starfleet Academy
Dock Security

Earth Spacedock
Secruity/Tactical Officer

USS Dauntless
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

USS Black Hawk

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Zelvan
Mother Penelope

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 7, Room 07|07
Data Access Level 5
Security Clearance Beta One
Personal Authorization Bolivar Gamma-6-7-9-Delta
Duty Shift Beta