Lieutenant Kyan Reza

Name Kyan Reza

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species ½ Thallonian / ½ Lagashi
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3''
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Golden (Lagashi ocular implants)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Often seen as a vital part of the starships in which she has served on, Lieutenant Reza's defining characteristics are her integrity, practical logic, and her tireless dedication to duty Starfleet and more so to her ship and crew. The more at home she becomes aboard an assignment, the more protective and loyal she will become to the Commanding Officer and their First Officer. She believes very strongly in taking oaths and vows, and in her world there are no stronger loyalties to her than those she has sworn to her family and to Starfleet. Lieutenant Reza is a traditionalist and can be seen as somewhat staunchly conservative at times. She takes responsibility for her actions and great pride in what she does.

Lieutenant Reza will not make many assumptions. Instead, she prefers to analyze her surroundings, check the facts, and ideally arrive at practical courses of action to take in order to produce the best result. She is very determined to see plans through and does not tolerate bull. This strong, independent woman hates indecisiveness, having little tolerance for it. The Lieutenant is someone who lays out a well thought out, practical, and logical plan. If someone dares to challenge her plans or ideas with a loosely constructed or poorly thought out counter, she will quite vividly lose her temper. Her typically tight patience will wear thin quite quickly in this event. The Lieutenant is open to hearing other options and all sides, but she can be stubbornly set in her own beliefs. She welcomes debates when time is available to freely use. However, during crunch time, Lieutenant Reza may become impatient and angry.

No matter the personal cost, Lieutenant Reza will meet deadlines and fulfill whatever she has committed herself to doing. If she says that she will do something, you had better believe that she will either do it or do her damn best to try and get it done. Reza hates anyone who does not hold their own weight or fails to help others pick up slack. In a position of authority in a Department, she whips people into shape and cracks down very hard on those failing to meet her expectations. Combining laziness and dishonesty is the quickest way to get on her bad side, and nobody in their right mind wants to be on her bad side. Though, oddly, Reza herself prefers to work alone. She like solitary work.

She has a sharp, fact-based tactical mind, preferring the autonomy of working by herself. Reliance on someone other than herself is not something that she is fond of. In fact, in her mind, dependency on others is a clear sign of weakness to Lieutenant Reza. Honestly, loyalty, and determination are her strongest assets. The downside to her personality is that she can be often come off as very cold, emotionally distant, isolated, or even robotic. Others, just view her personality as nasty, ill tempered, volatile, or hateful. This is not how she wants to be viewed, and to be seen as such does hurt her at times. However, she does not show this hurt to others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Marksmanship – The Lieutenant's weapons training has been quite extensive over the years. Reza knows weapon safety protocols. She has been trained on several types of Federation Starfleet weapons: everything from compacted Type-I hand phasers known by some as 'crickets,' Type-II hand phasers, phaser riffles, phaser canons, compression based phaser riffles, and even I-MODs. Arguably more impressive than her knowledge and usability, is her expert marskmanship with renowned deadly accuracy.

Sheriffing – On the side of her security training, Lieutenant Reza has a stern law enforcing aspect to her. She has a strength in her ability to maintain order and take control of a potentially hostile situation where tensions may be on the verge of flaring up. With due diligence, Reza has been known to keep even the rowdiest group of inebriated Klingons in check and enforce Federation or Starfleet laws as needed.


Isolationist – Reza is a very independent and strong willed woman with a bit of a hot temper. She can be a bit of a recluse, keeping to herself and bottling up emotions. This can lead to her unleashing her anger on unsuspecting people. She can become hostile and irritable at times like these. She prefers to isolate herself and work alone rather than work as part of a team.

Personal History Born in 2351 on the planet Thallon, the capital world of the since fallen Thallonian Empire, to a mixed family. Her mother was a Thallonian, a former royal guardsmen who had been known to serve as the personal guardsmen to several members of the royal family. He left the guard and became a common thief, specializing in acquiring rare and valuable jewels and gems. Lieutenant Reza's mother, a paid Lagashi assassin hired to catch the thief and recover the priceless gems and jewels he had stolen from the royal family. When the two encountered one another in 2347, it was a fatal attraction, but the sparks were too strong, the chemistry too passionate to ignore. Instead of killing his target, the Lagashi assassin fell in love with the jewel thief. Together, they became a team and collected a great deal of wealth of their own.

An end to the stealing, however, was reached when the couple discovered they had a child on the way. Two to be exact. Twins, fraternal twins. One would be their son, and the other, their daughter, Kyan. The couple wed in late 2350 with knowledge that their twins would be soon coming. A few months later after the new year had rung in, the twins were born.

As children, the two appeared to be the mirror opposite of one another. Kyan was introverted, reserve, quiet, and analyzed everything. Her brother was extroverted, open, warm, and rather impulsive. He excelled at the science and technology whereas Kyan's studies were more impressive in the areas of involving physicality and history. Her father trained her how to use weapons properly and efficiently to protect herself and others should she ever need to. Her mother taught her about jewel, gems, and how to seduce people, lull them into a false sense of security and capitalize by taking whatever she so desired and getting away with it stealthily.

Growing up in the Thallonian Empire, Kyan was raised to be rather Xenophobic and have a sense of honor or duty to her people, her family, and to the Empire. The Thallonian Empire had conquered a dozen of worlds, expanding their territory and pushing their borders closer and closer to the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets. The Thallonian Empire had very closed boarders, only authorized ships were allowed to traverse through Thallonian space. Unauthorized ships were captured or destroyed, anyone taken into custody would be held prisoner by the Empire and the ruling royal family.

During her early teenage years, times in the Thallonian Empire were getting dangerous. Tensions with the Empire, their subject worlds and the neighboring Romulan Empire and Danteri Empire caused Kyan's family to leave the Empire, fleeing into Federation space and eventually resettling on her mother's homeworld of Lagash which had recently become allied with the United Federation of Planets.

Discovering a new sort of respect for the Federation, Kyan began to weigh her options as she neared the last of her teen years and approaching adulthood. She had several options available to her. There was joining the Lagashi Star Navy, returning to the Thallonian Empire to join the guard, or she could seek service with the the Federation by enlisting in Starfleet or enrolling at their Academy. Ultimately, she decided to pursue a career with Starfleet with the full and proper education of an officer. She enrolled in 2368, took the entrance examinations which resulted in her acceptance in 2369.
Service Record ● Starfleet Academy: Cadet Year 1-4 – 2369-2373

● USS Black Hawk: Security Officer / Tactical Officer – Ensign 2373-2377

● USS Black Hawk: Security Officer / Tactical Officer – Lieutenant JG 2377-2380

● USS Avalon: Tactical Officer (Beta Shift) – Lieutenant JG 2380-2384

● USS Pulsar: Assistant Security Chief / Tactical Officer – Lieutenant 2384-2388

● USS Black Hawk: Assistant Security Chief / Tactical Officer – Lieutenant 2388-Present

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Arek Reza
Mother Li Chen Ju
Brother(s) 1

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 4
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Delta Two