Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman

Name Harold Sherman

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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02 Sep 2015 @ 3:31am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Brownish blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description TBA

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Fast learn. Can be consumed when he feels stuff is left undone.
Ambitions Wants to be an Admiral someday.
Hobbies & Interests Model trains.

Personal History Harold “Hal” Sherman was born and basically grew up in the City of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. His family worked and owned several Lodging establishments in and around the City of Detroit Lakes, including several cabins and resorts built around some of the 420 lakes that are in the and around the City. The City has expanded along what use to be known as US-59 and US-10 highways, but there are still remote areas around several of the lakes. Hal spent most of life in and around the region, with his family taking at time numerous business trips on Earth from time to time. William and Mary never took their kids on the off Earth business trips.
Service Record Hal enter the academy right after he finished his Secondary Education. It
was during this time when he first left mother Earth. It was during this time that Hal learned how to navigate among the stars, and graduated as Navigator/Pilot, which he was assigned to the USS Kirkland. After a couple months, the Chief of Ops realized he had a knack of running station, beside his skills as a pilot. Soon he was the 1st Watch Navigator Officer and the relieve Ops Officer. Within the year he had been re-assigned as the Ops Officer on both 3rd and 2nd Watch before being assigned Assistant Ops Officer and being assigned to 1st Watch freeing up the Chief of Ops to as 3rd Watch Bridge Officer.

Immediate Family

Significant Other None
Children None

Extended Family

Father William Sherman
Mother Mary (Howe) Sherman
Brother(s) Dan Sherman
Sister(s) Jessica Sherman
Jeannie Sherman
Other Family N/A

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 2, Room 0208
Data Access Level 4
Security Clearance Alpha Two