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Maintenance Complete

Posted on 17 Mar 2021 @ 2:04am by Captain Harvey Geisler

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the USS Black Hawk!

Thank you for your patience as we performed some not needed, but very nice under-the-hood changes. Let's take a look at some of our cool toys...

First, Mission Posts now have a Summary feature. You can add a summary to any post you write that can quickly describe the actions taken within the post. This can be really helpful for some of our really long epics to summarize the actions we've taken. Feel free to add this to any of the current posts in progress!

Second, it's high time we standardized time. Some of you may be familiar with this feature already, but this one has some added perks. While I currently have it selected for "Day and Time", I can change it to either Stardate, or I can change it to Date and Time (where you can actually enter a calendar date). I have it defaulted to Day and Time for now, but we can always change it later. I've already updated ALL Extinction Mission posts with this new system.

Third, we have a new Wiki Parser! This means you can now add wiki links with absolute ease to your posts if you want. All you have to do is get the name of your wiki article, such as "Probes" and follow this format (remove all of the spaces)

[ wiki | Probes ]

I'll place an example in the OOC Chat for reference with other particulars.

Fourth, I made some slight styling changes on the admin panel, and I'm working on adding support for bulleted lists.

But, as mentioned earlier, we're back up and running. Enjoy!

- Captain Geisler


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