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Posted on 23 Apr 2014 @ 11:26pm by Captain Harvey Geisler
Edited on 23 Apr 2014 @ 11:27pm

It is with great pleasure and a equally-sized sigh of relief that I announce that Mission 1 is closed. Thank you to all for your contributions to this mission and to this sim. I know we all had our rough patches, and at one point the game nearly collapsed, but here we are.

We made it!

I have a few things to say before moving on...

I wish to thank the "Last Men Standing" from achieving our Bravo Fleet activation. As such, the award of "Inaugural Crewmate" is now bestowed upon Lt. Cmdr. Beh'ruken (originally Lt. Landon Milo) and Ensign Harold Sherman.

Inaugural Crewmate

To thank those who have helped complete Mission 1: Echoes, the award "Altair Survivor" is bestowed upon Lt. Cmdr. Beh'ruken, Lt. Darrick Sheldon and Ensign Harold Sherman.

Altair Survivor

As a very special thank you, I would now like to call Ensign Sherman front and center and summon everyone's attention to orders!

Ensign Sherman, in recognition of your contributions to this sim, in recognition of the rough patches of the out-of-character variety, as well as your service above and beyond the call of duty to the point of bringing aboard an additional player who contributed greatly to the conclusion of this mission, I am bestowing upon you the award of "Player of the Mission."

Player of the Mission: Mission 1

Ensign Sherman, as an added bonus, but mainly because you deserve it, you are immediately promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade with all rights and privileges therein.

Lieutenant JG

Congratulations, Lieutenant!

That concludes the housekeeping portion of this news bulletin. As of this moment, Mission 2: Pursuit has now begun. The date is February 1, 2388. The Black Hawk has re-crewed and refitted and is now patrolling the Gamma Quadrant. A Personal Log will come from Cmdr. Geisler shortly to provide necessary background information. The ship is currently under impulse power.

Please remember all posting rules are still in effect while I seek to fill some KEY positions. I really want to have at least 3 more people before moving ahead with the real part of the mission, but in the meantime, please use the next couple of weeks to explore some character development, establish your departments, and get used to life on the frontier.

If you have questions, concerns, ideas, I'm only a PM away!

-Commander H. Geisler


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by Captain Harvey Geisler on 23 Apr 2014 @ 11:28pm

To those who received the email, I put the wrong rank image in on accident. I meant to put in the Lieutenant JG pips. My apologies, Lieutenant Sherman.