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What's Next?

Posted on 28 Jun 2022 @ 3:03am by Captain Harvey Geisler

Hi everyone,

It's been a couple months since the survey, and I'm sure everyone is wondering what is up. Those of you on Discord already have an idea, but I wanted to share here that my current focus is on resuming Gamma Command first. This is largely because the nature of the GC sim doesn't have as much history as the Black Hawk, and it's easier to slide back into writing.

Does that mean I'm done with Black Hawk? No. It just means that BH will take more of my resources to relaunch. I still haven't settled with what to do about the ship itself, or whether or not I will officially replace my CO character. Too many variables in my personal life.

For now, I'm focusing on GC while still trying to fix a few things in my personal life. There are 9 players on Black Hawk, and 7 of them are on GC. Should Milo and T'Mari wish to join us there with new characters, they are welcome to do so. But for now, BH will remain in limbo until such time is presented to me.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot me a email, or catch me over on Discord. Thanks all.

-Le Frog


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