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Gameplay Resuming

Posted on 19 Mar 2023 @ 10:44pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

Hi all,

This week, I will finally be able to start hitting tags again. It might take me a couple days to catch up, but you can count on it!

Also coming this week... tagging requirements.

Thank you to those who have been tagging when you have been able to in this last month. The Command team is aware that there are a couple players who haven't written at all since the Black Hawk initiated its soft reboot, and there are other players who've been MIA for a while. We'll be addressing that in the coming days so that we can keep the sim moving.

I'm also working on contingency plans so that I'm not the reason the game can stall out. More news on that to come...

~Le Frog


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Category: Sim Announcement