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Several Updates

Posted on 20 Jun 2015 @ 2:43am by Captain Harvey Geisler
Edited on 20 Jun 2015 @ 2:46am

Hello everyone!

I have made my decision, and this afternoon, I was confirmed as the Executive Officer of Task Force 93. You can read the announcement HERE.

Let me assure you, my first priority is still to the crew of this vessel. We will finish our current mission, and will wrap up this "season" of our voyages. And, I'm not going to skimp! I have big plans to wrap this storyline up, and there is room for everyone to be involved as much as they want to be!

In other news, I am looking into a site "refresh" to clean things up a little bit. More on that in the future.

As we get closer to finishing the mission, I'll start letting everyone know how the transition will take place. There's no rush to move, and believe me, there will be no rushing.

Thank you all! I look forward to this new adventure.

-Andrew aka Capt. Geisler


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