Season 1

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Season 1 of the Voyages of the USS Black Hawk, investigating the mysteries of the Golden Stars.

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Included Missions


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Stardate 65085.9

Three weeks have passed since the destruction of the Altair Research Base. After delivering the researchers and what could be recovered of their supplies to New Bajor, the Black Hawk has been assigned to patrol the fringe of mapped space and to quietly investigate the existence of the mysterious Golden Stars.

After receiving supplies and new personnel including replacements for several open Senior Staff positions, the Black Hawk receives and responds to a distress call, the first in a string that drives the crew further down the rabbit hole...

New Voyages

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On the eve of a new phase of her life and docked at Deep Space Nine, the USS Black Hawk awaits the arrival of her new senior staff and Commanding Officer.


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The Black Hawk's first assignment is to complete a scheduled extraction of a scientific expedition in the Altair system deep in the Gamma Quadrant. Altair Prime was believed to be the home of a long extinct civilization.

Upon arrival, the crew is stunned to find the archeologists' base completely vacant and pillaged. As the crew begins to investigate, trying to find the truth in the minimal clues left behind, the Away Team begins to disappear one by one. Can the mystery be solved before the Away Team disappears forever?


Post Count: 18

The Black Hawk delivers the X'annon to the Trading Outpost Razmena and works to uncover more about what is happening in the Gamma Quadrant.


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On a deep space mission, the Black Hawk mysteriously loses all power and computer control. A rival crime syndicate boards the Black Hawk with the intent to take her as a prize and transform her into a mobile base. Can the crew of the Black Hawk repel the boarders and reclaim their captain, captured as insurance by the Syndicate?


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In a couple mere hours, the crew of the USS Black Hawk find their ship immobilized and in disarray after the Syndicate's failed attempt to take the ship.

Before the ship can get underway again, repairs must be made.


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Able to again move under her own power, the Black Hawk limps further into Golden Stars' territory. Arriving at a desolate world, the crew discovers shocking secrets about not just about the quality of life, but something that will shake the entire sector to its very core.