Shattered Unity

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With the remains of the USS Gaittithe in tow, the Black Hawk travels to Starbase Unity. What awaits them is a horror unseen since the rise of the Consortium. Can the crew of the Black Hawk break the mystery that is quickly overpowering Federation assets in the Gamma Quadrant?

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Each individual member of the Black Hawk's crew came from somewhere. These are their stories...

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New Voyages

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On the eve of a new phase of her life and docked at Deep Space Nine, the USS Black Hawk awaits the arrival of her new senior staff and Commanding Officer.

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The Black Hawk's first assignment is to complete a scheduled extraction of a scientific expedition in the Altair system deep in the Gamma Quadrant. Altair Prime was believed to be the home of a long extinct civilization.

Upon arrival, the crew is stunned to find the archeologists' base completely vacant and pillaged. As the crew begins to investigate, trying to find the truth in the minimal clues left behind, the Away Team begins to disappear one by one. Can the mystery be solved before the Away Team disappears forever?

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Stardate 65085.9

Three weeks have passed since the destruction of the Altair Research Base. After delivering the researchers and what could be recovered of their supplies to New Bajor, the Black Hawk has been assigned to patrol the fringe of mapped space and to quietly investigate the existence of the mysterious Golden Stars.

After receiving supplies and new personnel including replacements for several open Senior Staff positions, the Black Hawk receives and responds to a distress call, the first in a string that drives the crew further down the rabbit hole...

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The Black Hawk delivers the X'annon to the Trading Outpost Razmena and works to uncover more about what is happening in the Gamma Quadrant.

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On a deep space mission, the Black Hawk mysteriously loses all power and computer control. A rival crime syndicate boards the Black Hawk with the intent to take her as a prize and transform her into a mobile base. Can the crew of the Black Hawk repel the boarders and reclaim their captain, captured as insurance by the Syndicate?

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In a couple mere hours, the crew of the USS Black Hawk find their ship immobilized and in disarray after the Syndicate's failed attempt to take the ship.

Before the ship can get underway again, repairs must be made.

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Able to again move under her own power, the Black Hawk limps further into Golden Stars' territory. Arriving at a desolate world, the crew discovers shocking secrets about not just about the quality of life, but something that will shake the entire sector to its very core.

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Rude Awakening

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With the Mystery of the Golden Stars solved and its members safely relocated, the Black Hawk arrives at Deep Space 11 for repairs. The crew are allowed time to relax as repairs are affected, yet several crew members begin to report unusual, though minor, activity. Through no fault of their own, the crew of the Black Hawk suddenly discover that nothing is as it seems...

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Following the Consortium uprising aboard the USS Black Hawk and narrowly averting the crisis at Gavara, the Black Hawk is escorted to Starbase Unity by the USS O’Carroll. Multiple debriefings are held, and the crew is allowed some time to relax and adjust to their unfortunate situation. For others, like Captain Geisler, this time is used to heal.

The last few months have taken a toll on the crew, especially the ship’s Executive Officer, Commander Kos, who has taken medical leave to restore her mental state. A temporary Executive Officer is assigned in her place.

But time is not on anyone’s side. The Consortium continues to manipulate the Gamma Quadrant and if there is any hope for Starfleet to regain control, Deep Space 11 must be retaken soon. The Black Hawk is therefore sent on a supply run to a loyal port of call in the Yolvanda system.

Yolvanda II is the only Class-M planet in the binary star system. Prior to colonization by the Karemma, there was no record of life on the planet. Many from the Alpha Quadrant have nicknamed the planet “New Risa” due to its many exotic features and many an officer has taken shore leave on the planet. Captain Geisler even goes to far to extend their mission for a couple days so that the crew can enjoy a little R&R before reentering the fray at Starbase Unity.

Shortly after arrival, however, many of the population in the city fall ill to a mysterious illness. It quickly spreads, infecting even those who beamed down from the Black Hawk. Can this fatal virus be stopped and its true origin revealed before Captain Geisler and his crew be blamed for the outbreak?

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Risky Business

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The Consortium have begun to consolidate their forces in preparation to strike vital TF9 and Allied targets in the Gamma Quadrant. While loyalist forces are outnumbered and outgunned, the Consortium is still hesitant against direct combat, as the losses would be too severe.

Commodore Williams has a daring plan to eliminate Unity and the rest of Task Group Belvedere, but has little faith in the rumors. Her best hope of finding it lays in the two Intrepids at her disposal, the Chimera and the Cochrane. Meanwhile, she begins to concentrate on Gavara for an assault with or without this fabled weapon.

Fresh off the New Risan Plague, the Black Hawk is immediately tasked with the impossible, race the Chimera and the Cochrane to the source of these rumors to disprove them, or destroy the weapon, no matter the cost.

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Click Three Times

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Victorious, the Black Hawk and the reclaimed Starfleet ships leave the nebula. As they prepare to set a course for Starbase Unity, they are intercepted by five Karemma Heavy Cruisers, labelling themselves as The Confederation. The Black Hawk is forced to retreat, only to discover that there’s not a single Starfleet buoy in range.

In fact, they discover there isn’t a single hint of Starfleet in the Gamma Quadrant.

Captain Geisler takes his rag-tag task group to the only location he could think of untouched by the Confederation, a space station named Razmena. There they learn the truth of their new reality and begin to hatch a plan to return them home...

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The tides have changed. Fresh from the alternate universe, and with the aid of some unexpected allies, the Black Hawk sets a course for Deep Space 11 to finish the fight once and for all.

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Shore Leave

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The crew of the Black Hawk is placed on leave while Starfleet reallocates resources to address the dozens of ships they lost during the Consortium Conflict.

** The crew is permitted to go wherever they wish in the Alpha, Beta or Gamma Quadrants. **

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The Finnean Crisis

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It is now November 2388, a little more than three months since the Federation ended the Consortium coup. The USS Vasco de Gama, a Nova-Class Starfleet vessel patrolling the mouth of the Finnean Convergence Zone, comes across a 100-year old Class Nine Probe. Their engineers quickly uncover the first page of a great mystery, a garbled message stating that a great danger is about to eclipse the Federation. The recording lasts for minutes, but most of the information had been lost due to years of aged equipment and hardware.

Normally, such a discovery would be inventoried and carefully studied. However, the crew of the Black Hawk is summoned back to active service to discover the origin of the probe, determine if the Federation is actually in danger…

And find out why the message was sent by Harvey Geisler himself.

But first, the crew of the USS Black Hawk must retrieve the probe from Deep Space 15, a station that was abandoned by the Federation during the Consortium Crisis and restore the balance of power in the Finnean System.

Read more, including a summary, HERE.

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Crossing Over

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With the crisis at Finnea Prime averted and the arrival of Starfleet reinforcements to restore order to the planet, the Black Hawk has been released to pick up where the Vasco da Gama left off at the Finnean Convergence Zone.

After weeks of study, the Black Hawk is finally able to take a chance to enter the zone. During entry, various ships systems fail, resulting in damage to not just the mighty vessel, but the ship as well. To make matters worse, the crew is stricken with amnesia. With no computer to guide them, the crew must not only restore the ship, but their memories as well, if they will have any chance of surviving the Convergence Zone!

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The Search Begins

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The veteran crew of the Black Hawk is no stranger to being cut off. Trapped inside the Zone, the mighty ship hides and conducts repairs suffered from its deadly encounter with the locals. The clock, however, keeps ticking. Time is running out to find the great danger that the probe foretold, and their first encounter was certainly not it.

Lying in wait, the Black Hawk has quietly begun mapping the lightyears surrounding their entry point. To no one’s surprise, the system is quite populated, despite the random spatial anomalies spread throughout. Not much else, however, can be achieved by scan.

Captain Geisler directs the ship to a system with five planets, rather a system with graveyards that were once five planets. The largest surviving chunk features a large domed habitat, with an orbital station, and appears to be a hub for trade and commerce. Deciding that this would be a source of information, an Away Team is dispatched to learn more, while the ship itself studies the system, hoping to find a clue about the great threat that awaits...

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The Away Teams have returned, and the crew is not much more the wiser. Aside from new communication methods, and a few small clues, the intrepid crew of the USS Black Hawk start attempting to make heads or tails of the new information.

Suddenly, the ship is rocked by a massive wave, disrupting the warp drive and forcing the Black Hawk immediately to sublight speed. Not only does the crew have to get the ship moving again to advance to their destination, they also have to figure out why the ship, and each other, has been divided amongst different temporal zones.

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The Kalisa Conundrum

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Two months after entering the Finnean Convergence Zone, the Black Hawk arrives in the Kalisa Sector. Like other systems, it is home to destroyed worlds. The only signs of life emanate from a large planetary fragment with a metallic structure extruding from the bottom. Surrounding the world is a tremendous amount of orbital platforms boasting polaron technology. They, and whatever dangers await inside the planetary archive, could be whatever separates the Black Hawk from finding more clues as to why they’re in the Convergence Zone in the first place…

For the full summary, see this wiki article.

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Truth and Justice

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Penduli V has long been isolated in the Finnean Convergence Zone. No one has set foot on the planet in centuries, and no one has left it. Kalisa’s defensive grid pales in comparison to Penduli’s, yet it wasn’t designed to keep outsiders away from the planet; it was designed to keep its inhabitants imprisoned.

Tales have been spun about the Great Conflict. Those tales have evolved into mysteries, rumors, and legends. But only the truth can be found on Penduli. Will the crew of the USS Black Hawk find the danger their future selves warned them about? Or, will the crew meet a fate worse than death itself: prison of an unimaginable design!?

For the full summary, see this wiki article.

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The Dolmoqour threat has been eliminated, but at great cost. Over 10 percent of the ship’s crew had been lost throughout the mission in the Convergence Zone, and the remainder had been severely traumatized. Starfleet has deactivated the crew for now, allowing them time to rest, seek counseling, and prepare for the next mission.

For the full summary, see this wiki article.

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A new year brings new adventures. The USS Black Hawk, fully repaired and extensively refit following her near-fatal mission in the Convergence Zone, is launched from Gamma Command to perform a light shakedown cruise in order for her crew to become comfortable with the changes aboard the starship. Holographic interfaces and avatars, new technology, uniforms, and even procedures to help maintain safety aboard the legendary vessel.

However, the Golden Stars… the Consortium… the Dolmoqour… none of them could have ever prepared the crew for a set of perfect conditions and an ion storm, and the birth of a new Artificial Intelligence that sees the nearly nine hundred souls aboard as an invading virus.

For the full summary, see this wiki article.

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The shakedown cruise brings the Black Hawk to a nebula where it can test the improvements on the sensors. When the lifeless hull of a Federation starship is detected inside, Captain Geisler orders the Black Hawk to enter and investigate.

Little does he know that the ship is walking into a trap...

A full mission summary can be found here on our database.

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The Black Hawk, having recently uncovered a fresh band of piracy operating freely on the edge of Starfleet space, is assigned to patrol the Argatha sector in hopes of finding a lead on a pirate haven. Upon arrival, the Black Hawk’s long-range sensors pick up an uncharted binary system in the western quadrant and moves to investigate, only to discover the system mostly lifeless, aside from the remains of an extinct civilization on the second planet. The investigation continues, and the mystery deepens, especially when they discover something absolutely shocking...

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With the Black Hawk back in dock and undergoing repair, the crew are free to explore Gamma Command and New Bajor.

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The Century-class Black Hawk has been prematurely decommissioned.

Captain Geisler has been shamed for the loss, but even still 3 years after the tragedy at Mars, Starfleet is still short ships and qualified leaders, the latter of which Geisler still barely qualifies for.

Admiral O'Connell has pulled every last string to keep Geisler in the center chair, but it has come at the loss of most of Geisler's crew. What loyal members Geisler has left gather aboard the newest ship to bear the Black Hawk's name. Together, with new faces, the Black Hawk prepares to return to its mission, patrolling the Gamma Quadrant and seeking out the roots of piracy...

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Milk Run

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It's time to give the new ship a proper shakedown... during a classic milk run.

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Return to Razmena

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Relieved at last, the Black Hawk returns to its primary mission: rooting out the pirate haven. Captain Geisler has decided to take a more proactive role and sets course for Razmena, an independent space station not far from Gavara and Starbase Unity. What will they find?

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