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The Dark Chorus

Posted on 04 Mar 2015 @ 8:25pm by

:: Enlisted Accommodation, Deck 13 ::
:: Following the events of 'Adrift' ::

No, no no no.

The song, the song has changed! The ship sings differently and it shouldn't be, not like this. The emergency lights are so dim, so soft. I feel like they should bring comfort, but something is wrong with the ship. I can feel it.

I can hear the people either side of my quarters shouting for attention. They sound alarmed, and I don't know why the regular lights are out either, but they know that, really. They all know it isn't just them, but they continue to shout.

I need my toolkit. I keep it ready for things like this, because something will always need fixing, to nurture the ship's song back to normal. Machines form a choir, but not many appreciate it.

Maybe if they listened, really listened, they'd understand.


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Tags: Boarded, Adrift, Dalar Coltin