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New Assignment

Posted on 04 Aug 2017 @ 9:12pm by Chief Petty Officer Odette Farrar

Chief of Fighter Maintenance's Personal Log, Stardate 65845.96

A number of things have made me optimistic about my current assignment. First and foremost is the quality of people assigned to fighter maintenance on the Black Hawk. A few of them I have had the privilege of working with in the past, and count myself fortunate for having done so. As for the rest, I have yet to find a black mark of any note in their personnel records, and I feel that the Black Hawk's fighter detachment will be well served with the eclectic mix of skill, talent and education its maintenance crew brings to the job.

On a side note, I believe the percentage of junior noncommissioned officers in Starfleet possessing a bachelor's degree or equivalent is somewhere between ten to fifteen percent. On the Black Hawk, at least in fighter maintenance, it looks to be at least half.

As I said previously, I believe the 325th will be well served by its maintenance crew.

Then there is the Gryphon itself, a high end fighter that is remarkable "low maintenance" as far as serviceability is concerned. I do have concerns about the primary phaser coupling. It is by no means a 'weak link' or a design flaw or anything of that nature. It is, though, the one component of the Gryphon that requires the most maintenance and replacement, particularly when more sorties are being flown.

But the motto of all fighter maintenance chiefs everywhere, regardless of origin, is "Par ung seul clou perd on ung bon cheval." It's the only French I know, but I take it to heart.

And on that note, duty calls. End Log.


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