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Posted on 29 Jan 2020 @ 11:53pm by Lieutenant JG Damian Akorem & Ensign Denyse Alessandro

Mission: Epilogue
Location: Operations/Space
Timeline: September 2389

The Antares-class freighter burst out of warp with the sound of alarms going off from one end to the other end of the outdated cargo ship and Ensign Denyse Alessandro wrapped her arms around a support strut that went through the middle of her quarters for some strange reason and begged for either a quick death, or a miracle where she woke up and discovered it was all a nightmare.

The pilot of the freighter seemed to be completely mad and refused to listen to any suggestions that Denyse had, but so far hadn't confined her to quarters or beamed her off the ship. She tapped her combadge again in the hopes that she was within range of another Federation ship piloted by someone that was at least saner than a Targ on hallucinogens.

=^=This is Ensign Denyse Alessandro to anyone that can hear me,=^= she said as the freighter rattled and rumbled around her. =^=Can anyone pick up my signal?=^=

The chirp of the comm system alerted Damian to a transmission. "This is Lieutenant Akorem on the USS Black Hawk. We are receiving your signal. How can we be of assistance?"

"Belay that gibberish," came a rough female voice. "This is Mosquito Hawk dropping off one of your Academy brats. She's been complaining the whole trip. Can you take her off my hands, Black Hawk?" The sound of something popping and possible a fire suppression system was heard in the background among myriad alerts.

“Uhm,” Damian said quite audibly. “Sure Captain. Do you have transport coordinates, and would you like any assistance? Perhaps an engineering detail?” He replied. He was wondering what was really going on over on the freighter. It sounded... odd.

"Do I have them?" Came a squawk of indignation. "How about you tell me your coordinates so I can beam this person to your ship and the creepy load in my cargo bay that she calls her work?"

"That's not how this works. What load in the cargo bay? I'm sorry but I'm not allowing anything to be beamed over that is described as creepy." He asked.

A burst of Orion curses came from Damian's com followed by. "It's live biological specimens and me giving you transporter coordinates for your ship is impossible!" came the angry response along with more alerts. "Now do your job!"

A small smile passed over Damian's lips. He hadn't been cursed at for quite a while. "That wasn't so hard, was it? I've marked the cargo as live biological specimens. Sending coordinates for our quarantine area now. Is Ensign Alessandro still on the com line?" He asked politely.

"Alessandro here," the response came. "They've already been in quarantine since this trip began, Sir."

"Very well Ensign. Coordinates have been sent Captain... I didn't get your name."

"Delnua," came the response followed by a coughing fit. "And she's on the way with her cargo.

"Thank you Captain Delnua. It's been a pleasure. Do you require anything else?" He asked politely.

"Negative," Delnua responded. "And she's on her way with the cargo." With that, the freighter turned around like a cow in space, accelerated away from the station and went to warp.

Damian smiled. He looked to an Ensign at one of the other stations. "Well, that was interesting. Enter Ensign Alessandro's arrival into the log." Very interesting indeed.


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