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Ready at last

Posted on 08 Apr 2021 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant T’Mari Rael & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Extinction
Location: Ready Room
Summary: The new Chief Counsellor checks in ready for duty.
Timeline: Mission Day 21 at 0900

T’Mari straightened her uniform one last time, she felt inordinately guilty for having arrived aboard her new ship before its departure, only to have been struck down with severe morning sickness. She’d spent the last 21 days laid up in her quarters resting, now she was finally past the 12 week mark in her pregnancy the sickness seemed to have finally abated. Taking a deep breath she pressed the ready room door chime and waited for a response.

Behind the door of the ready room, still buried until piles of reports from the task group, Harvey had taken a break to refill his coffee from the replicator. Just as he placed his empty mug in the slot, the chime sounded. "Come in!" he called out, a reflexive response having heard it far too often throughout his command.

Walking into the office T’Mari offered a warm smile. “T’Mari Rael, Chief Counsellor Reporting for duty at long last Sir.”

Harvey turned from the replicator to greet the new arrival. "Ah, Miss Rael. I'm glad you are up and about. Can I get you anything before we continue?" He gestured to the replicator where his empty mug remained.

“Just a chilled water please Sir” T’Mari smiled politely. “I apologise for being out of action as soon as I arrived here. My morning sickness was pretty severe hence why I was put on medical leave.”

Harvey was about to press the button on the replicator that would refill his coffee, but he immediately froze at the mention of morning sickness. He recalled how sensitive Joey was during her pregnancy, and how she could sense the coffee he'd drank hours after the fact. Out of politeness, he ordered two glasses of water. "Congratulations, Counselor," he offered with a smile as the beverages materialized. "How far along are you?"

“Thank you Sir, just over 12 weeks. Past the dreaded morning sickness stage, so now I can enjoy it!” She offered a smile. “Unfortunately Liam ... my baby’s father is in a coma at Starfleet Medical, they’re not sure if he’ll ever come out it.” She paused. “So it’s just me now.”

Harvey approached T'Mari and extended one of the glasses to her. "I'm sorry to hear that. If you don't mind me asking, what happened, exactly?"

T’Mari took the glass, before taking a seat. “There was an explosion, Liam was thrown up against a bulkhead and sustained a serious head injury, among other injuries.” She sipped her water. “This pregnancy wasn’t planned, Liam already has several children by other women. This, for him was just another unplanned pregnancy, for me it’s my first and I wasn’t planning on doing it alone.”

Harvey took a seat behind the desk. He took a sip of his water and then placed the glass on a coaster. "I'm sorry to hear that," he consoled. "Thankfully, not only do we have a qualified medical staff aboard, but we have a few other young children as well. I don't think you'll find yourself truly alone aboard the Black Hawk."

T’Mari offered a smile. “That’s always good to hear, I’ve tended to find that Starship crew become more like family as time goes by, we all depend on one another, and are there for each other.”

"And like most families, we rather dysfunctional," the Captain warned. "Our last chief counselor was somewhat... psychotic. Because of that, you might find some initial hostility, but I'm sure you'll be able to overcome that quickly."

“Psychotic?” T’Mari looked at her CO curiously. “I’d love to hear more about that one. I believe we have an Assistant Chief whose been Acting Chief in my absence?”

Harvey smiled, deciding to save the horror stories for another time. "We do. Counselor Stuart has been with us for some time, and she's seen us all at our worst and best. Our Counseling department also is an extension of the ship's medical staff, so I'm sure you'll be working very closely with Doctor Jennin."

“Of course, I’ll be working on catching up with everyone now I’m fit for duty so I’ll make arrangements to meet everyone.”

"Excellent." The Captain took a sip of his water. "I'm definitely eager to hear about your impressions of the crew, especially the senior staff. I do have to warn you about our Chief of Security, however. We've had more than our fair share of infiltrators recently, so she's been running background checks on everyone for the last few weeks. Given your position, you might expect a visit."

T’Mari nodded. “That’s fair enough, you can’t be too careful under those circumstances. I’ll answer any questions she may have for me.”

The Captain smiled and leaned back in his chair. "Do you have any more questions for me at this juncture?"

T’Mari shook her head. “Not at present Captain, I’d just like to get on with my duties I’ve been out of action for long enough.” She paused. “Actually ... just one question. “Do you mind me being present on the bridge when time allows? I know some Captains see a Counsellor’s place as being in their office doing their job. I tend to allow time for some time on the bridge.”

Harvey shook his head. "I do not mind at all. The bridge is the best place to know what's happening with the ship, and it can help you and the counseling staff to put to end any false scuttlebutt that may stressing the crew to undue ends."

T’Mari nodded and smiled grateful to hear that. “Plus I can also be of use to you with my senses. It can come in handy having a Betazoid on the bridge.

The Captain had forgotten that that particular detail had been in T'Mari's file. In fact, the pointed ears she bore reminded him more of her Vulcan heritage, yet her lack of logical speech kept him thinking she was an unusual Vulcan. Not quite V'tosh ka'tur, but still different enough. "Of course," Harvey admitted. "I've been in plenty of situations where having extra insight on a situation would have been handy. I'd just recommend voicing that opinion when time comes, rather than trying to catch my ear with a whisper."

T’Mari nodded. “I’ll remember that Sir” she looked at him curiously. “You’d forgotten that I’m part Betazoid hadn’t you? That very often happens, but it also comes in handy. I don’t look like an average Betazoid so I can be used to good effect in places where a Betazoid where stick out like a sore thumb.” She grinned. “I’m not your average Vulcan either, I much prefer to be emotional to emotionless, although I can be emotionless if the situation calls for it.”

"I had forgotten indeed," Harvey declared, thinking either his thoughts or his reaction betrayed him. "Hopefully I won't ever have to ask you to act as something or someone other than your natural self."

T’Mari nodded. “Thank you Captain. Is there anyone in particular you think I should talk to?”

"I can't think of anyone off the top of my head," Harvey replied. "But I would definitely recommend getting to know the senior staff. I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the best direction."

“I will Sir, thank you” T’Mari smiled warmly.

The Captain returned her smile. "Excellent. Well, if there's nothing else, I shall leave you to getting acquainted with the ship and crew."

“No, nothing else” T’Mari stood ready to leave the office. “It’s been nice talking to you Sir.”

"My door is open, any time," he confirmed. Harvey stood and extended a hand. "Welcome aboard, Counselor."

T’Mari smiled warmly as she shook Harvey’s hand. “Thank you Sir, thank you very much.”



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