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Doctor At Your Door

Posted on 04 Apr 2021 @ 6:34pm by Lieutenant T’Mari Rael & Lieutenant Commander Landon Milo MD
Edited on on 08 Apr 2021 @ 11:51pm

Mission: Extinction
Location: Rael’s Quarters
Summary: Landon makes a house call.
Timeline: Mission Day 20 at 1330

There were more people serving aboard the USS Black Hawk-A than Doctor Landon Milo was accustomed to when he served on smaller starships, though he was a man of robust experience and we'll read on cutting edge procedures, experimental with new medicines, and open minded to diverse cultural practices. Heck, he was known for more than one occasion of busting out an old mortar and pestle. He was as much a doctor of traditional medicine (physical and psychological) as he was a flexible physician.

One did not work their way through specialties in infectious diseases and in pediatrics by being a run of the mill medical practioner. Landon had even say in the Captain's Chair of a Defiant class starship albeit under terrible circumstance, and cut off from the Federation. How many Starfleet Doctors could say that?

He had yielded the position of Chief Medical Officer over to Doctor Rhula because at the time Landon was not sure of himself anymore. He was still recovering from the former paralysis he had physically and abilities wise from the Lethean. It just was not right for him to return to being a Chief Medical Officer. Now, his life was begining to make sense again though he was still at an impasse.

It had been while too long that he had spoken to a Counselor that wasn't his cousin, Laurel Oakley. The USS Black Hawk's counselor had been medically on leave due to being unwell. Though Doctor Rhula had been the woman's initial PCP, Landon was asked to pay her a house call.

He stood outside the woman's quarters and felt something. His eyes illuminated and he pressed his hand flat against the door. Warmth. He could feel it radiating, but it was not a physical warmth, not a fire, but an emotional warmth. She had abilities like his own. Hello, I'm here to check on you, Counselor he said nonverbally, thinking really strongly about the message he wanted to convey. Could she communicate with him in this way?

Landon nervously pressed the door chime. "House call" he said with a smile etched into his face. His blue eyes were dancing in the puddles of euphoria. It was not every day he encountered someone like this.

T’Mari had picked up on the Doctor’s telepathic message no problem at all, she’d sensed his presence the moment he approached the door. The door is open, come on in Doctor

Landon smiled, his stepping forward triggered the doorway to part ways. He carefully and respectfully entered the woman's quarters.

T’Mari was stood waiting as the door opened, as her eyes rested on Landon she offered a warm smile. “I sensed you coming” She motioned to the sofa or chair, “please make yourself at home.”

"Counselor," he said meeting the woman's gaze. He took her up on the offer and seated himself on a sofa. "Apologies if I was a bit intrusive. I have only recently been able to use my abilities again, and it has been an experience."

“You were not intrusive at all” T’Mari smiled. “It’s nice to be able to talk telepathically. Being amongst non telepaths means I rarely use my telepathy. It makes a change to use it.” She motioned to the replicator. “Can I get you anything?”

He nodded agreeing with all of it. "Vanilla chai tea latte, hot" Landon responded to her inquiry. "I know what you mean. Before my incident I had to work with non-telepaths; it is nice when there is at least one aboard similar to me."

T’Mari walked over to the replicator and ordered the tea before returning with two cups. She politely placed Landon’s on the coffee table and sat down. “I’m happy to converse with you telepathically anytime you like” She smiled warmly.

"Appreciative, though it drains me a bit," he said honestly. "I came to check on you actually. Doctor Rhula was seeing you. You were not feeling so well lately?"

“I’ve been suffering with severe morning sickness, so much so I’ve been laid up in bed most of the last 21 days.” She sighed. “Now I’ve reached the 12 week point it seems to be wearing off, I feel much better than I did.”

Landon sipped the chai tea latte and placed it aside. "Pregnancy will tend to do that," he said with a chuckle. The Doctor had brought a satchel with him, his medical grab and go bag. He, however, had yet to pull out a tricorder or anything.

"We could have given you something to help with the morning sickness," noted Landon. "Were you hoping to take a more natural route with your pregnancy, Counselor?"

“To be honest I hadn’t given it thought one way or another. I was offered the medications but they didn’t seem to agree with my stomach either. Perhaps it’s due to my genetic makeup, I’m half Betazoid and half Vulcan, my baby is also part Human. His, or her father is in a coma at Starfleet medical so it’s just me now.”

Landon winced as he heard about the man's state of being. He could also sense the emotional anguish that the woman was feeling. "I'm sorry to hear that. That is a complex generic make up for the child, and a more natural route may prove fruitful."

Doctor Milo cleared his throat. "Sorry, I should clarify. Doctor Rhula is turning your care over to me or rather the care if you and your child to me because I am a pediatrician. So, I'll be seeing your little one a lot more often once he or she decides to make their grand entrance."

T’Mari smiled. “So I’ll be seeing you more often from now on. I should be totally honest, this pregnancy wasn’t planned, it seems Liam had a way of having children regardless of whether he’d had his birth control shots or not. Though it does take two to tango, as the saying goes! Not that I regret this, I want to be a mother.”

"It happens more often than we care to admit," Landon said sympathetically. "We are exposed to so many things on alien worlds, sometimes our birth control efforts get slightly compromised." The Doctor reached for his satchel. "Then of course there's just blind luck. That less than 1% chance that just miraculously seems to happen."

“That’s true” T’Mari smiled warmly. “All I want is to have a healthy baby, and to be a good mother.” She smiled warmly. “Speaking of which, I haven’t had an awful lot of nutrition this last 3 weeks, in-fact the last couple of months. I’ve tried vitamin supplements, I guess what I need to know is that the baby is alright.”

Landon nodded. "About to check on that," he said pulling a tricorder out and heading over to the woman. He took a few scans of both the woman and the unborn child she was carrying. "Developing at a normal rate and all biological signs indicative of a safe pregnancy this far. You could use a bit more nutrition to ensure that and your little one are in good shape."

T’Mari breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good news, I’ll make sure I catch up on the nutrition part now I’m feeling better. Is there anything you recommend I should take?”

"Stick to replicating or consuming items high in iron, rich in calcium, and with a good amount of vitamin D" he said. "You can order the Milo shake #12 from the replicator in the morning. It is something I programed in for my pregnant patients."

“Ahh so you’re a doctor who prescribes nutritious foods and shakes?” T’Mari grinned. “I will definitely try it. Is there a limit on how many I’m allowed if I like it?”

"I would be fine with two, and I'd recommend the morning and right before bed." Landon chuckled at the description. "I am a Doctor with years of peculiar experiences, and I am open-minded to differing approaches to medicine."

“I think you and I are going to get along just fine then” T’Mari smiled. “Outside of my pregnancy I’m not your a-typical Vulcan. I’ve never tried suppressing my emotions, much to my father’s disapproval. I much prefer to be emotional than emotionless.”

"And I'm not your typical Betazoid," he noted. "Half actually. My mother was from Risa, but I'm a bit of a genetic enigma if you will. My abilities are about as strong as a full blooded Betazoid, so I have a range of empathy and telepathy."

“Wow” T’Mari smiled. “My abilities are Betazoid mixed with Vulcan abilities. I’m a touch telepath as well as line of sight. I know how to do mind melds too but I’ve only done it once.” She looked at Landon curiously. “I guess we’re both curiosities in our own ways.”

"We are oddities," Landon said agreeing. "But we will be oddities together. I have never initiated nor partook in a mind meld, but I did have a Lethean attack me and that scrambled me up pretty good."

T’Mari looked at him concernedly. “I’m sorry, that must have been a horrible and painful experience. Mind invasion is one of the most awful things to happen.”

"Yes," Landon agreed. "Though it was less about invasion and more about killing me. Fortunately, he failed. Though enough about the dark stuff for now." He took his latte. "You are in fine health pregnancy and all. If you want, I can clear you medically for duty."

T’Mari nodded enthusiastically. “I would like that very much. It’s about time I got on with my duties as Chief Counsellor.”

Landon rummaged through his satchel and pulled out a PaDD. He tapped away with his fingers, and handed it over to the woman. "Sent a copy to the First Officer, but here you go. Signed, sealed, and delivered. Counselor, you are medically cleared for duty."

T’Mari grinned. “Thank you very much.” She felt a lot happier now she could get back to her duties.

"I'll leave you to get ready then and check in with everyone," Landon added with a small smile. "If you need anything please just let me know anytime."

T’Mari offered a warm smile. “I will, and thank you for coming to see me.”

"You're very much welcome, Counselor," the physician said with a parting nod. "Have a good day, and don't push yourself too hard your first day back."



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