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A Logical Assumption

Posted on 12 Apr 2021 @ 4:08pm by Lieutenant T’Mari Rael & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Extinction
Location: Security
Summary: T’Mari has to pass her security interview.
Timeline: Mission Day 21 at 1030

Camila sat in her office going through more personnel files when she came across yet another Counselor who would be joining the Black Hawk-A and as soon as she saw the woman was a Betazoid/Vulcan hybrid, she winched. Would it be another V'tosh ka'tur nut job or someone equally off their mental rocker? she wondered as she reached to tap her combadge.

"Commander Di Pasquale to Lieutenant Rael, please report to Security immediately."

T’Mari wasn’t surprised to be called to security, the Captain had warned her that she’d probably be summoned for an interview. “On my way”

The Andorian receptionist at this point had moved her desk so that it now faced the door leading to the Security complex and not beside of it. Far too many people had breezed passed her desk to go to where they had to go if they were Security or not. Now, they had to face her and she placed a Type II phaser on her desk, but without a power cell and waited for the next person to try to go past her.

It didn’t take long to find her way to the Security Complex, arriving T’Mari looked around before stepping up tomthe Andorian receptionist. “T’Mari Rael, I’m here to see Commander Di Pasquale.”

"One moment, please," Ensign sh'Smash said and pressed an intercom. "Lieutenant Rael is here to see you, Commander."

"Send her in," came the response.

"Go right in to the right and she'll see you," the receptionist said.

T’Mari nodded. “Thank you” With that she headed into the office.

Camila sat behind her desk without even a cup or PADD on it. Her terminal wasn't active and there were no pictures or adornments on her walls, and even the solo plant in the room looked like it had been left there by accident.

T’Mari walked inside surprised by just how barren the room was, normally office areas were adorned withnso ething personal, but then this was security. As she approached the desk she offered a polite smile, “T’Mari Rael, ships Counsellor, Reporting as requested.”

A smiling Vulcan...Betazoid, the Chief noted and activated her console. "Have a seat, Lieutenant and clear your mind for me," she requested politely in a neutral tone of voice. She pulled a tricorder out and activated it, then took a scan of the woman before she set it on her desk.

T’Mari took a seat and cleared her mind as best as she could. She wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting, but this starting out like a criminal interrogation. “I understand you have questions for me, I’m more than willing to answer.”

"I do," Camila responded. "Please state your full name, rank, and position on the Black Hawk-A."

“T’Mari Rael, Lieutenant, Chief Counsellor” She looked at Camila curiously. “May I ask why it is you’re treating our meeting as though it’s a criminal investigation Commander?”

"Please let me ask the questions, Lieutenant," the Security Chief said as she watched the readout on the tricorder. "Why did you leave your last posting?"

“Why?” T’Mari looked at Camila. “Because I was offered the opportunity to transfer here as Chief Counsellor. I’ve been wanting a chance to be Chief and when offered I took it.”

The ombre haired woman looked up at the Counselor. "For a Counselor, you ask why a lot instead of proving answers immediately. I trust that you didn't research the Black Hawk or the Black Hawk-A before you jumped at the opportunity for a Chief posting? In fact, I know you couldn't have or you wouldn't be here and asking questions after I politely asked you to let me ask the questions."

“I get the feeling that I’m being painted with a tarnished brush Commander” T’Mari looked at Camila curiously. “I would like to know more about my predecessor if you don’t mind telling me.”

"She was a V'tosh ka'tur that tried to make an allegiance with a fledgling AI among other things," Camila said. "However, I'm not painting you with any kind of brush, other than a Security brush. We've had traitors on this ship, pirates posing as crew for who knows how long, have had our own turn against us, and more. I, as the Chief of Security who got my position by arresting my traitor of a predecessor, am taking my job very, very seriously to insure that never happens again. Are we now clear on why I'm asking these questions so you can stop taking it personally?"

“That’s fair enough” T’Mari nodded. “I didn’t say I was taking it personally, I was just curious. The Captain did mention pirates and infiltrators, your suspicions are fair enough.” She offered a smile. “Ask your questions.”

"Thank you," the other woman said and looked at the readouts again. "Tell me something about yourself that isn't in your personnel file."

T’Mari paused. “Very well, it won’t say that I’m carrying the child of the XO from my last ship. Our relationship wasn’t a known one.” She sighed. “He’s now at Starfleet Medical in a coma he may never come out of.”

"Well, that was unexpected and about as off the record as you can possibly get without being a Changeling," Camila said and saw that the tricorder said she not only wasn't lying, but that she was indeed pregnant. She wanted to offer a personal comment, but she didn't know the other woman well enough.

T’Mari offered a polite nod. “You referred to my predecessor as V'tosh ka'tur. A Vulcan without logic. You could say the same for me. Being half Vulcan I have chosen not to suppress my emotions, much to my father’s disagreement. I possess the ability to suppress them, I just choose not to.” She offered a smile. “Next question.”

"Your predecessor wasn't the only one of that status," the Security Chief said dryly. "Or the second, if I recall correctly. As for you, you're half Vulcan and half Betazoid and in more control, or so I would hope. As for my next question, do you have someone to help with your child? This is a very dangerous ship to be on."

T’Mari shook her head. “No, not at present. I will endeavour to find someone, even if it means I have to employ someone privately.”

"I know of an Ensign who would be happy to help, but I'll offer my services as well," Camila found herself offering, a bit surprised.

T’Mari looked at Camila surprised, she hadn’t been expecting that. “I’m grateful for your offer, thank you.” She smiled warmly. “I might just take you up on that, and the Ensign too if she’s willing.”

The Security Chief was more than a little surprised at the other woman offering to let a stranger watch her child, but pleased that the Counselor considered her safe enough. "Thank you, Lieutenant," she said. "As for the Ensign, you might want to talk to her yourself. She's a bit...hyper. Her name is Ensign Khan in Flight."

“I’ll do that, I’ve got plenty of time to get to know you both before I’m likely to need a babysitter.” T’Mari smiled warmly. She had to wonder if Camila could be trusted with her secret, being a member of the Vulcan V’Shar even the Scientific arm, was something only the most trustworthy were entrusted to know. She needed to get to know both her new Captain and Camila first. “Do you have more questions for me, or do I pass your test?”

"You may also wish to speak to Commander Geisler, the Captain's wife if you have questions about your pregnancy. She has twins. As for a test? This isn't a test, Lieutenant. This is and will be ongoing for everyone on this ship, but it won't be noticeable for the most part," Camila said. "And if you think you're going to hide something from me that could affect this ship and crew, I will find out and your career will be over."

T’Mari nodded. “I have nothing to hide Commander.” She just wished that were true, she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about her V’Shar roots, the secret was buried so deep in her mind that even a trained interrogator would have trouble getting to it. As such she passed tests that looked for such a lie with flying colours.

"Just remember that if you do, be sure to plan several exits and moves ahead," the Security Chief said with no hint of a smile. "As for the interview, I'm satisfied for now, Lieutenant. Do you have any special needs that Security can assist with in the meantime?"

“None that I can think of at this moment in time” T’Mari offered a smile. “Ohh, one thing is there anyone that you think I should talk to? You know this crew better than I do.”

"Yes, me," Camila said. "In fact, go read my file and then determine if you still want that particular challenge."

“I’ll do that” T’Mari nodded. “I’m not one to shy away from a challenge so anytime you want to drop by and see me, please do.”

The Security Chief gave a tight smile before it vanished again. "We'll see, Lieutenant, and in the meantime, you're free to move about the ship. Welcome aboard."

T’Mari nodded. “Thank you Commander” with that she stood, offered a polite smile, and headed on her way.



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