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Breathing Room

Posted on 09 Jun 2021 @ 8:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Joey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Commander Landon Milo MD & Lieutenant Jennin Rhula & Lieutenant T’Mari Rael

Mission: Extinction
Location: Sickbay
Summary: T’Mari winds up in Sickbay. A continuation of The Probe series.
Timeline: Mission Day 22 at 1045

The familiar sound of the transporter filled Sickbay as an unconscious T’Mari arrived with Camila and Joey.

Dani looked up from what she was doing at reception and blinked when she saw the three women appear in sickbay. She saw Commander Geisler cradling the head of a woman she wasn't familiar with and rushed forward. "What happened?" She asked, removing her tricorder from her waist so she could scan T'Mari.

As Camila materialized, she looked around and saw Nurse Blake and was grateful at someone skilled in more than running their mouths about Trill or how great they were. "She passed out in her office and she's pregnant," she said.

The petite nurse frowned. She gestured for someone to come help her and got T'Mari moved over to one of the empty biobeds where she began to get her hooked up to a few biomonitors that would monitor both mom's and baby's heart rates, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels until the doctor said otherwise.

Joey rose to her feet and followed, hanging back a few feet to give the nurse the space she needed to work. "I plan to stick around for the time being," she said. It wasn't much of a question, but more her letting Dani know what would be happening.

"Just stay out of the way," Dani said, just before she tapped her combadge. "Assistance requested in main sickbay, please. Patient is presently unconscious and pregnant. Vitals are being taken now."

Camila moved to the entrance of Sickbay and kept her right hand near her phaser and tapped her combadge. "Di Pasquale to Forensics. Please seal off Lieutenant Rael's quarters pending investigation."

An acknowledgement came a moment later, and the Chief of Security gave a nod, then leaned back to watch.

Doctor Landon Milo had left the office and poured out into the main part of Sickbay. He had heard Security make the request and noticed Camila was wearing her phaser. "Hey," he said sternly. "What the hell is going on out here?" He was not agitated, but he was not used to too much commotion happening in Sickbay. Not like this at least.

"The prisoner fainted and she's pregnant," Camila said, not put off by the Medical Officer's tone in the least. "Could you check her and do your job while I do mine?"

He nodded. "As you wish," replied Landon. He retrieved a tricorder. "I'll take care of it from here," he added as he tended to the pregnant woman.

T’Mari was slowly starting to come round, her head was anything but clear though it was thumping thanks to the stress of the situation she’d gotten herself into. She opened her eyes to see Milo standing beside her. “Milo? What’s going on?”

Having heard Blake's call for assistance, Rhula had left his lab and entered the trauma room. He glanced around at those assembled. Doctor Milo had arrived before him and was already examining Lieutenant Rael. Because Milo was one of the few physicians the Bajoran trusted, he hung back and observed, knowing he could step in on the off chance that the other man needed assistance.

Despite Milo saying he would take over, Dani didn't go far. She stood nearby keeping her attention on the biomonitor that was keeping constant track of her vitals. She wanted to answer the woman's question but felt the doctor needed to.

Landon smiled at T'Mari. "Uh- well, I believe the answer to that question is fainting pregnant woman," he replied. "I'm still working that all out" he added.

Doctor Milo looked at the medical personnel. "Well, let's not just be vultures, people," he quipped. "Someone handle the mother. I'll focus on checking on the child," he said referring to the fetus within the woman's womb. In this case, there was more than just one patient, there were two to consider.

T’Mari saw Camila standing waiting her chance to cart her off to the brig. “I remember now.... I was about to be escorted to the brig!” Just the mention of it made the biobed readings rise sharply.

Dani moved forward again and placed a hand against the panicked woman's shoulder when the alarms started to sound on the biomonitor. "Calm down, Lieutenant. You're not going anywhere until we're satisfied you're stable enough to do so," she said, hoping to sooth the woman a bit. "If you can't calm down on your own, we may have to sedate you, and I'm sure you don't want that, do you?"

She reached out with her free hand to silence the alarms and turned her attention back to T'Mari, hoping she'd be able to settle herself a bit so they wouldn't need to sedate her. "I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out slowly through your mouth."

T’Mari nodded and did as she was instructed. Taking a deep breath she let it out slowly as she relaxed herself.

"There we go," the nurse said, looking from the monitor before turning her attention back to T'Mari with a smile. Now that she was calming down, Dani could focus more on what happened. "Your vitals are starting to return to normal. How are you feeling? Any pain anywhere?" She reached for a tricorder and began to scan the ship's new counselor.

T’Mari shook her head. “There’s no pain, I just feel a little light headed that’s all.” She looked towards Camila knowing very well she’d end up in the brig once this medical check up was over. She looked towards Dani. “I need to see the Captain as soon as possible.”

Dani cast a glance toward Camila, who was standing near Joey, then looked back down at their patient. "You're not speaking to anyone right now, Lieutenant," she said softly, but firmly. Her attention went to their CMO who seemed to be observing. "Lieutenant, scans don't seem to show any signs of injury, but I recommend holding her for observation for a few hours at least given her condition."

Camila, for her part, merely stood by the doors leading out of Sickbay and waited for the woman to be medically cleared so she could finish her business.

"Good news is the baby is fine, could use a bit of nourishment, but a good prenatal care routine with some the occasional hypo and some prenatal supplements should get everything into a preferable range," reported Landon. "Though mother needs to stay calm. Anymore spikes like that and you are going to make yourself nauseous let alone anyone else that's a bit..." he cleared his throat "sensitive," he added referring to himself.

Dani looked over to the Doctor. "I can take it from here if you'd like," the petite woman offered. After all, he did say he would focus on the baby, and now that he or she was deemed okay, he didn't need to stick around if he didn't want to. Instead of waiting for an answer from him, though, she turned her attention back down to T'Mari, then to Camila. "Commander, Lieutenant Rael won't be going anywhere just yet, and I'm sure you have other things that require your attention. That being said, I understand protocol, so why don't you post a Security officer here and when she is released, she can be escorted to you?"

"I'll stay," Camila said and left it at that.

Landon stepped back as to relinquish things to the nurse. "Dani, I'll leave this in your hands, but I will be looming around here for a bit longer if you need anything, just give me a shout if you do." Landon had already traded his medical equipment for a PADD, opting to do some quick prenatal referencing.

"I think I'll stick around for now," Joey stated.

Dani looked at the two department heads. Why was it so important that the they both planned to wait this out instead of sending someone else to do it? With a mental shrug, she turned her attention back to T'Mari. "I'm going to have you moved to a private room for the time being so we can monitor you and your little one for a few hours. Any objections?"

T’Mari shook her head breathing an audible sigh of relief. “No objections, thank you.” She gazed towards Camila then back at Dani.

Though it wasn't outwardly apparent, Rhula was quite pleased with his staff. Both Doctor Milo and Nurse Blake had been on top of things, tending to the patients with professionalism and skill. What interested him was the situation surrounding the Lieutenant being in custody of Security.

"Should Sickbay staff be concerned for their safety?" he asked, having approached the Chief of Security. "Does the Lieutenant pose a danger to us?"

"Not in the classic sense, but if she tries anything, I'll be there in a second," Camila assured Dani.

Dani looked toward Camila. She was only a little intimidated by the woman. "I seriously doubt she's going to try anything, Commander, but I respect your department and ask that you respect mine," the shorter woman said, giving T'Mari her attention once again. "Do you think you can walk or would you rather we transport you?"

T’Mari offered Dani a smile. “I can walk, there’s no need for a transport.”

Dani returned the smile. "Then, let's get you moved to a room. If you would follow me, please?" She asked and gestured in the direction they'd be going just before she started to move that way.

Nodding T’Mari got up from the biobed and followed Dani. For now she had some breathing space, but that wasn’t gong to last for long.


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