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... Gang Aft agley.

Posted on 15 Jul 2021 @ 4:06pm by Conrad Hawkingsson & Lieutenant T’Mari Rael

Mission: Extinction
Location: U.S.S. Black Hawk, Sickbay
Summary: Conrad is bored and T'Mari is restless.
Timeline: Mission Day 22 at 1130

Conrad had spent several days in sickbay, he was bored out of his skull because all he had was working on theories and things on paper. He very much liked those things, but not for several days straight. He was so bored that he looked at the book on the bedside table, on it was a book about philosophy, "A History of Western Philosophy – Bertrand Russell". It was rather interesting to learn how the mind worked and the concept of philosophy is very much the workings of the mind. Sighing heavily, he closed his own book that was filled with coded theories and concepts. Before he placed the book next to the other, he looked at his right hand. It wasn't quite right since the experiment. It was kind of glitchy, but he would have to work on it when he was allowed to leave sickbay. Picking up the other book, he opened it to read.

T'Mari had sat alone in her room under observation, a security guard posted on the door kept her company at all times. She was restricted to movement around Sickbay and that was it. Heading out into Sickbay for a short stroll with her eternal shadow she noticed someone new reading a book about Philosophy. "You must be new here" she offered a polite smile.

Conrad had been focusing on his reading when he heard the voice of a woman, he looked at her at the corner of his eye, and she was an attractive woman and she had a nice smile. in his experience that meant wolf in sheep clothing. "I asked to be left alone," Conrad said, thinking she was part of the medical staff. Why would another patient bother with talking to him. He was in the bed furthest away after all.

"Ohh I'm... Sorry" T'Mari backed away feeling like she wasn't welcome anywhere. She was starting to regret ever telling anyone about her V'Shar identity.

"T'Mari is everything alright?" A young nurse paused to offer assistance. "You look a little pale are you feeling okay?"

T'Mari nodded. "Yes, I'm fine, I was just taking a walk." The nurse nodded and carried on.

The conversation caught his attention, was this woman someone hurt? He looked at T'Mari properly this time. Her body language spoke of anxiety and regret. He also noted how she was holding herself, how she moved. 'genetic defect?' he thought first, considering she might have a skeletal defect that made her hold that posture. 'No, judging from completion and uneasiness standing...' he looked at her stomach, her clothing looked like they were a size too small, that was highly unlikely to be normal. Maybe it was not too small, but the uniform itself had been modified to accommodate... 'pregnant...' he thought. He could see the signs, sleepless nights left the completion a little more raged, very slight dark patches under her eyes that were unnoticeable unless you were looking. Why on earth was this pregnant woman walking around? She should have the father follow her around, massaging her back, neck, and ankles. Pamper her in order to help reduce stress. Was she eating right?

Kara gave him a polite nod as she turned to leave, no doubt if Camila knew she was wondering around she'd have her handcuffed to her bed to keep her there. She was starting to get hungry so she walked over to the replicator to order herself something to eat to take back into her room.

He observed her walk away, yes she was pregnant considering how she was walking. It must be highly uncomfortable with swollen ankles, all that extra weight starting to add to her joints. Silent as a cat, he put down the book, walked behind her a little distance away, and observed what she was ordering in the replicator. He frowned, without a word he walked up beside her, gently moved her to the side, canceled her order before entering the commands. Moments later a large plate was before them, tall glasses with milk, low-fat yogurt, a bowl with peanuts and chick-pees, a very nice sweet potato (a spoon with it), a large chunk of smoked salmon, a half dozen eggs, a bowl of broccoli, several pieces of chicken, two bowls with berries, one with strawberries and one with blueberries. A piece of whole-grain bread, avocado, and lastly a small bowl of dried dates.

Turning with the large tray, he placed it in her arms. "Good for mother and child..." without another word he headed back to his bed.

T'Mari looked at the tray laden with food and drink before looking towards the man who'd just told her to go away. She was astonished by his kindness and his observation skills given she didn't have a bump that big yet. "Thank you!" She called after him offering a warm smile. She teared up somewhat at just the show of kindness.

He simply waved over his shoulder before picking up the book again as he laid back down on the bed. there were few things he could stomach, a woman in need was one of them.

T’Mari took the tray back to her room, the choice of food was astonishing but she tucked in politely enjoying as much of it as she could. By the time she was finished the tray was three-quarters empty, and she sat sipping a glass of milk. One thing was for sure she felt a whole lot better for it. Deciding she couldn’t leave it at that she headed back into Sickbay to see the man who’d given her the tray. “Excuse me” She smiled as she approached his bed. “May I ask your name?”

Conrad looked up at her for a moment, it seemed like the food and fluids had given back some of her colors and he swore there was a shine in her eyes that hadn't been there before, clearly she didn't accept his wish in being alone and now she was back. Giving his name had been a bad thing in the past, but he figured he could give part of it. "Conrad." he said rather quietly, trying to hide his face behind the book.

“I’m T’Mari Rael, I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness. I appreciate you providing me with that tray of food.” She smiled warmly. “How did you know that I’m pregnant?”

"Complexion, body language, gate." he simply said, all of those things had given him the clues needed to figure it out. "Atire..." he added, knowing that was a more... sensitive subject.

T’Mari nodded. “I hadn’t realised I was showing that much.” She smiled warmly. “You’re obviously very observant. What position do you have aboard ship? I’m the Chief Counsellor, at least I’m hoping that’s still my job.”

"None..." he was getting rather uncomfortable. He didn't trust anyone and this didn't help him with feeling any better.

“I’m sorry I’m making you uncomfortable” she offered an apologetic smile. “I’ll leave you alone, thank you again.”

He said nothing, Conrad was feeling himself getting closer to one of his PTSD episodes, it wasn't that he became aggressive unless provoked, but his mind tended to take in everything and it was very uncomfortable, it had been times when he got blackouts and for some reason things had gone missing.

T’Mari headed back to her room, but she couldn’t help but wonder about Conrad. He seemed completely averse to having her around and yet he cared enough to give her the tray of food. He was certainly a curiosity.

After she had left, he took a deep breath and started to cite the numbers of Pi, he had memorized the first four decibels and when he hit thirty, he felt that he had managed to calm down enough that it wouldn't cause any issues. He spared a moment to ponder why she was here alone. But he didn't go very deep as he decided a nap would be best.


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