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A Bit of Slowness

Posted on 07 Jul 2023 @ 7:51pm by Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler

Hello everyone,

I wanted to shoot out a quick message. Normally, the summer months are slower than others. This period seems to be exceptional for other reasons.

We have a couple players who have been dealing with some medical issues. We also have a couple players (including myself) who have been slammed with work and other projects.

Thank you for bearing with us as we move forward. As of now, tagging requirements aren't being enforced due to the rise in these unexpected events. I've always declared that real life comes first, and I appreciate everyone's patience as we handle our situations.

Even though requirements are suspended, please do try to hit tags whenever possible. This will help keep us from stalling out and keeping the stories moving.


- Le Frog


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Category: Out of Character

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