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State of the Sim

Posted on 05 Sep 2023 @ 9:52pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

For all of you who opened this update and braced for the worst... we're not closing.

The last time I messaged everyone, we were in the heat of the summer. It was a crazy time for many of us, and the GM team made the decision to suspend tagging requirements during that time.

September is here. For some of us, our kids are back in school. And, for many of us, life hasn't stopped being crazy. Our players have navigated deaths in the family, hospital visits, severe medical conditions, and all around crazy life. Some of us are still navigating those things.

As such, tagging requirements remain suspended. Please tag when you can, and thank you for you patience as we work through this slow period.

If you have any questions, or any ideas you'd like to see play out, please ping me directly on the site or on Discord. Thanks all.

- El Cap-i-tan.


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Category: Out of Character

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