First Officers Personal Log

Posted on 12 Jan 2014 @ 11:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Jason DeVries

It's my first day and already I'm running behind. I was supposed to arrive at Deep Space 9 yesterday but because of a small computer malfunction on the long range shuttle we were delayed for several hours. I know it was something totally out of my control but it still just irks the hell out of me to think that on my first day as the new XO of the Black Hawk I'm going to be late for the mission briefing. I won't even have time to check in with the captain first.

In any case, I guess there's nothing I can do but try to get there as quickly as possible. We are coming up to DS9 now, she's every bit as unnerving as I'd heard. I can see her out the port and all the alien lines are just somehow creepy. Just down at the bottom I can make out the Black Hawk, she's such a beautiful ship. I can't wait to get aboard and get my first look at her. I'm also anxious to meet my new CO, I've not heard much about him, but I do know he's new to his promotion just like I am. It feels so weird to be able to call myself a lieutenant commander now, and ever more weird to think that I'm about to be the second in command of an entire starship. But I'm ready for it. Hell if I could make it through some of the missions I was sent on as an agent in Intelligence I'm sure I can do this as well. I suppose only time will tell.

Time to beam over to the station and make my way to the Hawk, here's hoping all goes well!