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Just another day

Posted on 21 Apr 2016 @ 3:27pm by

==========Begin Recording==========

Senior Chief Petty Officer Samantha Hanson Personal Log

On my way to New Risa to join the red shirts, well greyish red shirts. Starfleet gave me ones that doesn't fit well. My rear is just embarrassing to say the least so I'll get some baggy ones when I get there.
As that admiral told me off the record, it'd be the last day I'll be a marine; I did like the running around with a phaser rifle, shooting the enemy. Yes sir, no sir persona that everyone had as well as the security of things. We held the position and never faltered. In one person's words, All Good things come to an end but at the end of my marine career. It was All bad things come to an end though I would agree that given a fleet position was my only option. Joining a mercenary squad would really piss off my father. That's something I'd never forgive him for. What he did to me wasn't the favourite time of my life and my sister; his favourite child; simply sided with him and didn't defend me when I needed it. We were so close, her and I and as she went on with her career, I went on with mine, just following her footsteps. She was my older sister and I do love her a lot. I can always love my family but I no longer like them.
So now I'm a Chief Of the Boat, should really call it, Chief Of the Ship but that might confuse people if I was abbreviated as COS, alternate meaning of Chief Of Staff. I might consider bringing some oars, a yard arm, flags for semaphore and an anchor. We'll see how the enlisted staff like me as an ex-marine; they don't have to know my history but embrace my experience. I would Imagine them thinking that I'm going to have them doing assault courses, live firing ranges, dash down crawl observe. I'm sure news about me would have gotten ahead of me and that'll give them misconceptions already. What I get is what I get.

================Eng Personal Log============


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