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Posted on 29 Jun 2016 @ 8:31pm by

I sit here in my spartan quarters, confronted with the possibility of staying in one place for the first time in longer than I care to remember. I know no one. I care for no one. Yet this may be home. It is 1101, and I am to report to my first briefing as a Black Knight. I had made a joke to another officer about the Knights of Noir. He didn't laugh. He didn't laugh when I said "Ni!" either. I'm surprised by how many humans know so little of their own culture. Should I be? I know nothing of my own. Thanks to my father and mother, I know how to be a better Klingon than a Vulcan, and it's easier for me to list football statistics than talk about Vulcan history. Perhaps I should consider getting something that doesn't fit into a backpack.

I met an interesting fellow aboard Unity. I payed dearly for Gekag to get a message to Arev, which I hope is delivered. With any luck, it finds her safe and well, and hopefully she welcomes the message. Since my... disagreement with Father, Arev has been the only family that would even open my communications. Whether she actually reads them, or how they make her feel, I cannot say.

Enough. Time to go make introductions.


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