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New beginnings

Posted on 09 Jul 2016 @ 4:04pm by Ensign Katniss Sutherland

Personal Log – Katniss Sutherland

I can’t say I was happy with my assignment to the USS Black Hawk. It wasn’t my first choice, in fact it wasn’t my second choice, or my third…hell in fact it wasn’t my choice at all. But then again what other ship would have a nurse fresh out of Starfleet Medical with one, two, okay…several minor infractions on my record.

It’s going to be hard, I know no one here and there isn’t a familiar face in sight. The friends I did make all got accepted to their first choices, I even have the bragging messages saved in my personal database. I guess it’s an achievement anyone took me at all, people didn’t think I’d even graduate, never mind get an assignment, hell I didn’t even believe it myself.

Farther wasn’t happy that I wasn’t going down the Doctor route, or that I didn’t go for command but he should be happy that I joined Starfleet at all. If I had my way I would have given it a wide birth, but seven generations of Sutherland’s joined so it was expected of me too. I owe my parents a lot, I can’t and I won’t turn my back on them. So here I am cut off from the Alpha Quadrant, on a ship I didn’t want to be on and with a crew I don’t know.

I always seem confident but deep down I’m as nervous as hell. I don’t know if I’ll make friends here and I don’t know if we will survive, but I’m a nurse and I’ll give it my dam hardest. If all else fails I could always have some fun with the EMH.


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