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Vorian - Personal Log #001

Posted on 03 Aug 2016 @ 3:07pm by Vorian Sulvai

==========Begin Recording==========

Lieutenant Vorian Sulvai, Assistant Chief Engineer aboard the USS Black Hawk, personal log #001, stardate undisclosed.

The probability of my mother reading these logs is 90%, so for the sake of humour I shall not date my personal logs while aboard the USS Black Hawk. It will certainly make for a lot of interesting conversations the next time we have the opportunity to meet. And yes, I have been told by my former CO that she had used her diplomatic and ties to Starfleet to get my logs from him.

No matter how much one may grow, one always remains the offspring of one's mother. I wonder if she did the same with my brother's logs. Though why wonder, there's a 75% possibility she did so. But then again, he's a marine and the marine corps are less inclined to share personnel information with civilians, no matter how high up their friends are.

Somehow I have a rather irrational feeling that my brother has taken precautions that I am not aware of to prevent our mother from meddling with his personal information. As stubborn and fearsome as she is, Rumata has certainly taken after her, he has more Betazoid DNA in him than I do.

I've asked father to do something about it and I think I actually caught, for a fraction of a second, his lips trying to smile. It would've been an all knowing and understand, all encompassing smile I am certain of it. He shook his head and never answered my request. But what can one expect from them, they barely see each other anymore.

Leaving that subject aside for now, I have safely arrived on the USS Black Hawk. The trip had been uneventful in a rather small but comfortable shuttle with what I could only assume was a mute Bajoran, operations lieutenant from what I could tell. He was not only vocally quiet, but emotionally as well. It was a very pleasant and relaxing journey. Almost caught me unprepared when I boarded the Hawk.

After a week spent in blissful silence the storm of emotions coming from a ship this big had been enough to make me kneel in pain. But it was only a moment of momentary weakness. The following day I even reported for my first medical and the good Doctor Jayla Kij, a joined Trill, even suggested that she might find me some neural suppressants to help me with my condition. If it works then I would have to inform Rumata of this solution.

Doctor Kij has even asked of Betazoidian solutions for my conditions. I told her that I might be allergic, which in part I still believe I am. Though almost two decades later I am starting to doubt that. Our mother might've purposely meddled with the suppressants to try and push me and Rumata further with our so called gifts.

Will have to wait and see what Doctor Kij finds. Until then I think it is high time that I visit the ship's lounge and try some of the beverages available. Mother if you do read this, I'll do a human custom and drink to your health.

==========End Personal Log==========


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