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A letter home?

Posted on 05 Aug 2016 @ 11:01pm by

These long perimeter patrols are boring, so I've decided to fill my time here by making an entry into my personal log. Maybe I'll even send it to Arev when we regain contact with the Alpha Quadrant. With three ships to man, and only one crew, anyone not asleep is at his station. For the air wing, that means on patrol, as I'm not sure the three vessels could really fight effectively as they are currently manned.

I'm a little apprehensive over how easy it was to retake the Cochran and the Chimera. The boarding teams will certainly tell me differently but without shields and no fighters of their own the Black Hawk certainly could have destroyed both ships. Yet, even restrained as we were, we managed to take both vessels without what I would consider significant loss or damage. It makes me suspicious, paranoid even, and I don't like it. Out here, on my own, I find myself inadvertently watching the Black Hawk as much as the Cochran or the Chimera. That fact alone means that the Consortium may have already won. Trusting your wingman is important and they have us looking askew at everyone.

Speaking of wingmen, I am pleased to have been reunited with Jonar Sito. I believe Walsh considers the man a positive influence on me, but I wonder if he's heard any of the stories from Galahad's time in flight school. After this is all done, perhaps I can invite the two of them to Talon's to "educate" Rocco on his good knight.

Arev, I will assume you are listening at this point. You would be proud of me. I've made some surprising progress. I have a friend. Yes, do not laugh. She is not even part of my squadron. Can you believe that? Though I must admit that my allegiance was purchased with chocolate, I remain surprised at myself despite this. You see... She is... A... A... *sigh* A nurse. Yes. A nurse. I will wait for you to compose yourself.

Katiniss, that is her name, and she is to be my sparing partner. We had a disagreement at first, but she tried to rectify that and we share some common bonds. I ask that you not tell mother about this, we both know that she will blow it out of proportion.

In regards to our parents, please inform me of how they are doing in your next letter. We are still not speaking, but please tell them I am well. Yes, I expect you to lie about that. Keep yourself safe, sister, these can be troubling times and I am not sure how far the infection of the Consortium reaches.

I love you. Discord out.


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