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On the Other Side

Posted on 16 Oct 2018 @ 12:06am by Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks

I'm so tired. We're all back together and back to our correct time, but it was especially hollowing to see what just may become of us. A dead ship, dead crew, blackness and cold.

I need to get over myself, since when did I become so maudlin. I should actually be thankful. We're all back and the Chief is running the show again. I know it was up to me to lead Security when we got spit forward in time, but I just wish that everyone else realized that I didn't enjoy having to take over.

I didn't want to have to step up. But I did. I know Mitchell wanted to punch me in the face for daring to call myself the Acting Security Chief. I could see it in her eyes, the way she carried herself around me and especially that sarcastic way she would say, Yes, acting Chief..

Can't please everyone I suppose. But it bothers the crap out of me that I wouldn't have the full support of the staff. I mean, I've been nothing but fair and considerate. Yes, I'm new...but....I don't suppose she feels like she was passed over for advancement by my getting transferred onboard? Yikes. You know what, forget it. She can be pissy about me all she wants, I've got a job to do. Too bad though, she's just too beautiful to be in such a state.

I don't know how the Chief does it. I mean, I heard her when she said how tough it was being in charge. Every death, every injury, every mistake no matter who make it in the department, falls on the Chief's shoulders. Cooper and Mitchell just don't get it. I can't imagine how much of a weight is on the Chief's shoulders. I only had to run things for a day or so, she's had to do it a lot longer. I just wish I could do something for her. She cares and I know she'd lay down her life for me. I do it for her too. I just hope no one decides to pull anything on her. She's a badass and can take care of herself, but they better be prepared to go through me first.

Anyway, Fair Winds and Following Seas to all of us.

Parks out.


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