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an interesting day

Posted on 28 May 2014 @ 3:56am by

Personal log
February 2, 2388

There was just an interesting encounter with a Ferengi ship that was making salvage claims. It work out ok but something odd about the ship. They had a Tetryon emitter, something that shouldnt be on that class of ship. It may not be any issue at all, but I need to brush up on Tetryon emissions and how to counter-act them. This could have been a serious situation should they have used the device. I want to develop some defensive options should it ever become necessary.

On a lighter note, I just got an invitation from Ensign Dash, as I believe many did, to participate in some "R and R". It is apparently something Humans do when not engaged in work, instead of training for battle. I truly have too much to work on, too much to study for my current post to spend "climbing a mountain" or something like that.

Entry part 2....

I guess I should partake of this R and R. It seems to be physical activity which would be a benefit. Plus it does have the added benefit of getting to know the Ensign better. This is something I should do with my fellow bridge crew. What is the worst that could happen?


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