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Infiltrating Intel

Posted on 09 Sep 2019 @ 12:52am by Ensign Shay Mitchell & Petty Officer 2nd Class Mofrich Torg

Mission: Truth and Justice
Location: Deck 12
Timeline: MD 15 || 1430 hours

Shay sat in front of her console in Security staring at the screen in front of her. She wasn't sure how long she'd been there, but the only thing she could think of was finding a suitable home for the Dolmoqour she was in possession of. The long list of personnel she'd gone over wasn't worth it. Most of the departments aboard the ship had been infiltrated already.

Except for one.

"Computer, locate Petty Officer 2nd Class Mofrich Torg," she ordered with a small smile. Perhaps, having one of their own in Intelligence would aid them on their journey, and the poor Tellarite was her target.

"Petty Officer Torg is in the Intelligence Office," replied the computer.

"Intel it is," she said with a smile, then tapped her combadge. "Mitchell to Torg... do you have a few minutes that you might be able to take a look at some data on Penduli V?"

A growl came back over the comm system. If there was one thing Torg hated above all, it was being interrupted, and that list even included incompetent leadership! Still, he couldn't pass up a chance to review raw data. "Come on down, Ensign," the petty officer replied.

"I'll be there momentarily," Shay answered as she rose to her feet and reached for an isolinear chip that happened to be sitting on her desk. The device didn't contain any information, but Petty Officer Torg would never know that. No, she had much bigger plans for him, and would be carrying them out very soon. And, with that in mind, the Ensign made her way toward the Intelligence offices with a little more pep in her step, pausing at the door to press to access the panel off to the side to alert him of her presence. It was no secret to her, or anyone else on board the ship, that not just anyone could waltz inside the complex without an escort.

Given the Black Hawk's present situation, the intelligence complex was fully staffed, save for the department head who currently commanded the bridge. Each person was tucked into their own station, focused on analyzing the data they were collecting. Torg, who certainly wasn't the officer in charge, answered the door chime by meeting the Ensign at the door. "Welcome to Intel, Ensign. What have you got for us?"

So, there were others present, which meant she was going to have to be rather slick about this, lest she give things away. And that just wasn't something Shay was willing to do. "Thank you. I'm afraid what I have for you isn't with me at the moment, but rather down in Security. Do you think you could take a walk with me? It will definitely be worth your while in the end."

Torg was both curious and confused. "You have intelligence, but can't bring it to the complex?" he asked. "Do you have a prisoner or something that's just that sensitive?"

"Yes. I contacted Lieutenant Corwin, but she is unable to get away from the bridge at the moment and suggested I get in contact with you. It seems you have made quite an impression on your Chief," the Ensign replied with a smile. "If you'll follow me, I can escort you to our prisoner. He'll be brought to an interrogation room."

The Petty Officer wanted to frown. Then he did so. The Tellarite did not like awkward situations, and he hadn't been notified by Lieutenant Corwin that something was up. He did, however, not want to pass on an opportunity. "Very well," he stated. "One moment." The door closed, leaving Ensign Mitchell alone outside the intelligence complex.

Shay waited out in the corridor for him to return. If she could get him away from everyone inside the Intel Complex and into a more secluded area, it would definitely make her job much easier, and at the moment it seemed as if this was going to work. If it didn't, then that's what Plan B was for.

With a swoosh, the doors parted, allowing Torg to exit the Intelligence complex with a padd in one hand, and a recording device in the other. "All right, Ensign. Lead the way."

"This way," Shay said, gesturing with her hand before she began to move forward. "I'm going to have you wait inside Interrogation Room Two while I retrieve our guests. That shouldn't take very long, but I have a feeling you'll find it to be worth the wait."

"The guests are not already waiting?" Torg asked in surprise. "Will I be the one conducting the interrogation, or is someone else joining us?"

"It will just be the two of us, and the two of them," she answered. "You will be allowed to question them. Perhaps, you will have more luck than anyone else has. As for them not already waiting for us, it goes against Security protocol to leave prisoners unattended. They are currently under guard, which is why I need to go retrieve them. That isn't a problem, is it?"

"I suppose not," growled Torg. He might not like the situation in its entirety, but he couldn't pass up any chance to gather any intelligence. "What can you tell me about our guests before we get there?" he asked as they stepped into a turbolift.

"They're Boreriri and Triosian, both held prisoner back in the archive before being brought aboard the ship. Our Boreriri guest does not communicate verbally, so you need to be open to him answering any questions you might have for them telepathically. As for the Triosian, he is capable of verbal communication, but doesn't speak much," Shay answered for him. That last part wasn't necessarily the truth, but what the Tellarite didn't know was that he wouldn't be talking to either one of them. His presence was for completely different purposes, and he'd find out about that very soon, but not until the others were free.

Torg grunted. "What more do you expect to gain from either of these?" The petty officer was most familiar with their guests, whom the ship had kept constant surveillance on since Kalisa. Their behavior in their quarters indicated that they were nothing more than ordinary people, keeping to themselves and not communicating at all.

"I'm hoping that a fresh face might be able to get information we haven't been able to obtain yet," Mitchell stated as they came to the interrogation room. She stepped inside and gestured to one of the chairs situated at the table inside. "If you'll have a seat here, I'll return shortly with our guests. Think positive. Perhaps we might be enlightened before this meeting is over."

"Mind if I stand?" Torg asked, not eager to trade one chair for another. "I've been sitting all day and need more than a short walk to stretch back out."

Shay shook her head. "Not at all. I know what it's like to spend a shift sitting behind a console," she said, offering him a smile. Her smile wasn't for any other purpose aside from what was going to come in the next ten minutes or so. Having a Follower inside Intel would definitely work in their favor. "I shall return momentarily." And with that, the young woman made her way out of the room, securing it behind her so the Petty Officer. She was fairly certain he wouldn't even notice, and if he did, what would it matter? She was armed while he was not. Another smile played on her lips as she went to retrieve their Boreriri and Triosian guests.

Torg remained in the room, reviewing some information that he was able to access with the padd. He wasn't sure how long Ensign Mitchell would be, so he figured he would run to the nearby head and get a small glass of water to be sure he was ready for this interview. To his surprise, the door was secured, and Torg had no way out of the room. "Hey!" he shouted, pounding on the door. "Let me out of here!"

He pounded on the door for a few seconds, but realized that no one was coming. This didn't make any sense. Why lock him in? He grabbed his padd and tried to send a message, only to find out that the wireless unit on the padd was dead. Some sort of interference must have been causing it. "What the hell is going on here?" he muttered.

It wasn't much longer before Shay returned with the Boreriri and Triosian in tow. A simple conversation with the guard outside the door informing him that they were being escorted to an interrogation was enough to spring them. No one needed to be hurt... yet, but she still needed to make it look good for those around them on the ship, keeping a watchful eye on the two aliens and instructing them where they needed to go.

Once outside the interrogation room, the Ensign unlocked the door and stepped inside with her hand on her phaser just in case Torg chose to get feisty on her. "Petty Officer Torg... meet our guests."

"I've seen them," Torg remarked, his tone gruffer than normal. "Let's get this over with, shall we? I'm sure our... guests would appreciate this moving quickly."

"Quick, hm? And here I wanted to enjoy the process, but I'll give you what you want only because you can be quite useful," she said, moving over to Torg with her phaser drawn. Shay knew she only had one shot at this, and took a quick swing to the side of his head. The blow wasn't hard enough to render him unconscious, but it would be enough to get him to his knees and possibly encourage a headache.

Torg indeed went down quickly. He'd been stunned by Mitchell's actions, and if it weren't for her betrayal, perhaps he would have handled the punch better. "What...?" he gasped, trying to pick himself back up while cradling his jaw. He could feel at least one tooth was not where it should be.

Shay gently probed beneath the cuff of her uniform jacket to remove the creature that resided their since leaving Penduli V. She offered Torg a smile as she placed it just off the side of his ear. "You'll understand soon," she said, waiting for the Dolmoqour to take hold of its new host.

Torg, shocked by the slimy sensation on his ear, quickly reached up to grab whatever she put there. He was, unfortunately, too late. A sharp pain shot down his ear canal and transferred to his neck. The pain was unlike anything he'd ever experienced, and he shared that pain by roaring louder than he'd ever had in his life, including the time in his childhood when he broke his femur. That roar did not cease for several seconds as Torg clutched both ears with his hands and stared wide-eyed at the bright light hanging from the ceiling. Finally, the roar disappeared as Torg collapsed on the ground, his eyes frozen open as motor controls were wrestled between two people before ultimately the parasite won.

Slowly, Torg started to move. Every digit and joint was tested before Torg rose from the floor. He looked at Shay, then the Triosian, then the Boreriri. "The smell is terrible," he coldly remarked, almost overwhelmed by the sensations traveling up the Tellarite's nostrils.

"You'll get used to it," the young Security officer assured him. "Come... there's work to be done."


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