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Change of Plans

Posted on 07 Sep 2019 @ 1:03pm by Ensign Quinn Mackie

Mission: Truth and Justice
Location: Computer Core
Timeline: MD 15 || 1525 hours

"Attention all hands, Captain Geisler is working with the enemy and is not to be trusted. Apprehend him immediately!"

Ensign Quinn Mackie had sequestered himself in the computer core shortly after the Away Team returned. He'd been operating under the guise of regular maintenance, though he truthfully was on standby to initiate the next phase of the plan he and the rest of the Followers had been developing. What he didn't expect was the voice of the Chief of Security making her announcement. Surprised, Quinn paused for a second, trying to think of what could have transpired. The Captain was not to be harmed, at least not until he fulfilled his role with the launch of the probe. Something must have gone wrong.

Quinn had to act quickly. He turned to his open tool case and picked up several isolinear chips that had been carefully laid out just for this occasion. Quinn rushed back to the central interface and inserted them into several random, yet crucial slots. He rose and turned to the master controls. With a few taps, he brought up a command line interface and entered several quick lines of code. "Come on..." he muttered as he typed, as if it would help him act faster. The longer this took, the more time the crew had to figure out the truth, and that was something they could not afford.

"There!" Quinn exclaimed, entering the last line. Within moments, several panels around him sparked and flashed, taking out the relays for the ship's communications, internal sensors, and security grid. The lack of communications and internal sensors would be enough to slow the crew down. Taking down the security grid was dangerous, but none of them could risk the Dolmoqour getting trapped in the wrong area on board the ship, nor could they risk the discovery of what would happen next.

With this task complete, Quinn reached out with his mind to the Boreriri they rescued from Kalisa. Now finally able to take advantage of their best tool hiding in plain sight, he told the Boreriri to have Lieutenant T'pyr meet him in the transporter room. The away team and their converted would not be enough to take the ship. They'd need more Dolmoqour. And quickly.


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