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The Special Ones

Posted on 10 Feb 2021 @ 10:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant JG Angelica Fairchild & Ensign Shay Mitchell
Edited on on 17 Mar 2021 @ 1:48am

Mission: Extinction
Location: Security Operations Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1200

Camila had called a Security briefing for 1200 hours and as the last of the department filed into the Security Briefing room, she activated a console that turned a wall display screen on. "I'd like to thank everyone for coming so quickly," she said. "And thank those of you that don't normally work first shift. The first thing I'd like to do is officially welcome our new Assistant Chief, Lieutenant Angelica Fairchild. Lieutenant, step on up and say a few words."

Oh joy of joys. Public speaking. While she'd had no problems with it when Camila was off ship, somehow having her direct supervisor present made it a bit more unnerving. Nonetheless, Angel smiled as she joined Camila near thje display screen. "Some of you already know me. To the rest of you, hello." Well that was dumb. Why'd she say that? "I haven't been here long enough to meet everyone yet, but I look forward to knowing you all."

Shay sat quietly with her arms folded across her chest. She'd already met their Assistant Chief, and based on that first impression, she wasn't impressed at all. The young woman hoped things would change as time progressed, but that remained to be seen.

Sarah sat attentively, curious about the reasons for the meeting. She gave a small nod of greeting to the new Assistant Chief.

After a few comments and welcomes from the other Security personnel and wary looks from some of the veterans who had been with the ship since the first Black Hawk, Camila once again took the podium. "As you're all probably aware, Starfleet has put us on assignment to hunt down the pirates ever since we encountered that ship and pirate captain in the nebula," she said. "One of them managed to infiltrate the ship and caused quite a bit of sabotage before being caught. Since then, new procedures and policies have been put in place."

"No one is to be allowed on the ship until they've been thoroughly vetted, Admirals included unless they pull rank," she continued. "And if they do pull rank, for their own protection as well as that of the crew we protect, they will be put under observation every hour they're on the ship. Every. Hour. Holo cameras are being installed in every corridor and sensitive area and a team will be put together to review the footage. No one works alone. Period."

The Chief paused again to wait for reactions before continuing. "Questions?"

"Who will be vetting Ma'am?" Proctor asked curious about the procedure, "Will that be intel or within our department?"

"Both," Camila said. "I plan on speaking to Commander Geisler after this briefing so our departments can work hand in hand to ferret out irregulars and dragging them into the light. We will not be sabotaged again."

"We've already been infiltrated by a pirate posing as a Starfleet officer already. Who's to say there aren't more of them in the ship?" Shay asked. It seemed the Black Hawk had left the young woman quite jaded. "What's being done to vet the people who have joined us recently? I mean... personnel files can be altered."

No names had been dropped, but Angel knew who Shay meant. She might not be the smartest person on board, but she wasn't that dumb. She knew a dig when she heard one. There was a lot she wanted to say, but she settled for a bemused smile. "Commander Di Pasquale will be discussing that with Commander Geisler as well, and it isn't just new people you should be suspicious of. Infiltrators can hide in plain sight for months or years, so we'll be checking everyone. Even people who've been with this crew since the beginning."

"Four personnel, in fact, have been removed from the ship and are under investigation at the moment ," Camila said, noting the reaction of her Assistant Chief and the previous interaction between her and Ensign Mitchell. She made a note to talk to the two of them about it later. "Each and every one of you, myself included, has been subjected to the same checks and if any of you are traitors after that, please raise your hand now, because I'm tired of PADDwork."

That got a few laughs and a few hand raises which were quickly pulled back down.

"Other questions and concerns related to the previous incidents? HASA is gone. Commander Tivan is gone, and we are ready to go after pirates. Who here can think like a pirate?"

After a moment of glancing at the Assistant Chief and Mitchell, Proctor's eyes snapped back to the Chief's when she again took the floor. She raised her hand in reply.

"Yes, Ensign?" Camila asked.

"I am thinking Ma'am from the aspect of finding them. Historically they often to hide off the beaten path with stealth technology or in open sight as with some legitimate cover but able to scatter at need so generally difficult to find." She paused a moment to order her thoughts then continued, "My thought is they would need somewhere with means to pay for their stolen goods if we can get a lead on the local black market or any corrupt officials slapping legit shipping labels on stolen goods, we might be able to back track it to at least some of the pirates operating in the area."

"That's more Intel's area of specialization," the Security Chief said. "But an excellent suggestion, Ensign. Anyone else?"

Sarah nodded an acknowledgement at her Chief's reply.

"I can't say I know how to think like a pirate, but I can say I'll protect this ship and her crew from them," Shay stated. "With my last breath if it comes down to it."

"You got that right, Ensign," Ensign Thi Ng, the hulking Brikar Security agreed. "From threats without and within."

"With luck, we got rid of all the threats from within," Camila said and tried not to think about the Dolmoqour which had possessed her and a number of other crew. "Lieutenant Fairchild?"

"Well, we'll need more than luck to keep the outside threats at bay. Keep your guard up and your phasers charged." Angel wasn't really sure what else to say at this point. Helping lead a meeting like this or motivating the department had never been her job before the Black Hawk, and she was still getting used to it.

"Indeed," Camila said. "As well as no one travels alone. Period. If you're on duty, you'll be assigned a partner. If you leave or your partner leaves the assigned areaF without reason, you will both be reprimanded. This is to be reported immediately if your assigned partner leaves the area. Next, if you see or suspect something in one of the vents or Jeffries Tubes, contact the Drone Controllers and request one be sent to that location. Do not attempt to go in yourself. Questions about this?"

Shay shook her head. It all sounded pretty straight forward to her. "No, Chief," she answered as she took a look around the room.

"If there's nothing else, dismissed," Camila said, then headed to her office to prepare for another meeting.


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