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The First Step

Posted on 19 Feb 2021 @ 5:33am by Harvey McCloud

Mission: Extinction
Location: Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD01 || 1230 Hours

Harvey finally made his way to the USS Black Hawk, it had taken a few days and many sleepless hours on shuttles, but he finally arrived. Harvey knew the quadrants were massive, but when he got down to looking at some maps during the trip, the evidence he had was totally wrong. They weren’t massive, they were gigantic. For someone who had never been beyond a relatively medium-sized starbase that was only a day or so from Earth, this was a new adventure altogether. His wife, Abigail, had spent the whole journey going through some legal briefs that she was working on, the final one she sent off just before they reached the wormhole.

This was going to be more than just an adventure, it was a new experience and an experience that Harvey could have had, if he had only kept on with the progress, he was making towards going into Starfleet, but this was the next best thing. Months earlier, he had put his name forward to join the USS Black Hawk in a civilian role, the last eight years had finally required his mind and his soul to do something else, to go out there and see the universe. This was that opportunity.

He finally made it off the shuttle, it looked very much like, to the crew, it was business as usual. He thanked the shuttle pilot and made his way quickly off the docking area and into some safety. Abigail just looked and giggled to herself. She had been on several starships before in her role, and it never phased her. This was Harvey’s first time. At least with being on Starbase 244, nothing was really going to go wrong, even here, it was the same… Harvey didn’t know that.

Harvey peered back at Abigail; “It’s nothing” he said. He couldn’t help but have a small smile appear from the corner of his mouth.

“I didn’t say a word, Harvey” she replied, as the contents of their lives were taken by a few crewmembers and loaded away for transport to their quarters. Wherever they might be…

Harvey looked around, he caught a glimpse behind him of the bay doors still wide open, and just stared for a few minutes at the small expanse of space that he could see. Nothing was more beautiful than the first view he got in a new location. That was the first memory he would have and hopefully when his time was up, or he wanted to leave the USS Black Hawk, that would be the last memory he would have as well. Standing in this spot, this very spot.

The two of them walked together through the corridors until they arrived at a turbolift; “I guess I should go and find the commander, let him know we have arrived and look at getting acquainted with what I’ll be doing” he said, as he gave Abigail a kiss on the cheek.

“Alright, dear. I’ll head to our quarters and get things sorted out. I’ll leave your office boxes to the side and let you sort that out if you even get one” Abigail smirked at the comment. She knew that someone in Harvey’s position would either have been allocated some small office space or if not, Harvey would find something to suit him and what he wanted to get done. She entered the turbolift; “Take the next one” as the doors closed, and it whisked Abigail away.

Harvey tapped the small panel and waited. The first step was done, now to get down to work. The first task, finding the commander of this ship.


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