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Posted on 23 Aug 2017 @ 3:54am by Lieutenant T'Pai
Edited on 23 Aug 2017 @ 4:00am

Personal Log, Stardate 65846, Lieutenant T'Pai, Chief Engineer, USS Black Hawk.

When I was a researcher at the Tanaline Propulsion Laboratory, a colleague convinced me to watch a theatrical film entitled "Time Bandits." I confess that I had some difficulty following the story presented, which centered around six humanoids of reduced stature as well as a prepubescent human male. The six humanoids in question possessed an artifact which allowed them to circumnavigate the restrictions of the space-time continuum through a number of comedic episodes.

I now find myself with the irrational desire to possess a variant of said map; one that could apply to the Finnean Convergence Zone.

Until recently, there was an almost universally held belief that the barrier was impenetrable by traditionally defined lifeforms. This was proven false by the emergence of a small Aketi space vessel. However, the immediate failure of the Aketi to duplicate this feat had created more questions than answers.

After making a cursory review of the data available on the Convergence Zone, there are several avenues I would suggest that the Black Hawk pursue. Since Chroniton particles have been detected in the area, one possibility that suggests itself is the bombardment of select areas with Verteron particles, particularly the area from which the Aketi space vessel emerged. Since Chronitons and Verteron are both superliminal particles, albeit with different spins, this experiment should produce fascinating results.

If I were to speculate on the nature of the Convergence Zone, I might postulate that there is a subtle difference in the nature of the 'fabric' of the space within the Zone than without, and that there exists an 'overlay', for lack of a better non-mathematical description, where the two types of spaces are superimposed upon each other, creating the barrier. The successful emergence of the Aketi from the Convergence Zone suggests that the barrier might be penetrable at certain points. However, the argument that the Aketi's emergence was a non-repeatable anomaly could be said to be equally valid. It may also be that several penetration points exist, but are undetectable save by random chance. Obviously, more data must be produced before a plan of action can be developed.


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