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Posted on 22 Jan 2018 @ 7:52pm by Lieutenant T'Pai

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 65980.76

Today I participated in the first successful transition of the barrier surrounding the Convergence Zone. That is to say, the first successful transition conducted by a Starfleet vessel.

I would like to personally commend Lieutenant Gemma Alexander's performance. Her piloting was exemplary, and reflects admirably not only on herself, but on the three twenty-fifth as a whole.

I have had a preliminary discussion with the Captain concerning the transition, as well as forwarded all data to the Black Hawk's Science Division. I look forward to the insights Commander Djinx will provide upon his review of the data.

Although I am presently inclined to consider transition of the barrier by the Black Hawk feasible, I still have reservation concerning the wisdom of doing so. Although, thanks due to both the navigation algorithm and other modifications, the effects to Lieutenant Alexander's fighter were negligible, present mathematical modeling of the Black Hawk's flight through the barrier does not predict an equally tranquil flight. However, I have not incorporated the most recent data into that model, so the current prediction could be erroneous.

Other data gathered today is troubling for reasons not previously addressed by myself. In the words of Captain Geisler, I have a "hunch." Certain elements detected in the Barrier during the flight today suggest that the Convergence Zone might be an artificial construct. This deduction might be the result of the comparisons that have been made between the Convergence Zone and the Delphi Expanse. Presumably if one was the result of directed intelligence, the other might be as well. However, setting this bias aside, there is a sufficient enough data to lead me to the suspicion that the Convergence Zone is not a naturally occurring phenomena, but insufficient enough to allow me to decisively conclude this. But if the Zone and the barrier surrounding it are artificial in nature, several questions present themselves, including what was the purpose that the Zone was created for, and is it possible to accurately predict the results of the Black Hawk entering the Zone?

And since some temporal variant of the Black Hawk appears to have entered the Convergent Zone, could the warning we have received from a theoretical future version of the Black Hawk allude to the answers to those questions?

I will, of course, continue to analyze the data we have available, and attempt to procure further information, but it is a foregone conclusion the Captain will order the Black Hawk into the Convergence Zone. Therefore, until that time, I will endeavor to resolve as much of the enigma surrounding the Convergence Zone as possible.

End Log


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