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Boarding the USS Black Hawk

Posted on 25 Jan 2015 @ 2:27am by Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers

Mission: Boarded
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: Current

" Next stop, USS Black Hawk." The words spoken over the intercom broke through the silence. Lt. Rogers woke from his semi drifting and began to look around the shuttle craft.
He shook his head to clear out any remaining cobwebs, then turned to his duffle bag and kit. Grinning, he pulled out a few papers and scanned through them.
"Hmm, 'USS Black Hawk.' Sounds like an interesting place. Hope I'll be able to find a niche for myself in there." Rogers thought back to his last posting on Mars, and the receiving of new orders to report to the Black Hawk. He didn't like the move, but with Star Fleet, one had to go where one was ordered to go.
The shuttle craft was slowing turning, making sure a docking bay was open for it. "Shuttle craft Chaffee, requesting permission to dock. Have one 'drop off' for you guys." Rogers heard over the com.
Rogers grabbed his gear closer to himself. It didn't matter if this had been his first assignment, or would turn out to be his last - arrival at a new post always seemd to bring a feeling of excitement and adventure to him.
The shuttle entered one of Unity's bays, and slowly came to a stop. Rogers got up from his seat and started towards the shuttle's doors. "Wait till we get the 'All Clear.' " A voice was heard over the speakers.
Rogers took a deep breath, and then heard a voice; "Shuttle craft, you are secure, ok to open doors."
The shuttle's doors opened, and Rogers advanced onto Unity's deck. Noticing person a few feet away, Rogers approached him and saluted. "Lieutenant Rogers, reporting for duty." The person(wearing coveralls,) returned Rogers' salute, then spoke.
"Lieutenant, I'm just a fellow assigned to move some storage from one section to another. You *might* want to go see your Department Head and report to him or her." Chagrinned, Rogers thanked the fellow, then wallked into the Black Hawk.


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