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Posted on 10 Feb 2015 @ 11:49pm by Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Boarded
Location: USS Black Hawk || Briefing Room

As the officers began to file out of the room, Harvey remained behind his chair, arms still crossed in front of him. "Mister Rogers," he called out, stopping the taller man from leaving. "A moment please."

Rogers, whom had almost made it out of the briefing room, heard the Captain cll out to him and turned around, forgetting the size of the room's entry, and banged his head on the bulkhead. He winced as he came back into the room and approached the Captain. "Yes sir?"

"I see Starfleet has yet to fall short on its supply of quirky scientists," Harvey commented as the doors closed. After all, Cavendish had been an eccentric loner and Carmichael was always nervous and stammering. And now he had Rogers, who was taller than most.

Harvey continued, "As of this morning, I hadn't been notified you were coming. That does not make me any less thankful that you're here. I've been in need of a qualified science officer to help guide us through this sector."

"Captain," Rogers began, "Untill 24 hours ago I didn't know I'd be heading here either. But here I am and I will do my best to serve you and this ship."

"I look forward to that," Harvey said with a nod. He held out the PADD he brought with him to the meeting. "There's one thing I didn't mention in the briefing. According to the X'annon's logs, this sector we're headed into... the closest thing that compares to it is the Badlands near Bajor. I'll need your assistance in charting and navigating a safe course."

"Yes sir," Rogers replied. "I'll be working with Helm and Navigation in this then?"

"Correct. I assume we'll have more than a few gravitational eddies and ion storms we'll have to weather. We don't anything concrete from the X'annon other than navigational logs, so we'll have to adjust as we go. Any sensor data you collect while we're out there, you'll have to share with Lieutenants Dicon and Moore as I'm sure our propulsion and defense measures will be affected."

Rogers nodded. "All right, I can work on establishing the sensors so that they'll not only pick up 'normal' data, but will extend the collecting spectrum. I'll rig the Science station on the Bridge so that any data collected will be 'funneled' to Helm and Nav."

Harvey nodded in response. "In the meantime, you've a couple hours to be sure you have everything you need. Not that we're close to any supply caches, but once we leave, there's no chance for a restock until we return."

Rogers stayed in his seat, wondering if he was being dismissed. " I told the Doctor that I'd appear for my 'boarding' physical after this briefing, I can be making up a list while I am there, if that's all right?"

"By all means," Harvey replied. "I don't have anything else for the time being, but is there anything you wish to discuss?"

Rogers got up to leave, glancing around the room to make sure he wouldn't bump into anything on the way out. "Captain, I've go a pretty full plate at the moment, if it's ok with you I'll just let things play out and see where this takes us. And Captain, thanks again for letting me work here. This peri - is exciting!" Rogers couldn't contain his enthusiasm, and headed for the door off to the Medical Section.

"You're dismissed..." Harvey muttered, still standing with his arms crossed. Left alone in the room, Harvey turned and looked out the window towards the stars. "Here we go," he muttered, ready to get this journey started.


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