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First Impressions?

Posted on 11 Feb 2015 @ 4:23am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Perei

Mission: Boarded
Location: Corridor
Timeline: MD 1 - 1545 hours (After "Extra Details"

Perei was patient as she stood outside and waited for a moment to speak with the Captain. She straightened her tunic as she tugged it down. A drop or two of blood remained from her excursion of meeting the floor to the deck near the transporter. It could not be helped, reporting officially for duty was required.

The doors to the briefing room parted, and Harvey exited with PADD in hand. He paused just outside the doorway, noting the new lieutenant and what soiled it. Harvey gestured for Perei to join him as he started to walk down the corridor. He had no destination in mind as he was simply looking to stretch his legs after sitting for a couple hours.

"Looks like you just had an adventure of your own, Lieutenant..." Harvey's voice trailed off, realizing he'd already forgotten the woman's name.

"It is Perei, Captain." She stepped in along side him and matched his pace even as she glanced at him and smiled her former thoughts of worry about what he would be like diminished rapidly. "and yes the transport ride over here was nothing that I would have expected. It is to be forgotten and unimportant to my wish to serve you and this ship to the best of my abilities."

"Good," he replied crisply, noticing her smile. "It seems, like what we're about to do, there is more to you than meets the eye. It's not every day you see a Vulcan who smiles."

Perei's eyes lit up a bit with humour as her smile widened "No Captain, most pure blood Vulcans do not smile. I am however not a pure blood." She tugged at the edge of her uniform slightly and wondered how much he knew of her. She debated slightly if she should continue. "I am half El-Aurian" She paused then to see where his queries would lead, if any where.

Harvey smirked at the reply, considering now not her heritage but her age. Knowing how visibly both El-Aurians and Vulcans aged, she very well could be more than a century old. He must seem like a child to her, even though he was well into his forties. "Ah. I'm sure Vulcan patience and El-Aurian observation make an interesting combination. Tell me a little about yourself, Miss Perei."

Perei laughed lightly "Captain, you wish to know all my secrets in a blink of an eye." Her tone questioned and held onto its humor even though it was underlined with a strong sense of seriousness. Perei did continue as they walked, her hands neatly tucked behind her in a relaxed state. "I was raised on various colonies, starships and bases. I feel most at home with my eyes focused on the remnants of some ancient artifact, or relic that some species left behind to be explored with great detail."

Harvey smiled. "I know the feeling," he replied. "Don't let the red collar fool you. My background is in medicinal research. There are days I miss breaking down a good virus in search of a cure."

As they walked, Harvey held the PADD close to his side while waving at nothing with his free hand. "I understand you also have a background in Anthropology, something I'm hoping will be helpful as we navigate these unknown waters. Ever since the Dominion withdrew, these sectors have been fighting for survival, and so have some rival factions. Maybe we can help find a balance, or bring some sort of understanding into light."

Perei nodded "Perhaps. At times however friction between others never is fully healed." She smiled thoughtfully "However one can always try, and try again."

"True enough." Harvey spotted a turbolift nearby, and while he did not have pressing matters, checking in on the Flight Deck a final time seemed to a proper thing to do now that it would be empty save for a couple shuttles. "I certainly hope your stay will be enjoyable," he told Perei with a smile, coming to a stop next to the turbolift.

Perei paused for a moment, Captains were busy people and yet at times even they needed someone to talk to. She smiled once more and before she knew it an invitation hit her lips and she spoke them as she invited him "Captain, I realize that you are a very busy man so I will not keep you. But please, if you would ever like to have a cup of coffee and pass a few moments of pleasantries or to continue our discussions about the ancient relics and dealings with other races please note that I am always available."

Harvey smiled. "I'd like that, Perei," he said as the turbolift doors opened beside him. "And I know I've said it before, but welcome aboard. If you need anything, be sure to let myself or Commander Kos know."

With that, he nodded to the new science officer and disappeared into the lift.


Lieutenant jg Perei

Captain Harvey Geisler
Commanding Officer


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