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When The Lights Went Out In The City...

Posted on 13 Feb 2015 @ 9:48am by Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Boarded
Location: USS Black Hawk
Timeline: MD 4 - 0800 hours

For twenty hours now, the Black Hawk had been inching along inside the nebula. The high concentration of dust and gravitational eddies made warp travel nearly impossible. One of the ship's helmsmen was quick to compare the nebula to the Badlands where the Maquis operated for so long.

The Black Hawk shone a brilliant gold, glinting at the right angles. Only the bright blue of the nacelles and the deflector stood a chance against the strong reflections. The deflector was almost to the point of straining by pushing aside what could have been dangerous for the ship and her crew.

Around the ship, the nebula began to pulse with a brilliant energy. Electrical charges began to strike various polarities, passing millions of volts in a single blast.

Without warning, several of these bolts danced across the Black Hawk's shields, quickly overloading them, and then struck the hull.

Inside the ship, alarms didn't even have the chance to sound. One by one, all of the ship's exterior lights failed.

Then the engines.

Then the critical systems.

In less than five seconds, the powerless Black Hawk began to drift in space, still moving forward slowly thanks to the inertia from the impulse engines. Before long, the ship would lose all forward momentum and drift among the stars.

Nearby, five small ships surged towards the Black Hawk. Long cables shot out from their hulls, gripping the ship and pulling the small vessels into contact with the hull to complete an air-tight seal.

If sound could travel in a vacuum, anyone could almost hear the sounds of five high-powered beams cutting into the ship's hull....


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